Who is Cahit Şaher?

Who is cahit şaher?

Who is Cahit Şaher?

Who is Cahit Şaher, whose voice we have heard in the promotion and advertisement of many products until today?  Cahit Şaher, a graduate of Ankara State Conservatory Opera Department, has been on Turkish television and other media channels for many years. Standing out with his education and work in the field of opera, Şaher has taken part in many projects until today.

Cahet Şaher, whom we have seen on TRT screens since 1970, has also progressed in his career as a good actor. What we are used to seeing on TRT screens Cahit Shaher During his career, he took part in many projects with his acting and voiceover identity. Cahit Şaher, who is the advertising face of prominent public institutions and brands in Turkey, has given life to many projects with his voice and appearance. 

Famous actor and voice actor Cahit Şaher has appeared in many movies, TV series and programs with the private television channels operating in Turkey. Şaher, one of the sought-after names in the art of voice acting, has come to the forefront with his voice actor identity in these channels. Şaher, who is a program presenter in private channels, has also appeared in front of the audience through news channels. 

Cahit Şaher Life: Who is Cahit Şaher?

Famous actor and dubbing artist Cahit Şaher was born on September 6, 1950 in Ankara. How old is Cahit Shaher? The question is one of the most curious subjects by the fans of the famous actor. Şaher, who spent most of his life in Ankara, is now 72 years old..

Where is Cahit Şaher from? For those who are looking for the answer to the question, we can say that the famous actor is from Ankara. Continuing his art life despite his advancing age, Cahit Şaher still continues to be at the forefront of many projects. Şaher, who is among the prominent names of his voiceover works, has a son named Can. Continuing in the footsteps of his father, Şaher's son is also a voice actor like him. 

Who is Cahit Shaher?

Known as a voice actor and actor, Cahit Şaher won the Ankara State Conservatory Opera Department after graduating from high school. Continuing his education life successfully, Şaher graduated from the opera department in 1973. Having shaped his career in Ankara in a short time, Cahit Şaher started to work as a soloist at the Ankara State Opera. The famous actor also lectured at Ankara Gazi University and Istanbul Marmara University as a lecturer and shared his experiences with new generations. 

As an Artist: Who is Cahit Şaher?

Having laid the foundations of his career at the Ankara State Opera, Şaher continued his work at the Mainz Opera in Germany between 1980 and 1981. Continuing his success and work in the field of opera without slowing down, Cahit Şaher specialized in the Austrian Vienna Volksoper between 1986-1987. Continuing his studies abroad for a long time, Şaher returned to our country after receiving experience training here. 

Cahit Şaher, who settled in Istanbul after returning from abroad He took his place in the memories with his artistry, acting and soloist identity. Cahit Şaher, who worked here as a soloist at the Istanbul State Opera, took the lead role in many works and produced successful works. Since 1970, the famous artist, who has taken his art life to a different point, has started to work on the radio and TRT screens. After this step, he took part in various art projects, commercials and dubbing with the private television channels operating in Turkey. 

Cahit Şaher voiceover Besides being one of the masters of his art, he is also a good actor. He took part in the cast of Kurtlar Vadisi, the most watched action drama series of a period. Cahit Şaher Valley of the Wolves He played in the series between 2008 and 2012. The famous actor Şaher gave life to the character of the head of elders in the Valley of the Wolves. Also famous actress Cahit Şaher also took part as an actor in Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush. Here, Şaher appeared before the audience with an accent. 

 As a Voiceover Artist Who is Cahit Şaher?

Cahit Şaher voiceover He started his career with TRT screens and radio. Famous voice actor and actor Şaher has come to the forefront with more advertising works in the voice-over field. Cahit Şaher, one of Turkey's leading voice actors, is one of the sought-after voices of public service ads. Şaher is among the most used voices in our country's leading food and beverage advertisements. We can list Cahit Şaher dubbing and voice acting as follows; 

  • Mehmetçik Foundation Donation Campaign - Narrator 
  • Iskilipli Atif Hodja - Narrator
  • Arena - Narrator 
  • My Daughter and Me- Vedat Olcay 
  • Maybe Tomorrow – Doctor Haluk 

Who Sang Cahit Şaher?

Voice and dubbing artist Cahit Şaher has mostly assumed the role of narrator in the projects he is involved in. Cahit Şaher voiceovers One of the first projects that come to mind is the Arena program.. In this news program presented by Uğur Dündar, Cahit Şaher appeared as the narrator. The prominent dubbing works of master actor and voice actor Şaher can be listed as commercials and Turkish movie dubbing. Here are the famous names that Şaher gave voice to: 

  • Vedat Olcay : Vedat Olcay is in the cast of 1969's My Girl and Me. Vedat Olcay, who played a supporting role in the movie, was voiced in Turkish by Cahit Şaher. undertakes. 
  • Tariq Akan: Ayşegül Aldinç and Tarık Akan are playing the leading roles in the movie Yağmur Kaçakları. Cahit Şaher is the voice of Tarık Akan in the movie Yağmur Kaçakları. 
  • Haluk Kurtoglu:  Famous names such as Hakan Ural and Sevtap Parman share the lead roles in the movie Maybe Tomorrow. Cahit Şaher voices Haluk Kurtoğlu, who plays the doctor character in the movie Maybe Tomorrow. 

Cahit Shaher Contact

Cahit Şaher, one of the masters of the art of voice-over and dubbing, still continues to take an active part in many advertising projects. Şaher, the sought-after voice in commercials, continues to be the voice of many brands within BiberSA Production. Master actor and dubbing artist Şaher becomes the voice of brands by taking the microphone for BiberSA BiberSA Production. 

To see the demo works of Cahit Şaher BiberSA Production website or BiberSA Youtube You can visit the channel.

Cahit Şaher, one of the prominent names in the art of voice acting, can contact us by clicking the button below to contact and demo work.

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