News Voice Over

In local business, they are radio advertisements prepared to be broadcast only on Turkish radios, and in the content of this service, advertisement production service is provided by BiberSA Production Voice Over & Dubbing Agency. All production needs such as advertising copy writing, voiceover and sound design are offered to our customers within this service.

Radio News

News programs are part of our daily life. It enables us to obtain information in all areas of life, such as being aware of events around the world, following the developments in the field of science that shape our future, and watching the money markets. For this reason, it is very important that the news voiceover has the right effect on the millions it addresses.

As BiberSA Agency, we prepare radio news in the form of 6 bulletins for satellite, terrestrial and web radios broadcasting in Turkey and abroad, in our radio news voice over service. The content of radio news includes bulletins such as news from Turkey and the world agenda, money markets, sports and weather conditions. We also voice regional based "local radio news".

You can choose the voice you like from our professional news announcers below or you can subscribe to the news we prepared with our standard voice. Voice Over Agency Keep your listeners up to date with the news bulletins we have compiled from unbiased news sources!


Perforated news is a special service for the news bulletins of national, local and regional television channels broadcasting in Turkey. In the perforated news voice-over service, the perforated television news texts you send to us between 11:00 and 18:00 are voiced by the news announcers of your choice and delivered to you in an average of 5 minutes. You can listen to the samples of the news perforated sounds on the page and choose the sound you want.

Audio Newspaper

Our service called “Voice Newspaper” aims to bring you the news reflected on the front pages of daily newspapers. The audio newspaper, which is voiced by experienced newscasters, includes news reflected on the first page of the newspaper every morning for 20-25 minutes. Each of the voiced newspapers is recorded with a separate name. In this way, it is possible for the publisher to publish the newspaper it wishes. Sesli Gazete recordings are delivered every morning at 8:00 by mail or wetransfer.


Frequently Asked Questions

The news sometimes convey very critical, sometimes very sad or very joyful events to people, and it is very important for these events to arouse the right perception in people. Imagine that the announcers or voice actors present the crucial news with a straight speaking style without any emphasis, intonation or gestures while reading the news. The pain experienced in the sad news will not be felt enough or the excitement brought by a new invention will not be adequately conveyed. Therefore, the situation will begin to be disturbing for the audience as well. For this reason, the voiceover of the news should be made with remarkable, correct intonation, emphasis and facial expressions. Newscasters should not forget that they are addressing millions when they are doing their voiceover work. It is important that the speaker to be selected has advanced presentation and news voice-over skills. Make sure that with the right technique and presentation, there will be serious changes in TV or radio ratings.