Ad Copy Examples – 11 Ad Copy Examples

ad copy examples

Ad Copy Examples – 11 Ad Copy Examples

Advertising texts Writing is a must in the media production industry. It is a must to be inspired while writing, to find the right words to express long sentences in one word, to explain long sentences in a shorter and more effective way. In order to explain this better, we have compiled examples of advertisement texts and we have written some of the advertisement text examples as original. In addition, we tried to give information about how the advertising text samples, which are the backbone of the advertising voiceover service, are written.

Prepared with great skill by advertising copywriters in advertising agencies ad texts can be corrected later by your voiceover. voice actor can redact the ready-made advertisement text in accordance with its own emphasis.

This is why the harmony between the copywriter and the voice actor is important. Advertising texts written in line with the brief given by the customer are redacted by the voice actor, and the approval process is experienced. After this approval process, it is ready to be voiced. The scenario created by the voice-over agency or advertising agencies in line with the brief given in the advertising scenarios should consist of words that are suitable for the content, effective, different and pleasant to the ear. You have watched many commercials in television commercials. So, have you ever wondered how the text version of these commercials is? We have prepared the texts of some commercials for you. You can voice the ad texts.

How to Write Ad Texts?

The purpose of ad copy is to give consumers the information they need to sell a product or service. Good information grabs the attention of consumers, creates brand awareness and encourages the viewer to buy the advertised product or service. Most ads are short – around 15 to 30 seconds. That's why when writing an ad copy, you don't have much time to stretch the words.

The agency contracted for the writing of the advertisement texts, in line with the detailed brief it will receive from the customer, prepares a text such as corporate narrative and fairy-tale narration in different styles that will be appropriate for the message the brand wants to give and the emotion it wants to feel, and presents it to the customer's taste. The important thing in the texts will be to write the parts of the product, brand or service that should be emphasized in the advertisement film or radio spot in the shortest form.

Advertising texts are articles that need to be considered for different strategies, especially for commercial projects. We can say the following about the strategies to be considered;

Short and Concise Narration, as You'll See in the Advertising Text Samples!

The most important basis in advertising copy writing is to describe the message to be given in short and concise words. Ads that are overly detailed cause audience distraction. Therefore, by establishing a link between the consumer and your product in the text, you should take care to highlight your impressive product features within the time allotted for your advertisement, avoiding all unnecessary explanations. In addition, the short text will make the ad more effective, listen or watch without boring, and will also affect the publication budget of the ad.

Use Impressive Slogans

When preparing ad copy, the goal of a professional copywriter will be to come up with work that will grab people's attention and make them think about the product or service being mentioned. This is really important if you are advertising videos on YouTube, for example. If people are forced to watch your ad as a marketing strategy, they will be waiting on the "skip ad" option. Therefore, you only have five seconds to get their attention, and this time should be used wisely.

If you lose viewers by 5 seconds, you'll have at least some opportunity to show your brand, but let's be real, you'd rather people watch everything after seeing your ad and buy your product. That's why we can say that having an impressive text is half the battle. If people aren't caught from the start of the ad, they won't be able to see the rest of your content, even if you're really good. If you want your customers to engage with your call to action, make your texts interesting. Think about what you want your customer to do at the end of your ad, and then find a creative way to say it.

Best Ad Copy Example: Customer Action Ad

With pricing, contact information, and product availability, you can end the ad and add a call to action that clearly tells viewers what to do. For example, you can point to your stores or to your website for product reviews and downloads. Remember the end goal of all ads is to make people some sort of decision, so use scenes in your ads that people want to watch and then end your ad with people who know what to do.

As a result, video ads are never effective if people don't want to watch them. If you want to use your ads as a tool that will actually work, you need solid content and a compelling ending. If you want help with any of these, you can let me know in the comments.

