What is Dubbing and Studio Recording Services?

How to Choose a Voice Over Agency? In this week's article, we will create a list of things to consider when choosing a voice-over agency in the Media Production sector. Dear friends; Many film production companies operate in the sector in Turkey, which we all know, and this situation places Turkey in a considerable place in the world rankings. Film and production companies need a voice-over agency in the process of realizing their projects. It enables them to realize sound projects by partnering with the production company of the voice-over agency or directly for the brand, product, service. Within this support, there are many more studio recording services, mainly services such as sound shooting, dubbing, dubbing. The path that Film and Production companies will follow when choosing a Voice-over agency is actually not that difficult. We can say that searching for a voice-over agency will not be difficult at all today, when the use of social media is at its peak. When you ask Uncle Gugil, he will give you a lot of voiceover agency results. But which of the results of uncle gugil should we trust? What criteria will we evaluate? I can hear you asking questions. You are right… Today, leaving the voice-over agency, trusting many companies on the internet is a work of bravery… The most important thing to consider when choosing a voice-over agency is the voice-over service, which the voice-over agency mainly serves. Is the voice-over agency about dubbing? Or it is necessary to determine whether it is better in terms of voice over and sound design. Another point to consider when choosing a voice-over agency is to investigate how long the delivery time is. Because, depending on the duration of the requested project, the delivery time is very important. This information should be obtained from the voice-over agency. Our other issue in choosing a voice-over agency is the stamp prices of the voice-over artists in the sound bank. The stamp price allows the voice-over ability and the voice of the voice actor to be used by the brand he voiced, to be used in all media. Since the voice actor gives his voice to the brand, he allows the use of his voice either for a certain period of time or indefinitely, with special agreements. The cost of the sound used during this period is called the stamp price. The stamp price may also vary according to the experience of the voice actor and the color of his voice. The stamp costs of the voice talents of the voice actors in the voice-over agency voice cast is an important issue in the selection of the voice-over agency. The feature that separates the voice-over agency from the dubbing agency; While commercials dubbing and other commercial recordings are made in the dubbing agency; Films, TV series and some translations that can be considered for commercial purposes are recorded. In this sense, a voice-over agency is an agency that offers more commercial services than a dubbing agency.

What is Dubbing and Studio Recording Services?

Dubbing is the vocalization of the text translated into a different language over the dialogues in the original language in motion pictures such as videos and movies that have been shot and prepared before. The dubbing technique is used in movies, video games or other types of media that have different sounds from the original language. Dubbing studios where dubbing is done are professional recording studios. These are the areas that offer the best possible sound and image with their technical equipment and design and take sound recordings.

Dubbing agencies are institutions that have the necessary technical and professional infrastructure for dubbing production and manage the recording processes. Among the agencies in the media production sector, there are agencies that provide voice-over and dubbing services, as well as agencies that focus on only one service. For dubbing projects, choosing an agency that specializes in this field is important. However, agency studios must have the technical equipment to provide professional recording services.

In this article, you can find detailed information about dubbing studio recording services and dubbing casting.

How Should a Successful Dubbing Recording Be?

It is possible to bring stories to life with dubbing services in foreign languages that you need for content such as TV, movies, animations, advertisements, and video games. Professional dubbing services allow the audience to interact with original content. It is important for successful dubbing recording services to make the content feel original with a well-prepared dubbing and that it feels natural to the audience. Translation of the video text is not enough for a perfect dubbing recording. It is necessary to adapt the content to cultural norms, to establish an emotional bond with the characters, and to record in a professional recording studio accompanied by a sound director.

How to Create a Dubbing Cast?

Voice and dubbing agencies create a list of voice actors for the dubbing cast to be evaluated for film and video projects. For a project to be realized, the dubbing cast is determined by the voice selection director making the appropriate voice choices for the character to be voiced. Cast is completed according to the number of characters in the project. A different voice dubbing for each character. In some cases, a voice actor can voice more than one character by changing his voice.

Creating the right dubbing cast is the golden rule of a successful dubbing project. After the selection is made from the sound bank, which includes professional sound artists who are experts in dubbing, rehearsal readings begin. After the rehearsals are completed, the voice director checks the harmony between the voice and the character. After approval for the appropriate voices, the dubbing recording process begins.

Dubbing Studios in Turkey

Professional agencies in the field of dubbing in Turkey are mainly located in Istanbul, followed by Izmir and Ankara, respectively. As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency located in Istanbul, we provide dubbing studio recording services for your projects with our sound bank and professional studios, and deliver your project as soon as possible. We provide high quality sound recording services with our professional artists and state-of-the-art equipment in our BiberSA Production, Voice Over and Dubbing Agency dubbing cast. We ensure that you receive all your requests for dubbing and studio recording services under one roof.

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