Tips for Making a Demo

Tips for Making a Demo

Preparing a sound demo for those who are interested in the Voice and Dubbing profession and for professionals is a job that requires expertise. In this article, we will talk about tips for preparing an audio demo and applying for beginners. The only way to apply to dubbing and dubbing agencies, sound banks, and voice casts is to prepare a sound demo. The audio demo is a kind of audio CV. It introduces your voice. If you are a voice actor, it includes short presentations from work samples that you have professionally voiced before. If you are new to the world of voice-over and dubbing, it provides information about your intonations, accents and tone for reference. Because you can apply to voiceover agencies with your voice demo.

The most important issue here is to know that the voiceover demo and the dubbing demo are not the same. First of all, you need to know well where you are applying. Is your application to a voiceover agency? Or the dubbing agency? If you are going to apply to a voice-over agency, your job is more difficult. You definitely need to be an experienced professional voice. Because voice-over agencies are not interested in your education. If this application is to be made to a dubbing agency rabarba You have a better chance of starting with and taking a breather from the dubbing studio atmosphere.

Everyone is aware of the importance of the demo, but the demos prepared are generally the product of sloppy work and these demos are not effective. When we say sloppy, ineffective demos, we are not talking about the cost of the work and the length and brevity of the process. Demos made by some voice actors as a result of long efforts cannot show the expected effectiveness. So, how to prepare an effective demo. Let's try to answer this question together...

The demo is the audio CV that introduces your voice. It is your way of telling your voice to the voice-over studios, “I have such a tone of voice”. The most important element when communicating effectively is the ability to empathize. Let's try this together.

Considering its outlines, when you consider sending a demo to a voice-over agency, remember that many voice-overs will also send their demo to that agency. This means that your demo will be evaluated simultaneously with many demos. And the listening voice director is prepared to listen with positive or negative emotions. It makes the evaluation completely objectively.

People like this are very busy in general. Therefore, the time they take to evaluate your demo is much less than you might think. Because people are prejudiced, they tend to catch strong points in a short time and move forward from them.

For this reason, it is important that the first impression left to the voiceover director listening to the demo is positive. If we can impress the listener in the first seconds, we can listen to our demo over and over and get them to contact you.

Most applications with voice demos to voice-over agencies expect a response. You expect a positive or negative feedback. This expectation is completely wrong. Would you be happy with a negative response to the audio demo you submitted when you applied? If you are prepared for the answer to this question, you can insist on the answer. For those who say, 'But everyone around me says that my voice is perfect…', the negative response from the voice-over agency may confuse you. In this case, the negative response of the voice-over agency should be a reference for you.


Now, let's examine how to prepare an effective demo based on the above.


1- Get to know yourself.

Yes, you went to voice-over courses. You received a very good education. You even have a certificate headed by the Ministry of National Education. Do your tone and talent say the same thing? If you have improved yourself, for example, if you are successful in most rhymes and are a person who pays attention to accents and intonations, your job is very easy. You will not fail in your voice color.


2-Determine the voiceover examples you will put in your demo.

For those who apply to voice-over agencies, find previously voiced videos for commercial voiceover, promotional film voiceover, central voiceover, documentary voice-over, infographic voice-over, e-learning voice-over examples. Applicants to dubbing studios can prepare a theatrical presentation by transcribing the lines of motion pictures or animated films. You can listen to these examples on Youtube and translate them into text. Choose the best samples that match your tone, emphasis and intonation.


3-Find a professional studio with a voiceover director for sound recording.

You received your voiceover texts and made an appointment with the voice-over studio. Most of the voice-over studios can prepare you a professional demo for a fee. Record your voice, paying attention to emphasis and intonation, accompanied by the voice director. It's time for the sound technician to music and effect your sound recordings. In this regard, you can rely on the experience of the technician in the sound studio. Since this process will take some time, the sound studio can give you a certain time for delivery.


4-Rehearse under the supervision of the voiceover director.

You will apply to Voice Over and Dubbing agencies with your voice demo. So your sound demo needs to be perfect. If you work on the voiceover texts you have prepared on your own, you may learn the accent and intonation incorrectly. Before reading the texts, prepare for the texts under the supervision of the voice-over director.


5-Contact via e-mail for your voiceover or dubbing applications.

Prefer to make your sound demo with your voiceover or dubbing samples via e-mail to the dubbing agencies. If possible, apply with your CV. Applications made by going to the studio without an appointment may not be welcomed. The Voice Over or Dubbing agency will call you back for your positive application and will give you an appointment to see your performance live.


Yes, you are now ready to apply to voice-over or dubbing agencies with your voice demo.

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