Voice Over Texts: Sample Animated Voice Over Texts

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Voice Over Texts: Sample Animated Voice Over Texts

We have always wondered how those animations that we all watch with love from seven to seventy are prepared, right?

Animation is a really difficult and costly business. Big production studios, a big team and days spent at the desk are of course very important, but another important issue is the writing and dubbing of the animation texts. The first stage of this is the writing of animated dubbing texts.

Animation dubbing The texts usually consist of content that includes dialogue, gestures and effects within the film. These created dialogues can pass between different characters, and sometimes appear as "inner voice" or "outside voice" speech.

While preparing the animation text, it should be worked very carefully. Because animation texts generally appeal to small age groups, they have a very dynamic structure and it should be reflected in the text. In the dubbing process, the choice of cast is very important, because a voice that is not suitable for the character can cause the failure of the animation. After choosing the right cast, the artist, who enters the studio, analyzes and assimilates the character he is in, and performs the dubbing process. In this way, our favorite animations are prepared to meet us.

We have prepared a few content for you, including cartoons, 2D and 3D animations, in short, all the animation productions that are the subject of the scenario, including dialogue and all lines. You can choose the character that suits you, practice dubbing, set up your team and give voice to these legendary productions.

Animated dubbing texts

How to Write Animated Dubbing Texts?

Animated dubbing texts, or animated script texts dubbing artists are the text contents that reflect the character of the dubbing characters. There are some typing criteria for these animated dubbing texts. The more these criteria are met, the better the job will be. Since the dubbing artists give voice to the animation based on the dubbing texts, what the character is is understood through the animated dubbing texts.

Some points to consider for animation voiceover texts are as follows:

  • First, familiarize yourself with the script and characters of the animated movie. This is important for understanding the personalities of the characters, the way they speak, and the story of the movie.
  • In each scene of the movie, identify the parts the characters are talking about. This includes all kinds of speech, such as dialogues and monologues. It would be in your best interest to make a separate analysis for each monologue and dialogue.
  • Write using appropriate language, taking into account the factors of speaking time and rhythm, so that the characters' speech is in line with their mouth movements. This appropriate language includes critical points such as taking into account the age and life of the character, and analyzing the emotional state of the character.
  • Try to differentiate each character's way of speaking. This reflects that each character has a unique personality and style. The character is voiced, not the type, on top of its name. The character, unlike the type, is a specific personality, not a general one.
  • The gestures and facial expressions that the characters will use in their speech may need to be specified in the text. This helps the dubbing artist accurately reflect the character's expressions.
  • Detect grammatical errors and semantics by re-reading the text. It is important that the texts are as understandable, clear and accurate as possible.

Finally, the texts must be adapted to the formats and formats specified by the dubbing studio in order to be ready for voiceover.

By following these steps when writing animated dubbing texts, you can create texts that accurately reflect the characters' speech and facilitate the work of dubbing artists.

Voice Over Text Examples

Female voice-over 1: Pepe's fear of heights

Mom: yes, has everyone finished their breakfast? Pepe?

Pepe: yes mom I'm swollen I'm going to explode

Mom: baby?

baby:i ate

Mom: huh huh

Dad: well done then we are revealing the surprise of the day for you now

Bebe: open the surprise

Mom: Now we're going to take you to the park as a reward for having a good breakfast.

Pepe: oh come on c'mon c'mon

Bebe: come on long live parkaaa

(everyone laughs)

Bebe: dad what's the park?

Dad: playground baby, you know, we went to a park with such huge slides and seesaws, or before.

baby: hee

Dad: we're going there dear

baby: ok

Pepe: we're going to the park parkaaa

everyone laughs

Mom: slow son aaaa

Pepe: pepe is running. Pepe is running

Bebe: what is brother doing?

Dad: running baby

Bebe: I'll run too

Mom: let's run

Pepe: baby running baby running

Dad: well done baby you are amazing

Mom: okay, baby, when you get a little older, you will be able to run on your own like your brother.

baby: ok

Pepe: the baby is running

Father: here the park appeared

Pepe: hah long live the park appeared haha

everyone laughs

Dad: Pepe, how about you race me from here to the park? he

Pepe: let the race live

Baby: me too

Dad: come on baby you come too

Mom: okay let's go

baby laughs

Dad: are you ready?

