Professional Voice-Over

Professional Voice-Over

BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency, the correct address of professional voice-over service, provides customers professional voice-overs with voice-over agency services, voice-over talents, professional voice cast and over 15 years of experience. We are providing voice support to many companies in the media production sector with our professional voice-over talents, IVR voice-overs, Commercial voice-overs, Audiobook Voice-overs, Cast and Studio recording services. In addition to the voice-over services, we provide continuous support with professional advertisement script-writers and post-production operators to commercial films and voice-over projects.


As a voice-over agency we provided many services to many big brands in Turkey with our voice-over talents and we will continue to do so. Our voice-over cast if looking forward to voice your commercial films, introduction films and other voice-over projects 24/7. We are the voice-over solution agency of the freelance employees operating in the production companies, radios, televisions and media production sector with the latest sound equipment in the dubbing studio. We work professionally and we put our spirit in what we do. As BiberSA Productions we believe that if we lose our spirit as a production, we will lose our love of working. For this reason, we continue our voice-over services with the determination and determination like the first day.

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Voice-over Agencies are the agencies in the media production sector providing voice-over and dubbing services. There are two types of agencies. Professional and non-professional agencies. Voiceover agencies are known as agencies that mediate between voice-over talents and customers. In professional voice over agencies, this is more comprehensive. In addition to the professional voice over agencies’ mediation services, they also provide services in media production sector in addition to dubbing and advertisement such as script-writing, media planning and voice-over training. Voice-over agencies declares themselves professionals with the number of the voice-over projects the have produced over the time. Their works are valuable projects that are truly appreciated.

BiberSA Production is one of the leading companies providing voice-over agency services in Istanbul. In addition to voice-over projects, BiberSA continues working in their office in Şişli, Istanbul with a team specialized in commercial film services, introduction film shootings, advertisement script-writing and media planning.

The talents in the agency voice cast attract attention of the advertising agencies and production companies in the media production sector with their different reputation prices as well as their professional references. Being a voice-over agency, requires a well-designed sound recording studio, a qualified team as well as good and high-quality sound equipment. BiberSA Production as a professional voice-over agency has a 15 year experience and works with the best voices of Turkey. With over one million projects produced, it has consistently announced its professionalism in visual and audio broadcast media. With the talents, who have devoted themselves to the voice-over and dubbing industry, and its professional voice-over agency services we will continue our projects in the media production sector.

Professional voice-over and dubbing agency service is very common service especially in big cities such as Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul.


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