What is Voice Test?

What is Voice Test?

Voice test, also known as voice test, is a term that is heard frequently by everyone involved in the field of dubbing and dubbing. In general, those who want to work in the field of voice-over and dubbing "voice test" or "voice takes the test". What is this voice test that everyone has heard, from the director to the trainee, from the enthusiast to the professional? Who does the sound test and why? Most importantly, who does the sound evaluation? Come on, let's find the answers to these questions in this article without any question marks in your mind.

What is Voice Test?

Voice test is a term related to the field of dubbing and dubbing. Recently, the increase in digital platforms has increased the need for dubbing and dubbing at the right rate. However, unfortunately, not every "sounding good" voiceover/dubbing is sufficient. Voice color and tone just one factor to do this job; There are many technical elements such as diction, correct breathing, adding emotion to the text. Also, microphone acting or voice actor voiceover is just part of the job. There are important and even key roles such as technician, casting director, sound director in the formation of the voiceover of a text. Therefore, dubbing / dubbing is a huge industry on its own. As in every sector, there is a search for competent people rather than talented people. The voice test is the first step in determining this competency. 

Voice test is the voice of the microphone player, also known as the dubbing artist, chosen by the casting director for a short section of the movie scene.

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Who Wants a Voice Test or a Voice Trial?

The request can come from the broadcasting platform or from the production agency where the broadcasting platform works. We're not just talking about dubbing here. There are many areas and needs in the field of voice over. Advertising voice-over, book voiceover You can give a voice test to be evaluated in many areas such as

It is very, very rare for business owners to call the person who will do the dubbing or voice-over directly. Because dubbing or dubbing, for whatever purpose, is not just about reading text. Voice acting is just one piece of the puzzle. After the voiceover, the last and most effective works such as music, effects and editing are done by the sound director. Therefore, the sound test is requested by either the casting director or the sound director. The evaluation process, on the other hand, is a completely different journey.

How is Voice Test Done? Can You Make an Audio Trial Recording on Your Own?

Let's consider the process of voice testing for dubbing. If you are working with a casting director, the planning of this process is carried out by him. The following steps are followed:

  • The most suitable voices for the work and the character are chosen by the casting director. In this selection, the priority is the sound bank of the studio. If the sounds are not enough here, new sounds are requested.
  • Owners of the voice best suited to the character are given a studio appointment. These appointments can be close to each other, sometimes on the same day. 
  • Microphone players are asked to voice the selected part. This is usually a short episode.

So, can you take a voice test at home? The director you work here, the studio owner's program is important. But of course, you can record a voice from your mobile phone and send it to the relevant person. However, do not ignore the fact that the facilities of a sound studio have an impact on the quality of the sound.

What is the Voice Test Evaluation Process? When Will the Answer Come?

Success for the voice test depends on whether the voice is compatible with the character. The fact that your voice overlaps with the character in the relevant game and that you can reflect the emotion of the character to the voice are the factors that allow you to get a positive response. So who decides this?

Global representatives of the broadcasting platform decide whether the artist passes for the Voice test. If the job is urgent, the Turkish representatives of the broadcasting platform are involved in the process.

Can Anyone Take the Voice Test? Are There Terms of Participation?

Voice testing is not a process that everyone can participate in. Although the need for voice actors has increased with the proliferation of digital platforms, not every talent may be open to training. The need in the sector is in the direction of educated, competent people rather than talent. In this regard, in order to become a voice actor or microphone actor, it is necessary to receive training for this job and to prove competence.

In the voice test process, the voice suitable for the character is the priority. The voice actor needs to connect with the character, which is the reason why this job is called a microphone actor. Just as the character conveys the emotion in his own language, the microphone actor must be able to convey that emotion in the language he will voice. The microphone actor will convey these feelings to the audience only when he connects with the character. 

It is out of the question that every role is given to experienced microphone players. As in every industry, the dubbing industry also gives a chance to new voices and young talents. Of course, those who are in contact with dubbing studios or even intern there will be closer to work than those who have never smelled a studio.  

What is voice test and how is it done?

Which Dubbing Studios Do Voice Tests?

Voice Test is done by dubbing studios. Almost all of the successful voice-over studios working with the leading names of the industry are located in Istanbul. 

Today, when TV series and movies are watched over the internet, popular digital platforms definitely add the voiceover of the country in which they are broadcast. For this reason, digital broadcasts play an important role in dubbing. Some platforms meet these needs in-house, that is, with their own voice-over studios. However, a considerable amount of work is also done with casting directors, production and dubbing agencies.


Voice test paves the way for talented people who want to become microphone artists and prove their professional competence in this field. Voice testing is a coordinated process with the casting director and, in rare cases, the studio owner/sound director.

When the project arrives, the studio first evaluates its own sound bank. If in your own soundbank (Bibersa Sound Bank) if there is no sound suitable for the character (we draw your attention here, the character in the game is essential, not the foreign actor who plays the character) He applies to the casting director or trainees, if any, and takes a vocie test from them. The voice that best reflects the character among the players who took the voice test is selected by the business owner channel or broadcast representatives.

A microphone player can give more than one voice test, and can take a voice test for more than one character at the same time. 

If you want to give a voice test for BiberSA Production, you should have a voice analysis done by clicking the link below. Voice Analysis is done directly by the voice-over director.

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