I Want to Voice Over

Do you want to do voiceover but don't know where to start? First of all, you should make sure that you have a good diction. You can get the analysis report now by making a Sound Analysis!


You get compliments on your impressive tone from everyone around you. We also agree with you. However, we are not concerned with your impressive tone, but with your vocalization technique. Voiceover technique; We understand that you want to start the accent, intonation, voiceover and dubbing business, give voice to an advertisement, talk a character. It's nice to have an impressive voice, but it's not enough.
First of all, you need to know this well. To do the dubbing and dubbing profession, you need to know the definition of dubbing and dubbing well.
Dubbing; To voice the texts prepared for the brand, product and service. Dubbing; Re-talking the characters and actors in movies, documentaries and TV series. The voice actor voices the voice, the dubbing artist speaks the character.
Think You're Talented at Dubbing? > You Must Have Dubbing Analysis!
Do you want to step into the fun world of dubbing by giving voice to characters in movies, TV series, animations and cartoons? We listen to your voice with our dubbing director and prepare a PDF report for you.
Think You're Talented in Voice Over? > You Should Have a Voice Over Analysis!
Do you want to voice commercials, be the voice of big brands and make money with your voice?
We listen to your voice with our voiceover director and prepare a PDF report for you.
To get more information about voice-over dubbing, you can take a look at the frequently asked questions by voice-over and dubbing enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates who want to take part in BiberSA Production as an intern basvu@bibersa.com They should apply to the address along with their CV. Applications are kept confidential in our CV bank to be evaluated for vacant positions and not to be shared with third parties.

To make us listen to your voice ad texts You can save the texts you will access from our page in the voice recording section of your mobile phone and send them to us. basvu@bibersa.com or you can send it from the application form above. Reading an ad or two will suffice. If you already have a professional sound demo, you can also send your sound demo to us via the form or e-mail. For more detailed information about preparing a demo Tips for making a demo You can check our blog page.

Both from the voice-over application form and basvu@bibersa.com If the applications sent to us via e-mail address are positive, you will be returned via e-mail and you will be given a written answer about how to proceed from now on. You will not be returned with a negative result. Information on the status of your application by phone definitely is not provided.


BiberSA production works with professional dubbing and dubbing artists in Turkey. If you are one of these qualifications, you can apply basvu@bibersa.com You can send it to us with your audio demos at

If you have not done dubbing or dubbing before and if it is your first experience in the sector, you should definitely get training for a certain period of time by registering for voice-over or dubbing courses in order to get to know the sector, to have a grasp of the intricacies of the job, to acquire the technique of the job. Training in voice-over courses will not make you a professional, but this will be the first step. However, you can improve yourself by bringing your language to the desired consistency with your individual efforts and studies.