What is a Voice Over Program? How Does the Professional Voice Over Process Work?

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What is a Voice Over Program? How Does the Professional Voice Over Process Work?

Our voice-over agency applies a program to customers who want to have voice-overs and those who want to voice-over. The voice-over program is applied to contact every segment that makes a request. For example, some people want to be a dubbing artist, to be a well-known person in this field, while others want to have a voiceover for their brand, product or service. In this regard, a voice-over program process begins, especially for brands or companies that meet with voice-over service for the first time. What is meant by this voiceover program is not an online voice-over program; what is meant here is the professional vocalization process that will be explained.

How does the professional voice-over process work for projects? The voice-over program that is generally applied as BiberSA Production is as follows:

Voice Over Program Process: How Does the Professional Voice Over Service Process Work?

The program we apply to those who apply to a voice-over agency to purchase a voice-over service consists of the following stages. More precisely, the professional voice-over service process usually consists of the following steps:

  • Identification of Needs: The first step is to determine the voiceover needs. For which type of text or project a voiceover service is needed, the targeted language, tone of voice and other special requirements are determined.
  • Voice Over Agency or Voiceover Artist Selection: For professional voice-over service, it is usually worked with voice-over agencies or independent voice-over artists. The selection process considers references, portfolios, sound samples and eligibility criteria.
  • Preparing the Text: The text to be voiced is prepared for voice-over. The text is arranged in accordance with the needs of the project, the emphasis in the text is determined and necessary corrections are made.
  • Recording and Voice Over: The voice-over process is performed in the recording studio or in a suitable voice-over environment. During the recording process, managed by a professional sound engineer, the voice actor reads the text and necessary corrections and repetitions are made.
  • Sound Editing and Editing: Voice recordings are processed in the editing and editing stages. Operations such as noise reduction, balancing, adding effects are done. It is finalized by editing the text appropriately and arranging the sound effects.
  • Quality control: It is important to control the quality of the voice-over service. Elements such as the clarity of the voice, the accuracy of the accents, the appropriateness and the compliance of the vocalization style with the expectations are evaluated. Necessary corrections are made and final quality control is provided.
  • Delivery and Usage: Voice recordings are delivered in formats determined according to customer or project requirements. The recordings can be used on different platforms such as advertisements, e-learning content, animations, radio and television programmes.

The professional voice-over service process includes determining the needs, choosing the right voice-over agency or artist, text preparation, recording and voiceover, editing and editing, quality control, and finally delivery and usage time. Good communication and cooperation in this process is essential to achieve a successful outcome. Professional voice-over service ensures that the text is voiced as desired through quality sound recordings and professional voice-over artists. As a result, high-quality sound recordings are obtained and projects are ensured to reach the target audience effectively.

The better the communication with the project owner and the clearer the wishes are explained, the more successful works will emerge. In this respect, the following three stages stand out from the rest:

  • Briefing process: In this process, they inform the agency about their brand, product or service from the customer and explain their goals. After the parts to be emphasized are determined thoroughly, the broadcasting channels are discussed and the channels are decided.
  • Voiceover text writing process: Advertising text is written for the brand, product or service in line with the brief received. The language of expression to be used together with the medium to be published in this writing phase is also extremely important. The voice-over text is written considering the characters or voice-over to speak in the script.
  • Voiceover process: Immediately after the voiceover text is written, the voice-over process is started by selecting the voice-over program within the voice-over program. In the voice-over stage, the text that is voiced in accordance with the directives of the voice-over director is made ready for broadcast by making sound design. After the voice-over process is over, it is important in which media and in which format the advertisement or promotion will be broadcast, such as television, radio, and the internet. The sound technician has to deliver the voiceover in the format requested by the media.

Our voice-over program, which we apply to those who apply to our agency in order to make special voice-overs for those who believe that they have a good voice tone and whose voice is interesting and charismatic by everyone, consists of the following stages;

Technical analysis of sound: For those who apply to our agency to be a voice-over, they are first subjected to a short interview with the voice-over director. If the voice director deems it necessary, he wants to make a technical analysis of the voice of the voice actor candidate. This means: your voice has a talent for voice acting. If the voiceover director does not need technical analysis, sorry you are not with us.

Demo Voice Over: Candidates who have a talent for voice acting and dubbing are taught advertisements, promotional films and central voiceover samples. Records are made for display later. As a result of the prepared recordings, if deemed necessary, they are included in the vocalization bank. The savings on this issue are entirely in the voice-over agencies.


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