Ad Text Examples

We present ready-made advertising texts that have been used in the media production sector before, as an example. If you examine the ad texts, you can determine where the emphasis is placed, which products, services, and make any comments you want. It is important to remember that advertisement texts must be written by an expert, and if written, they must be redacted by a copywriter.

“Many years ago, when there were no computers and internet, Turkey had a huge social network.

For example, this is how a friend request was made.

If I followed and unfollow, it was already found.

In every golden day, a topic would be a trend topic.

Nobody was poking anybody out of the blue.

But if there was a post about tasting just like today, everyone would like it.

Since 1971, Turkey's largest social network tasting, every moment is full of love and affection.

Taste is the salt of Turkey's taste.”

He uses silk.

She owes her shiny and well-groomed hair to Silk.

You are both so good and so affordable

Do you know any other shampoo?

Don't pay a fortune on your shampoo.

New Silk Shampoo.

Here begins the day.

When faced with Duracel, these ordinary zinc carbon batteries don't stand a chance.

When all the others are out of power, Duracell moves on.

Duracell's strength is still there.

You understand!

Duracell. Lasts up to ten times longer.

You can't talk without touching.

You can't open it without touching it.

The hobby antibacterial series destroys ninety-nine percent of harmful bacteria.

It helps to protect against infections.

Because you can't live without touching.

”Boy playing ball: Can you throw the ball, uncle?

Ahmet Bey: Uncle?

(song enters): They called me uncle, uncle, uncle.

I looked back and they officially said to me.

Just yesterday I was calling everyone uncle.

Male: Mr. Ahmet! The years are passing quickly and now is the time to get a private pension from Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik for a better future.

Anadolu Hayat Retirement will be good for everyone.”

”Boy: This one chose, this collected, this brought, this eaten, this one told me.. Mmmm

Girl: Anyone else? What about me Balparmak?

Boy: Al. How about giving me a thumbs up?

Girl: Honey, I can't get enough of you."

”Monday… There are thousands of Mondays ahead of you, is it wasted?

Nobody likes Monday.

No one takes care of themselves on Monday.

You take care.

Suit, tie, shoes, scent, mm… nice scent.

Enter Monday in such a way that he sees charisma and makes his head spin from his courage.

Don't save your best for the weekend.

May your best day be every day.

Don't pretend to be sick this Monday, get sick to you.

AX. Good smell every day…”

"Hello Turkey…

We, as Lipton, have given our 125 years to this business.

We have studied the whole world, no one drinks as much tea as you, Turkey!

We went all over the world. No one can brew tea like you, Turkey!

OK!.. You won Turkey… Should it be fire red? We do so…

Do you smell all over the place? Smelly Turkey…

Is it soft drink? Turkey will be…

Here is the new Lipton bulk tea…

Because you deserve the “best” of everything, Turkey…

Another tea, Turkey?…”

"A person's greatest support in life is his FAMILY...

Do you think only those with blood ties are our family?

Sometimes they meet later, but the moment they meet, they become siblings.

Sometimes his son knows his employees, he owns them like a father.

Sometimes you become the mother of not 3, not 5, but hundreds of children.

You love each of them like their own mother.

Some families are not tied by blood, but by life ties.

He is not a colleague, but a life partner.

They are the ones who understand you, solve your problems and are always there for you.

As the Yapı Kredi family, we see each of our customers as part of the family.

For the happiness of this big family, we know no limits in service for 71 years.”

“Some may have to wait a little longer for their dreams to come true.

But you don't have to wait.

Golf is now at Volkswagen authorized dealers with friendly drive deals in March.”

“How strange, you wait all day.

Even if it's one evening, you would say if I watched my TV series.

Finally that hour comes, your series is about to begin.

Ohh you settle in nicely.

Just when your knee is about to start, it's like they've all agreed.

External voice : Tivibu tivibuu.. You better buy a Tivibu house.

With the replay feature of Tivibu house, you can watch the TV series you missed again and again whenever you want.

Moreover, internet is no longer required for this TV house.”

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