(both at the same time)

Father: one two two three three

Baby: five, not three

Pepe: oh shit

(everyone laughs)

Dad: one two two three three begin

Bebe: aaaaaa bro dad is gone

Mom: yes dear they are gone

Dad: oh my god I think Pepe will surpass me

Pepe: heaaa i'll pass you dad

Dad: I got it (again)

Pepe: yeah

Dad: I got it again

Pepe: I'm going to pass yooooooh did I pass daddy? Did I pass?

Dad: you passed, coach, you passed, well done you hu

Pepe: I'm so happy dad

Dad: me too

(the two laugh)

Baby: he cameiiimmmmmm

Dad: well done baby, you came in third too.

Bebe: long live I'm third

Mom: slow son


Mom: the park looks beautiful baby, do you want to ride the swing?

baby: yes yes

Mom: come on then

Pepe: what should we ride daddy?

Dad: how about the seesaw?

Pepe: yes come on

Bebe: long live the park, long live the swing

Mom: well done my beautiful daughter

Baby: flyinguuuuuum

Mom: your brother and dad are riding the seesaw look baby

Baby: hello bro

Dad: what happened son

Pepe: well, it's okay, you get on here, I'll get on that side

Dad: are you ready pepe?

Pepe: aaaaaa

Dad: here you are up now

Pepe: download me dad download I'm so scared

Dad: what happened, coach, why are you afraid of being high?

Bebe: what about the evening dress

Mom: a little scared sweetheart

Baby: me too

Dad: come on, let's see if you're scared, tell me okay?

Bebe: ok high…low…high…low.

Pepe: huh huh


Dad: well done, look at my daughter, there is nothing to be afraid of, see?

Pepe: huh!

Mom: let's ride the slide with you if you want

Pepe: okay .mom?

Mom: what happened pepe?

Pepe: well i'm gonna slide out of here

Mom: but pepe for those babies

Pepe: very enjoyable

Baby: I'm going to skate too

Dad: let's see

Bebe: no I won't slip on this I will slip on this

Mom:a aaa dear are you sure it's a little too high for you isn't it?

Bebe: i'm gonna slide out of this

Pepe: huh!

Mom: ok but take the stairs carefully baby

Bebe: broiii hello

Mom: be careful baby, you're too high.

Bebe: baby live high let's slide ya I made it

Mom: good for you

Bebe: ever again

Dad: good for you ha ha ha

Mom: sweetie, isn't this slide really high?

Pepe: yes high

Mom: I'll say something. I want to slide off this slide like a baby, can you help me?

Pepe: together?

Mom: yes I have one together

Pepe: hey okay come on

Mom: get out


Mom: don't worry, I'm here, we're going to have a lot of fun, are you ready?

Pepe: yeah yehuuuu…aaa…hooray it's beautiful

Dad: good job coach you pepe : i wasn't scared at all now i can ride the seesaw dad :ok come on

Pepe:anne can you hold me ?mom: of course honey I'm here I'm behind you

Dad: are you okay son Pepe: haha very enjoyable come on dad come on take me higher once again

Dad: ok

(all laugh)

Dad: pepe is upstairs


Pepe: so high above

Dad: pepe downstairs

Pepe: it's too low down

Dad: pepe upstairs

Pepe: so high above

Dad: pepe downstairs


Pepe: it's too low down

Baby :pepe high

Pepe :pepe low

Bebe: pepe high

Pepe: pepe low… Pepe high

Bebe: pepe low

Bebe and pepe: pepe high

Dad: hahaha

Mom: Well done Pepe, my handsome son is not afraid of heights.

Bebe: long live brother

Dad: pepe upstairs

Pepe: long live it's very enjoyable

Baba and pepe : pepe low

baby : low

Pepe and dad: pepe high

baby: high

Dad: and pepe low

baby: low

voiceover male: clean sea cup

Male voice 1: one minute twenty four seconds

Rgg ayas: haha, thumbs up

Male voice 2: bless us baby

Male voice3: sure one of the three of us will win the trophy this year

Male voice1: well, what a lie, this is incredible timing and there are a few seconds between you three of them.

Rgg ayas: ok here we have the clean sea cup this year

(everyone laughs)

Male voice 3: we wanted to get this trophy last year too, but

Male voice 2: fate is this year, aunt son

rgg ayas: can i help you brother musatfa, is it too heavy a car?

