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Cardioid Microphone

Cardioid – What is Cardioid Microphone?

A cardioid microphone is a type of microphone that picks up sounds coming from a heart-shaped area in front of the diaphragm. Cardioid microphones, which are known to receive sound from all sides with equal sensitivity, are also called cardioid. The cardioid microphone, which is among the general-purpose microphone types, has ideal features for capturing room reverberation. So what is cardioid microphone and how does it work? This...

Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Who is Sinan Pekinton?

Sinan Pekinton, who was awarded the 2007 Best Actor Award from the Art Institute, takes his place in the memories mostly with his theater acting. In addition to acting and directing, it is possible to see Pekinton in prominent TV series. Cesur ve Güzel is one of the TV series that Sinan Pekinton has been in recently. Well, the famous theater and actor Sinan Pekinton...

Who is Cihan Unal?

Who is Cihan Ünal: Actor, Director, Academician and Voiceover Artist Cihan Ünal

Cihan Ünal, who started acting with the movie Fiddler on the Roof, is one of the faces we have seen on screens for many years. Cihan Ünal, who started his career with theater acting, appeared in many branches of art with his films and voiceovers, and continues to appear. So, who is Cihan Unal? What works has he been involved in so far? In this article, we will find out those who are curious about Cihan Ünal with his art and private life.

who is bedia ener

Who is Bedia Ener? Who are the characters voiced by Bedia Ener?

Bedia Ener, who has signature works in the field of voice-over and dubbing, is also a theater and cinema actress. So who is Bedia Ener as a voice actor? Who are the characters voiced by Bedia Ener? It was screened between 2006 and 2010. Leaf Fall Bedia Ener, who became famous with her TV series, is one of the master actors. Ener, who was born in Istanbul on June 5, 1954 (68 years old),...

female voice actors

Famous Female Voice Over Artists: 4 (Four) Familiar Female Voices!

Presenting movies and serials to the audience through dubbing or subtitles has always been the subject of discussion. Bringing a breath of fresh air to this debate, the voice actors succeed in integrating with their roles by giving life to TV series and movies. Although male and female voice actors are not known by many, they take their place in minds with their voices. Familiar with radio, television and online media...