Voice Over Dubbing Stamp Costs and Prices

Voice Over Dubbing Stamp Costs and Prices

Voice Over What is the stamp price? First of all, we would like to share the answer to this question with you. Voice Over dubbing stamp costs We call it the price the voice actor puts on his voice while dubbing or dubbing. Every voice actor has a stamp fee, and every voice-over agency has studio expenses. In the media production sector, voice-over and dubbing stamp prices are made in the categories of TV series, feature films, commercials. For example, if a documentary film will be dubbing or dubbing, this series will be evaluated in the movie category. If a brand, product or service is to be voiced for commercial purposes, it is evaluated in the advertising voiceover category.

Dubbing stamp prices for TV series and feature films are more affordable than commercial film dubbing stamps. This is because TV series and feature films are directly non-commercial productions. Although there is a great difference between the time spent by the voice actor in the studio for the production of commercial voice-over stamp costs and film dubbing stamp prices, the lower budget of the stamp prices for motion pictures and TV series is based on commercial strategies.

Stamp Prices and Prices

voice actorss stamp prices vary according to the color of his voice, his recognition in the sector, and his previous works. Herpes voiceover costs, which are circulating from ear to ear, do not reflect the truth. We would like to say that many discourses that say that such and such person who voiced such and such an advertisement earned a million liras are incompatible with the truth. As a matter of fact, many production budgets such as commercials, movies, serials are evaluated in terms of their dubbing and dubbing budgets. It is unrealistic to make a dubbing fee higher than the production cost of the movie.

Voice-over and dubbing stamp fees, voice-over agency expenses subtract the cost of the voice-over project. Dubbing and dubbing prices are charged on this arrangement. Special agreements between voice-over and dubbing artists with a voice-over agency can make voice-over prices more reasonable. This is completely at the discretion of the voice-over agency. voice actorsRevision of the advertisement text is included in the stamp costs. This revision process covers 14 working days after the project is delivered to the customer. Revision requests exceeding 14 working days are charged with half stamp.

We would like to share with you an important issue about the stamp price of voice-overs. The voice actor has a broadcasting time limit for commercials other than movies and TV series. In other words, the voice actor can say that I allow the advertisement to be broadcast for 1 year, for example. Apart from this period, the company must pay another stamp fee to the voice actor for broadcasting. These agreements are made between the voice-over agency and the company.

You can contact BiberSA Production for more detailed information about stamp prices for voice actors and stamp prices, and you can get price information. With 15 years of experience in dubbing and dubbing, BiberSA Production is on its way to be the best assistant of advertisers in this sense.

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