What Does Rabarba Mean?

What Does Rabarba Mean?

There are various methods used during dubbing in the media production and movie industry. All these methods aim to add depth and color to the story to be told. This makes the story even more compelling. In the story, the characters should be in a crowded environment from time to time. In this case, the rabarba method appears. So what does rabarba mean? 

In its origin, rabarba is a term used to express a crowd of people who have no equivalent and root in any language, but only make noise and meaningless sounds in the professional sense. The name of the action is rabarba. The people who make the rabarba are voice acting or dubbing artists It can also be made up of unqualified people. Rabarba requires at least two or three people. For a good rabarba, people from different age groups should come together. This is a preferred application in terms of sound diversity and more crowded sound.

What Rabarba Means: The Voice of Rabarbada Walla

Walla is the name given to the sound used to imitate crowd noise in a movie production. To produce a false crowd sound, the word Walla is repeated at regular intervals to a group of people. This creates a real crowd noise sound. The group of people who repeat this sound are called "Walla People".

With this technique, dubbing studios can produce crowded sound without the need for large numbers of people. It is used as a very common method because it accelerates both the budget and the shooting time. The word walla is not a requirement to create noise. Alternative words of similar sound length can also be used. It can also provide background noise by writing sentences associated with the script if copywriters are present. Thus, a crowd voice is created in relation to the story and the place. This word already varies between countries. For example, in the UK, the word rhubarb is used instead of walla. The word raberber is used in Germany, the word gaya in Japan, and the word rabarba in Turkey.

What does Rabab mean?

What Does Rabarba Mean as a Dubbed Term?

In dubbing of movies, TV series and content with crowded people's cries, the rabarba team comes together and produces synchronous sounds in accordance with the shouts of the characters. The sounds they make overlap and mix. Different shouts and shouts form the rabarba we call the 'crowd sound'. This action is called rabarba. For example, if there is a marketplace scene in the movie and many people are talking, the rabarba team dubs this scene. Generally, rabarba recordings in studios are fun and humorous. Everyone's eyes are on the screen, and each one of the cast director's roles makes the speeches of the character they belong to at the same time, and there are buzzing, crowded and uncertain speeches suitable for the ambient ambiance.

Who does the Rabarba team consist of? 

We talked about the need for a team of different ages to come together to make Rabarba. These people do not have to be people who do voiceover or dubbing. However, learning the technique of the job will make their job easier. The most important point of Rabarba is that everyone in the team knows which character to speak and what sounds to make. This planning has been casting director or by the dubbing director, everyone is told one by one and the necessary authorization is made. For example, if there are a few people close to the frame in a crowd other than the leading role in a plan in a city square, these few people are provided with prior authorization from the rabarba team. Thus, asynchronous, absurd and fugitive sounds are prevented.

Do You Need Talent to Make Rabarba?

It is more important to be patient than talented, as the time to stay in the studio is longer than normal to do rabarba. Because to make rabarba, it is enough to have theatrical talent and to have been in rabarba once before. The energy and experience of the crowd guides you during the recording in the studio. 

The spread of digital broadcasting platforms in Turkey in recent years has further increased the demand for Turkish dubbing. Rabarba, which is frequently used to make dubbing more colorful, brings together many microphone players and dubbing artists in studios.

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