Microphone Acting and Dubbing

As everyone knows, the art of dubbing and dubbing is a difficult art in itself. Knowing a word well as a native speaker, especially advertising voice-over and to be able to sing with correct diction-articulation and correct intonation, without making a dialect in the field of dubbing, and to convey this to the audience by conveying the sincerity in the voice. In order to master all these things, it is necessary to make a serious study and effort in the field of vocalization art. In order to eliminate the problem caused by the brain to memorize the sounds it hears from the moment of birth and to use the words in this direction after the speaking process has started, and to erase the memory of misused words in the brain and to place the correct ones, it can be ensured that it becomes fluent after going through basic trainings.

In order to say a word correctly, after erasing the old language habits and putting the correct ones in the mind, it is necessary to have a certain study and experience in order for it to become a skill activity. The aim of all these narratives is the emotion that is wanted to be conveyed to the other side with the speech: In other words, sincerity. Basically; In order to accurately convey this feeling that a speech text should make the other party feel, it is necessary to have the skills described above. In order to make sincerity prevail; The voice-over and dubbing artist must be able to portray a character suitable for the game the text tells. These are the characteristics that the voice actor we are talking about should have.

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