Male voice 3: ah, aunt son, how much did you love this car, you carried it on your back all day… what would have happened if you had left it at home?

Male voice 2: so don't come on me it's my birthday present, I don't want to leave

Male voice 3: okay, let's not miss that boat

Rgg ayas: mustafa abiiii

Male voice 2: my car! My car! Well, it fell into the water, fell into the water!

Male voice 3: I say God! How did you drop your aunt son?

Male voice 2: help me please help! No one to help? Going!

Rgg ayas: stop mustafa abii calm down

Male voice 2: aaaaaaah, how can I be calm, how can I be calm?

Male voice 4: move away, let me see what fell?

Rgg ayas: a huge toy car

Male voice 2: hiiihhh... let me eat the oil of your eyes, save my car, uncle, what happens

Male voice 3: ok calm down mustafa, I don't think it will work very well even if the car is saved.

Male voice 2: don't say it

Male voice 4: huhh? No, son, he has sunk, gone deep…

Male voice 2: my beautiful car left without playing to the fullest

Rgg ayas: ok you are right to be upset mustafa brother.. please calm down

Male voice 4: wait, don't worry, see what's on that side

Male voice 3: ohoo diver…. Heeeey can you see? We are here we are here!

Diver male voice: what's wrong guys?

Male voice 2: my car, my car, went to sea.

Rgg ayas: It was a huge car, it flew out of his hand and went to the sea.

male voice 3: it was a birthday present from my aunt son.

Diver male voice: I'll take a look

Male voice 3: heyyyy! Long live bee … we called you when we saw a diver, but so you are…

Male voice 5: we are responsible for the cleanliness of the sea. We are doing everything to protect the sea of Istanbul.

Rgg ayas: why are the seas polluted?

Male voice 5: mostly polluted by people who are insensitive to the sea. All kinds of foreign objects thrown into the sea actually pollute our seas. In fact, the sea is a special living space. Because of this pollution, the creatures living in the sea are losing their habitat.

Male voice 3: oops, sorry.. I'm asking for complete understanding. You said foreign bodies thrown into the sea, isn't Mustafa's car falling into the sea a foreign object for the sea?

male voice 5 : just like that. What I call a foreign body is everything that should not be in the sea. In other words, plastic bottles that shouldn't be in the sea, packaging waste, garbage, cigarette butts, whatever you can think of… none of these are things that take place in the nature of the sea itself. Especially batteries are very, very dangerous for both our seas and our environment...

Male voice 2: wow, there were twelve batteries in my car.

Male voice 5: I hope our diver friend will be able to get that car out of the sea somehow, friends. You can't even imagine the damage to those twelve batteries that fell into the sea.

Man 2: Haaaa, I can guess. Batteries contain metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. These are called heavy metals. As long as the batteries that fall into the sea with my car stay in the water, the heavy metals inside mix with the sea water. From the sea water, the creatures living in the sea, for example, pass to fish. Then, when we eat those fish, these harmful heavy metals that come out of the batteries get into our blood and cause serious damage to many organs in our body, right?

Male voice 5: well done, just as you said.

Male voice 3: aunt, how can it be understood that my son is very interested in these things

Male voice 5: When this mercury, lead and cadmium in waste batteries pass into the human body, it can cause serious diseases such as cancer, friends.

Rgg ayas: good but everywhere in the house is full of batteries… why do we use something harmful so much?

Male voice 5: there is nothing to use, of course we will use it, but it is very important that we do not throw it in the sea randomly

Male voice 3: so where do we throw it?

Male voice 5: There are waste battery collection boxes in many places. Maybe at your school. Otherwise, you can tell your school administration and ask for a waste battery collection box to be placed in your school.

Rgg ayas: I have never seen such a box in our school

Male voice 2: no no, I didn't see it either.

Male voice 3: I didn't see it either.

Rgg ayas: I will tell my teacher Eid Ali right away.

Male voice 5: that is, we need to collect the batteries we use in a safe place at home and throw them into battery collection boxes regularly. The waste batteries collected in these boxes are destroyed in a way that does not harm the environment.

Male voice 2: wow. Now I'm not sorry that my car left without playing, but the damage that the batteries in it will cause to the sea.

