Announcement Voice-Over And Announcement Voice Talents

Announcement Voice-Over And Announcement Voice Talents

Announcement Voice-overs are used for announcements, information, campaigns, such as public interest. These voice calls can be announced to the target audience either by a closed loop music broadcast or by a simple microphone and amplifier. The announcement voice used in closed-loop announcements is important and the presentation language used is also very important. Writing the script before the voice recording will minimize any risk factor. Usually announcers turn to the microphone and voice the announcement live. This poses the risk of making mistakes. These voice-overs are performed under several categories.


IVR Voice-overs

Mall Announcement Voice-overs

In-Store Announcement Voice-overs

Way Station Announcement Voice-overs

Hospital Announcement Voice-overs

Airport Announcement Voice-overs

Elevator Announcement Voice-overs

Aircraft Cabin Announcement Voice-overs

With the development of technology, especially popularization of social media and very fast access to masses made services such as voice-over popular. To give examples for announcements: You dialed a company’s switchboard. You’ll hear announcements that are already recorded, that are not robotized. “If you know the built-in number, press 1.” These kind of announcements.

Or you have a break during the bus. “During the time of the break you can leave the bus and enjoy the way station.” “Your captain has taken a break.” Or these kind of announcements. Or maybe you went to the mall and heard a voice: “This product has a 20% discount. Have a good day.”

If you travel on an airplane, you will hear the captain speak. “This is your captain speaking. Our flight from Istanbul to Izmir… We are currently flying on…” All of these are offered within the scope of announcement voice-over services.

Announcement voice-over exists in all areas of our lives. Everyday we’re exposed so many announcements. All these voice-over services are provided by voice-over agencies.

Voice-over services are provided for public service ads, informational announcements and many more areas of audio-visual contents.

You all know the election announcements. Those are also within the scope of voice-overs. When the elections are approaching, political party buses play announcements. Although this may disturb many, this disturbance is due to playing it at the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of the other services within the announcement voice-over services is in-store announcement services. Multi-branch stores offer various announcements, audio advertisements and announcements for annunciation. All of these services are included in voice-over services.

After reading this you can become a conscious consumer. Now you know what is announcement voice-over, commercial voice-over or dubbing.

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