What is IVR? How is IVR Voiceover done?

What is IVR? How is IVR Voiceover done?

What is IVR? How is IVR Voiceover done?

We will talk about the IVR announcements that we encounter frequently in every moment of our lives, that we do not like when kept waiting for a long time, that we say enough is enough when you listen to music, and that after a long wait, after the announcement of 'your queue number is 5 among the waiting ones', we took the pain out of the customer representative when we connected. Telecommunications technologies are developing rapidly. Cloud exchanges, virtual exchanges, ivr systems are among the most popular choices of corporate companies in communicating. IVR, which stands for Interactive Voice Response, has turned into a technology that can live up to its name. We can examine IVR systems under two headings. Inbound IVR for inbound calls and Outbound IVR for outbound calls. When Inbound and Outbound IVR systems are used together, a great call service emerges.

So how does IVR work?

In Outbound, a voice recording is sent to the answered call, and dialing is requested according to the setup. For example; “Welcome to the world of ……. Now is the time to fly to Cuba. 60,000 miles and taxes on us. Please press 1 for detailed information, and 2 for the customer representative to call you on this number''. This is an Outbound IVR setup. In this setup, customers who dial 1 are directly directed to the call center. At 2 o'clock, it is determined as “waiting for a call from you” and is called later in order to decide on the appointment time. This setup can be completely changed at will. Maybe those who dial 1 may be asked to be recorded, those who dial 2 will be directed to the call center. Or both keystrokes are recorded.

In the inbound setup, let's examine a tuber; “… What type and size would you like your tube to be?” As in the example, the difference of Inbound from Outbound is that it receives the inbound call, not an outside call. Since the number of the customer who will order the tube has been registered to the system before, the system recognizes the number when the customer calls and offers a setup accordingly. In a new customer search, a voice recording meets: “… We couldn't find your recording in the system. Please press 1 to register a new one”. In this setup, the customer connects directly to the call center and registers. The biggest benefit of IVR in the order example is eliminating the need for a staff member to direct the order on every order request.


How is the voiceover done in IVR systems?

Audio recording can be added to IVR systems externally in the desired format. You can have a voice-over with voice-over agencies or the voices of the power plant that you choose from the voice bank. Of course, choosing a voice actor for the institution is very important here. Because choosing the appropriate profile sound for your brand or business is extremely important. Apart from the popularity of the voice that greets your customers, having a voice that can speak effectively and with proper diction is another important criterion. The voice-over recording must be recorded in the voice-over studio. Although the audio recording format for IVR is varied, it is recorded properly in sound studios. BiberSA Production is among the most competent voice-over agencies in CallCenter, Autodialer, IVR, Voip, Voice Recording wild Turkey. For example, you have a voiceover text prepared for IVR. You send your text to the agency via e-mail or Whatsapp. Voice actors suitable for your company's profile are sent to you for you to choose from the sound bank for the IVR voiceover text you send. By paying the stamp price of the voice actor you have chosen IVR voiceover You can get the service the same day.


How are IVR Voice Over prices determined?

IVR voiceover service routing, credit card collection and service conditions, etc. offered in modules such as For the service requested from the voice-over agency, the sound demos of the voices suitable for your business (the works they have given voices before) are sent to you as an offer. Only the stamp price of the voice actor is included in the offer content. Studio recording fee and other expenses are included in the stamp fee. The voice-over agency provides you with a consent letter containing the duration of use of the sound and the delivery of the necessary copyrights. For some customers, the popularity of IVR audio is not so important. For this, voice-over agencies offer the appropriate sounds from the sound bank, which includes the sounds that are not popular and do not work over the stamp price, to the customer's taste with a base price application. It should not be forgotten that there will be additional costs for additional announcements after the purchased voiceover service.

This is the story of the systems we call Interactive Voice Response, that is, IVR. As we mentioned above, make sure that you get a voice-over service from professional voice actors for your company's profile and make sure that your announcements are different and unique from the voice used by other companies. Stay well.

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