How to Prepare an Audio Demo?

How to Prepare an Audio Demo?

A professional audio demo directly impacts the hiring process of casting directors for voiceover projects and the careers of voice actors. Almost every professional voice actor has a high-quality audio demo that showcases their strengths and tries to build their personal brand.

What is an Audio Demo?

The audio presentation files consisting of the voiceover works of the voice actors for different brands are called sound demos. In other words, it is the general definition of presentations in which the voice actor reflects his performance, tone and tone of voice. In the voice-over world, a voice demo is a resume for a voice actor. The more professional and accurate the sound demo, which is an important promotion for the work you do and can do, the more effective it will be. We can think of audio demos as a short audio clip that showcases your voiceover abilities.

Audio Demo Fees

There is a variable price policy for sound demo recordings in dubbing and dubbing studios in Turkey. Some studios do not charge a fee for the sound demo, while other studios prepare the sound demos for a certain fee. The important point here is what the audio demo is prepared for and where it will be used. If the voice agency is recording the voice demo for use in its own voice cast, there is no charge to the voice actor for this recording. If the audio demo is prepared for reference purposes and for personal website use, a certain fee is paid for these recordings.

Tips for Making an Audio Demo

So, how to prepare an audio demo? Let's talk about the details that should be considered in the preparation process of the voice demos, which are considered the business card of the voice actor. While recording, you should determine a reading style according to different areas such as commercial film, promotional film, switchboard announcement, audio book, dubbing text, news perforation. Considering that your records may be evaluated in different markets, multiple records of different types should be created; You must select appropriate text for each record. It will give you practice to read various texts before recording the audio demo. You should make sure that your audio demo, which you will prepare by targeting the needs of your customers and potential customers, is up-to-date. After the recorded raw sound, the final of the demo is made by going to the sound design and effecting phase. In this sense, professional voice-over studios will help you.

To create a perfect audio demo, you must listen to your audio demos after the audio has been recorded. By paying attention to the accent errors and pronunciation mistakes that may occur during the voiceover, you should enter the sound recording studio accompanied by the voiceover director, correct your mistakes and renew your recording.

While preparing a sound demo, you should definitely look at the subject of advertising copy writing and read a lot of advertising text. You should choose texts from such advertising texts according to the energy of your voice and record them with a voice-over director. For a sound demo recording with high recording quality, you should definitely choose a professional soundstage studio.

As BiberSA Production, we make sound demo recordings with our professional voice-over studio to make your recordings with the voice-over director by choosing the appropriate text for your voice energy and tone of voice, and to complete the sound design and effects stages. In addition to the sound demo recording activities, our BiberSA Production, Voice Over and Dubbing Agency sound bank includes hundreds of different sound options that reveal the capacities and talents of our voice actors. We shape the media production sector with different audio presentation files and artist portfolio, and become a solution partner in your brand's voiceover projects.

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