Rgg ayas: hehee, don't be sad, brother mustafa.

Male voice 2: haha thank you so much diver brother, I'm very happy now.

Male voice 1: hey ha effort you're doing very well guys

Male voice 6: mashallah mashallah what is this or how fast they are swimming like this

Male voice 7: I wonder how many minutes it will be out.

Male voice 1: hey, you made fifteen to bee one.

Rgg ayas: haha great

Male voice 3: oh bee… this timing is definitely going to be the best timing in clean sea races.

Male voice 2: well we did it aunt son

Male voice 6: what are they saying, would one minute and fifteen seconds be the best timing? Haa they didn't see timing

Male voice 7: yes they say so cemal brother, they don't know that you can swim in ten seconds in a minute hahaha

Male voice 6: It's going to be a lot of fun racing. Hahaha

Rgg ayas: clean sea cup.. What a beautiful name does the competition have?

Male voice 2: yeah yeah…

Male voice 3: hey look who's here?

Male voice 6: hahıhıhıhaa

Rgg ayas: look what you did

Male voice 2: oh oh it made a dump, my dear sea

male voice 3: heeey jamal

Male voice 6: Ooooo, who are we seeing, come to our table… ah, this is finished… Well, this is finished too.. Haha, you won't believe it, but it's all over.

Rgg ayas: what do you think you're doing, cemal brother?

Male voice 6: I wanted to offer you some food, my palm… but as you can see, we ate everything with one eyebrow..

Male voice 7 : well we ate it ahahah

Male voice 2: why are you throwing your garbage into the sea, cemal? Aren't you ashamed to pollute our seas?

Male voice 6: three quarters of the seas are full of these seas Mustafa, the garbage I throw away will disappear… look, many of them have already sunk and gone

Male voice 3: maybe it is disappearing from your eyes, but it destroys the habitat of the creatures living in the sea, what you throw away threatens the living things.

Male voice 6: Well, there is no one threatening me around here, do you see such a person, Tekkaş?

Male voice 7: well I didn't see it hahaha

male voice 6: hihahah

Rgg ayas: because you are insensitive today, every mistake you make will come back and find you, cemal brother

Male voice 7: how come I couldn't understand, can you explain a little, my dear? Ayy afadersin ayast with s? Hahaha

Rgg ayas: yes, with ayas s… let me explain with an example, for example, when our seas are polluted, fish will not be able to find a habitat and reproduce. When they don't multiply, they will disappear, and the fishermen will not be able to catch fish, so you will not be able to eat fish.

Male voice 6: ah, not now. I can't stop eating fish... I love fish

male voice 7 : yes yes I like it too

Male voice 2: Even the name of the race you participated in is clean sea. Think about why they put it like that. To keep our seas clean

Male voice 6: still, I couldn't understand the situation of not being able to eat fish with the garbage I threw, but whatever. I'll change the subject. Who do you think will win the competition?

Male voice 3: the winner of this race is obvious, don't get too excited. Either Ayas or Mustafa or I will take that cup.

Male voice 6: are you that sure?

Male voice 2: If you saw the timings we made, you would have no doubts.

Rgg ayas: Anyway, you'll see in the race.

Male voice 6: we'll see, of course, I'm not too worried about it either, because I don't think you can come close to my one minute and ten second timing.

Male voice 6 and 7: ahahah

Male voice 3: did he say one minute and ten seconds?

Male voice 2: He said yes. Hopefully he's lying.

Rgg ayas: we'll see in the race tomorrow.

Male voice 8: yes guys… welcome all of you to our annual clean sea mug in the hope that my seas around the world will always remain clean.

Crowd: nice find… heyt bee

Male voice 8: now you see our friends who will be competing at our starting line. When I blow this whistle, our unique clean sea race, which is unlike any swimming race, will start and in a very short time this clean sea cup you see in my hand will find its owner. Three ikiii birir….. Yes, murat and Çağrı had a very good debut. There is ayas right after them. Ayas cemal and mustafa are following and kemal crossed the freedom with a beautiful attack… murat passed in ayas. Mustafa moved from behind…

Female voice 1: come on, don't bother me.. You're being very nice, but come on. Look, don't make me angry, I won't call again…. Thank you.

