What Does Audio Description Mean? How to Open Audio Description on Netflix in Five (5) Steps

What Does Audio Description Mean? How to Open Audio Description on Netflix in Five (5) Steps

First developed by Gregory Frazier, a professor at San Francisco State University in the 1970s, audio description is now used in many fields from theater to online broadcasting. In the simplest terms, audio description refers to the description made when the speaker is absent in film and theater screenings. During this process, time, place, characters and events are described in order to understand the show. So, how to make an audio description? How to use audio description on Netflix?

How to Make Audio Description?

In other words, the audio description, which is called audio description, comes to the fore with its feature that facilitates the participation of visually impaired individuals in artistic activities. This application can be considered as a great help in expressing emotions and expressing everything that draws attention on the stage.

A speaking voiceover is included in the parts other than the dialogues while the audio description is being made. This voice-over ensures that the emotions are visible by describing the place, time, characters and silently developing events. This practice, which is mostly seen in movies today, can also find its place in video films and other works that have the status of cinematographic works. So what exactly does external audio do?

External sound; By appealing to the sense organs such as sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, it provides the perception of the defining qualities of beings.. During this application, which facilitates the visibility of the assets, the most distinctive features of the events are given in a way that appeals to the senses. The featured scene features, characters and behaviors are displayed.

Netflix is one of the broadcasting platforms that is meticulous about audio description. On the screen that opens as it is, you can turn on the English – Audio Description feature. When this feature is turned on, you will see an example of what the characters are doing between the dialogues:

  • (Jon and Daenerys stare long and hard at a view of a snow-covered waterfall)
Netflix audio description | Bibersa Production
Netflix audio description | Bibersa Production

What are Netflix Audio Description Features?

Netflix With its new features, it offers its viewers more advantages and convenience. Audio description, which doubles the enjoyment that visually and hearing impaired individuals will get from videos, is one of them.

It is possible to say that Netflix, which adds subtitles (SDH) and audio descriptions (AD) to its movies and series, offers a much more accessible viewing area for people with disabilities. When the audio description feature on Netflix is activated, the viewers; become aware of many movements such as physical actions, facial expressions, costumes, settings, scene changes.

What is Netflix Audio Description? In Which Titles?

Audio description is possible for many content offered on Netflix. Moreover, each movie can have an audio description option for more than one language. Thanks to the new content that is constantly uploaded to the platform, more TV series and videos with audio descriptions can be watched on a single platform. Netflix's audio description page You can experience the audio description feature of many content such as action, drama, comedy and romance by visiting

How to Open Audio Description on Netflix?

People who will try the audio description section on Netflix for the first time may be wondering how to open it. You can follow these steps to see which movies and TV shows have the audio description feature active on the site.

  • Open Netflix from the mobile or desktop screen.
  • Select the series, movie or program you want to watch.
  • Start playing the content.
  • Click on the audio-subtitles icon at the top or bottom of the screen you are watching.
  • You can activate the audio description feature you want among the languages in the list by clicking on it. To turn it off, you can click on the same icon to turn off the audio description feature.
How to open Netflix audi description - visual narration
How to open Netflix audi description – visual narration

11 Most Famous Movies Using Audio Description

Since 2006, there are many movie genres with audio descriptions. You can see the audio description application, which has taken a large place in the film industry recently, especially on prominent film platforms. Here are examples of audio description films that activate the emotions by revealing the imagination of visually and hearing impaired individuals;

  1. Love in another Language
  2. White angel
  3. Beynel Minel
  4. This Period 1-2-3
  5. Unemployed man
  6. Good bad Ugly
  7. Finding nemo
  8. Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone
  9. Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
  10. Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban
  11. Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

Examples of Movies Using Audio Description on Netflix 2022

Standing out with its movies and series with audio descriptions, Netflix awaits the audience with different options in many genres. Here are the most watched movies and TV series examples on the basis of Netflix's audio description;

  • Midnight at Pera Palace
  • It's Another
  • Atiye
  • saints
  • BirdBox
  • bird flight
  • Club
  • heart
  • andropause
  • Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?
  • University for the Deaf
  • Nine Times Leyla

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