What is Viral Advertising? What are the advantages?

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What is Viral Advertising? What are the advantages?

Viral ads have caught a good trend in digital advertising as a new generation ad type. Fun scenarios, funny scenes, enjoyable jingles Although the advertisements prepared with the Internet are long, they are very popular on the internet. There are even such creative scenarios that when they are published, they get millions of views.

Origin of Viral Ads

When we look at the click rate of amateur videos on the internet and social media, we see that they are quite high. Viral ads were also prepared completely amateurishly before, and when they started to get big hits by social media users, they became the focus of attention of big companies. That's why today, viral advertisements have been replaced by professionally prepared short films or productions like a clip. We see many examples of this on social media every day. When we look at this development process, we can say that the starting point of viral ads is amateur videos.

As they are effective, funny and interesting, they offer a pleasant viewing process to their target audience, and for this reason, we see that the viral advertising demands of big brands have started to be promotional video-oriented, besides being only product or service-oriented ads.

Advantages of Viral Ads

We can say that it is a digitalized version of word of mouth marketing. Because we compare the rate of spread of word of mouth to the rate of virus spread in digital. In fact, if we think about it like this, it has a much faster spreading power than word of mouth. That's why a viral ad can get between one million and five million clicks per day. This means that millions of people see that ad. Realizing these rates, digital advertisers turned to viral ads for this reason.


So what are the advantages of the viral market?

Huge reach potential: A viral video on the internet has the ability to reach a large international audience without any extra money or effort. As long as it has an impressive scenario. Therefore, a small company or a private individual can go extremely far.

It helps strengthen your brand: When we look at creativity, we talk about a publishing tool that creates incredibly good content that users decide to share themselves, thus establishing a personal connection with your brand. For this reason, it is undoubtedly an extremely powerful tool when it comes to branding and awareness.

Low cost: In the viral campaign, users do an important part of the work for us, distribution. This greatly reduces distribution costs. Also, in the media advertisement or the need to purchase space is also eliminated.

Not invasive: In viral marketing, the decision to share always comes from the user and thus spreads purely on demand, not invasively. Thus, the perception and interaction of the brand is better compared to the traditional forms of advertising.

How Viral Ads Work

Viral marketing campaigns are easy projects. Create a video or other type of content that appeals to the target, put it online, and plan what to do to get it moving. From here, all you have to do is wait for users to start posting. But sometimes, without any extra planning, viral ads become popular by chance. It has to do with how relevant it is to the agenda at the time and how much attention it attracts from the social media audience.

There are two focuses for the distribution strategy of viral ads created by brands: visible and hidden. In the virals seen, the user realizes that they are watching an ad as soon as they see the video. However, it is later understood that there is an advertisement in the hidden virals. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful when applying the secret marketing technique. Because if the user feels cheated and deceived, they may think negatively about the brand.

The most important point in the viral market is to never be a "spammer" no matter what method is followed. For this reason, posting the ad at the most appropriate place and time will attract attention instead of posting the ad over and over again.

As BiberSA Production, you can watch the viral advertisement of Batesmotelpro with its delightful and impressive scenario, which we have chosen as an example for you.

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