Male voice 1: oooh what a beautiful evening

Male voice 2: aaaah what a pity… people no longer have money to buy toys and trinkets for their children. So what are we going to do?… Maybe you don't want to burn in the fire like the others, tell me what do you want to be? … aaah, if people don't buy my toys, I'll do it for myself too… (3.26) you will be a little boy, my little boy, tell me will you be a good boy now huh? … hahah what is that… uh what is that? This tree must still age and continue to grow.

Male voice 3: no you can't!

Male voice 2: aaah… haah? No no no! I didn't even give it a name. How do I summon him when he doesn't even have a name?

Male voice 1: heeey did you learn your lesson little puppet?

Pinocchio: who's there? Who is speaking?

Male voice 1: my course emy crickets. I'll take care of things here, dear. If it wasn't for me, this place would be a dump. I'll pick this place up for your dad pepeto. You couldn't find a better man… ahh he has a heart of gold. If you disturb him again, just know that I will get you out of here as soon as possible.

Pinocchio: but, but there is so much to see and do out there.

Male voice 1: aaaah, it all happens in time, it happens in time, my friend, don't worry, you can't run around as you want, even a puppet has things to learn in the first place.

Pinocchio: yes? Like what?

Male voice 1: like what? You need to learn how to read, how to write. Even a little puppet like you needs to learn to deal with people, right?

Pinocchio: yes. I think I'm a smarter kid than I look.

Male voice 1: um. So then why should I look at your feet on fire?

Pinocchio: ah ah… no! My feet are on fire! No! My feet are burning aha ahah my feet...

Male voice 2: ah ah… so here you are. I thought I lost you, son. No, no, don't cry. You're alive boy it's a miracle

Pinocchio: but… but I burned my feet ahah

Male voice 2: aaah don't worry about it, I'll make you a new foot. You're alive and safe, that's what counts… ehh that's better… now let's see if your new feet are as good as the old ones.

Pinocchio: yihhuuu ey ey eehehehe

Male voice 2: hah ha ha ha. Oh I feel so lucky today so I'm going to name you the luckiest man I've ever known, his name was pinocchio. Yes, son, you are now Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: pinocchio… ah, that's a big name… but what can I tell you?

Male voice 2: Since I made you, I guess you should call me daddy. Father.

Pinocchio: dad. I love it. But I'm not a real boy, am I, Dad?

Male voice 2: yes. But maybe one day you will.

Pinocchio: the real boy. real boy. real boy. One day I will be a real boy.

Male voice 2: oh calm down Pinocchio. Since this is your first day, tell me what you want to do, huh? Come on, come on, tell me.

Pinocchio: I want to go out and play. I would like to look at all the shops, meet everyone, taste everything, run, spend some money… but the first thing I want to do is go to school and learn to think and write, Dad.

Male voice 2: ah, I would like that, but I don't have money to buy you a book, son.

Pinocchio: oh okay don't worry, I don't need the book. I don't even need to go to school.

Male voice 2: cik cik cik ever? Hah, I'm going to sell my coat.

Pinocchio: but you can be cold, dad, right?… Goodbye dad, thank you. Thank you so much you will be proud of me…

Male voice 2: i know this pinocchio i know this... oooh so cold...

Pinocchio: I will go to the right school and make my father proud. I will go to the right school and make my father proud. To the right school… let's have a look here first…

Miss voice 2: hey wait where are you going son can you tell me?

Pinocchio: I'll go in and see what's going on

Miss voice 2: if you don't have a ticket, no show. Where is your money son?

Pinocchio: oh I don't know. But I can give it away, it has never been used. My father just bought this sir here you go you can get it

Miss voice 2: okay for now, but next time you come, bring money and sit somewhere, squirrel.

Voiceover lady 1: once upon a time… there was a country where happy people lived. The king and queen of this country have only one wish. They would love to have many. The king and queen were very good people. That's why they knew that their wishes would come true one day, the king and queen had a daughter whose language was fulfilled. They named the little princess the daylight. The king and queen decided to organize a feast to share their joy. Everyone was invited, even the fairies living in the mysterious forest, but the king and queen made a mistake in the invitation. Kings and queens of neighboring countries from all over the country with a battery they forgot to put on, presented their gifts and well wishes to the light of day. And finally, it was the turn of 12 fairies, and the fairies presented unique gifts to the daylight, one by one with fairy sticks, they gave everything that could be asked on earth, only three fairies remained, and who did not give their gifts, they started to give their gifts one by one.

Miss voice 1: my gift is to you little princess the beauty of the world is yours

Miss voice 2: little princess my gift will be happiness always be happy all your life never be sad

Voiceover lady 1: the last fairy was just about to give her gift when something unexpected happened and green smoke filled the entire hall. When the green smoke cleared, the black fairy appeared… The king asked the fairy who broke this beautiful train. The other fairies recognized her right away, of course, she was a black fairy with a child's heart.

Black Fairy: I see everyone has been invited all your people your friends kings queens and fairies but unfortunately I was not invited

Voiceover: The king apologized for their rudeness

Black Fairy: And I will not deprive you of my unique gift that I will show you my kindness. The world's most beautiful princess will grow up in happiness, everyone will love and admire her, but when she comes to her 16th birthday, before the sun goes down, a sewing needle will stick in her hand and she will die...

Voice-over lady: Catch that beast! shouted the king, but the black fairy disappeared laughing

Black Fairy: ah ha ha ha

Voiceover lady: The last fairy who had not yet given her gift was thrown out, not as strong as the black fairy, but she made a wish to lighten this evil curse a little bit.

Fairy 3: If the beloved princess is going to sink with the curse of the evil black fairy, don't die with that needle in your hand, just go to sleep and wake up again with a kiss of love...

Voice-over lady: The king banned how many needle-spinning sewing looms there were in the country to prevent a disaster that could happen to the beloved princess. They gathered in the courtyard of the castle and had them burned. tasked with taking care of daylight. Daylight was also not allowed to communicate with any foreigner. It was a very difficult task for the three fairies to take care of her. The daylight turned into a beautiful young girl who grew up under the protection of the fairies. Finally, the princess came on the 16th birthday of the sun… There was time until the sunset for the black fairy's curse to come true. The king and queen took all the precautions they could, but they were still afraid of the curse to come true. To protect the beautiful princess from the evil curse, they locked her in a room until the sunset. The sunlight was not happy with this situation. Just then, a door appeared. daylight… Strange clicking sounds from behind the door. He entered the door unaware of what was going to happen to him…

A woman with her back turned was sewing in the room. Sunlight walked enchantedly towards the sewing machine. The daylight, caught by the magic of the black fairy, reached out for the needle and what happened at that moment. He fell into a deep sleep with the touch of the needle…

Black fairy: hahahaha… Haaahahahah…

Voiceover Miss 1: Black Perry's curse came true at sunset on the 16th birthday of daylight. They dressed the princess in the most beautiful clothes and laid her on a bed full of flowers. Thus began the days when the daylight would be remembered as the sleeping beauty… In order to prevent the king and the queen, they decided to put everyone in the castle to sleep until the princess wakes up… Exactly 100 years have passed… one day, a handsome prince was passing by the palace. In the distance he saw a palace covered with thorny bushes and vines. His men told the story about the sleeping beauty and this palace, and the prince was very excited and decided to enter the palace. The bushes were both too numerous and too thorny to be crossed. He didn't seem to have looked, he started to cut the calls to clear the way, cut the bushes, reached the door of the palace, saw two guards sleeping on the floor at the door, opened the door and was astonished by what he saw. There were people lying all over the place. When he started walking around the palace, he came to the king's room. The king and queen were sleeping in their armchairs. Then he saw a room with a half-open door and entered the room… This was the princess's room. The princess is sleeping in a beautiful bed with flowers. The prince approached the bed, looked at the beautiful princess and whispered in her ear.

Male voice 1: means you are the sleeping beauty. How beautiful are you…

Voiceover lady 1: said the prince… and he couldn't stand it and blew a kiss to the princess for a moment.… the princess opened her eyes at that moment and saw the handsome prince looking at her in front of her… with her awakening, everyone who slept in the palace woke up from their 100-year slumber. The king and queen also rushed to the princess's room to find out what was going on. When they saw that they had woken up, they were blown away with happiness… the prince proposed to the sleeping beauty. The princess smiled and accepted his offer. Of course, the king gave permission to the prince who saved his daughter and country… The prince and princess, who had a magnificent wedding that has never been seen before, lived happily ever after.


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