Best Documentary Voice Over Artists: 11 Turkish Documentary Voice Over Artists

Best Documentary Voice Over Artists: 11 Turkish Documentary Voice Over Artists

Best Documentary Voice Over Artists: 11 Turkish Documentary Voice Over Artists

Who are the best documentary voice actors behind the scenes in our country? In this article, we will include Turkey's best documentary voice actors. We have a shortage, we do not have more… We would like to introduce you to our 11 documentary voice actors, but we would like to inform you that this will not be our last article on documentary voice actors. We will open a separate title for our leading documentary voice actors such as Mazlum Kiper, which we would like to introduce to you!

With the development of the series and film industry, the number of productions that are released is constantly increasing. The intensity experienced in the vocalization area bdocumentary voiceover increases the need for artists even more. The most important part of a good documentary. documentary voice actors add a different dimension to the story they voice. The voice actors, whose main purpose is to make you feel the emotion on the stage, manage to touch the audience with their emphasis as well as their impressive voice.

According to the documentary genre, voice actors take on a new role. On the other hand, the documentary voice actor has a much more important role in the calmer documentary voice-overs. Nature documentary voiceover In his projects, it is of great importance that the voice of the artist precedes the music and effects. The mastery of the artist in nature documentary dubbing, in which natural sounds come to the fore, is very effective in the quality of the resulting work. Such an When the documentary voice cast and the experience of the staff are combined; You can see that a fluent, informative and convincing sound accompanies the video. 

Best documentary voice actors
Best documentary voice actors

TRT Documentary Voice Over Artists

TRT documentary channel, which broadcasts programs in documentary format, broadcasts in six different languages, bringing the audience together with domestic and foreign productions. Presenting documentary options on many topics together, TRT documentary voice actors manages to touch different languages. Well, who are the famous voice actors who give life to many documentaries on TRT with their voices? Here are the prominent voice actors of the TRT documentary;

  • Sacit Onan 
  • Sungun Babacan 
  • Nur Subasi 
  • Flame Sezer
  • Baris Ozgenc 
  • Gulen Karaman
  • Nuvit Candaner
  • Mucap Ofluoglu 

Nat Geo Wild Documentary Voiceover Who? 

Mazlum Kiper, who stands out with his TV series and film acting, is one of the names you often hear in documentary dubbing. Our documentary voice actor who voiced Net Geo Wild documentaries is also Mazlum Kiper!

Documentaries voiced by Mazlum Kiper and with his outstanding acting talent, YIt finds its place in long-running series such as Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Standing out with a loud voice  Mazlum Kiper TRT documentary voiceovers Although he is known for his work, he is among the voice actors who have given his voice to many movies. Documentary dubbing on TRT Mazlum Kiper is the person who brought the documentary “Perfect Balance” to life. 

The best documentary voice actor mazlum kiper
The best documentary voice actor mazlum kiper

Mazlum Kiper, a theater, cinema, series and dubbing artist Nat Geo Wild the owner of that famous voice that greets you at the documentary presentation. Mazlum Kiper, who is the voice actor of Nat Geo Wild, who presents documentaries on natural life and environment, manages to attract the attention of the audience with his voice. MAzlum Kiper TRT documentary and Nat Geo Wild, one of the famous voice actors who gave life to many documentaries. Combining years of experience with education Mazlum Kiper voiceovers and thanks to his acting, he allows the audience to watch a perfect Nat Geo Wild documentary. 

For more information about Mazlum Kiper Who is Mazlum Kiper Check out our content.

Top 11 Turkish Documentary Voice Over Artists

Our country, which has an important place in the field of documentary voiceover, stands out with Turkish voice actors in many domestic and foreign productions. Here are the top 11 Turkish voice actors; 

Tuncel Kurtiz, who enthroned the hearts with his voice 

Best documentary voice actors tuncel kurtiz

Tuncel Kurtiz, a Turkish cinema and theater actor, is one of the names who managed to lock the audience on the screen with his voice. The famous name, who makes a difference with his voice as well as his acting, is one of the most sought-after people in documentary dubbing. Tuncel Kurtiz He increased his awareness with the documentaries he voiced and the character of Ramiz in the Ezel TV series. We can list the documentaries voiced by the master actor who appeared in nature documentary dubbing as follows; 

  • Human Planet- Nature documentary 
  • Life: Life in the Deep - Nature documentary
  • Life: Plants - Nature documentary 
  • Arctic Circle: Life in the Freezer 
  • Life- Nature documentary 

Documentary Voiceover Artist Mesud Uz, Between Mankind Documentary and Unforgettable


Mesud Uz is one of the famous voices that stand out with his acting and voiceover art. It is possible to hear this name, which mostly performs the Turkish voice-overs of foreign documentaries, in many documentaries. You may have seen Mesud Uz, who appeared in nature documentaries, TV series and various cinema projects, on television screens recently. The documentary voice actor, who appeared before the audience with the role of "Zakaryan" in the TV series Payitaht Abdulhamid, attracted the attention of the audience. Well, for those who say which documentaries Mesud Uz gave life to with his voice, here is his answer; 

  • Mankind Documentary
  • Canakkale Hero Yahya Sergeant 
  • peacock 


A Voice We Know From Television Screens: Sacit Onan

Best documentary voice actors sacit onan

Sacit Onan, who we lost in 2010, is a voice you are familiar with from television screens and online channels. You may know Onan, who gives his voice to many movies and series broadcast on television screens, from the documentaries he voiced. In addition to acting and dubbing, there are also many films directed by Sacit Onan himself. The documentary “Sinop Historical Prison” is among the best works directed by Sacit Onan. Here are the domestic and foreign documentaries provided by Sacit Onan; 

  • Earth and Human
  • Life in Anatolia 
  • Coastal Looting 
  • Variations from the Black Sea 
  • Culture That Comes With Water 
  • Time Awakens in Asia 
  • Silk Road
  • Captain Cousteau
  • Warring World 
  • Sweat of the Felt
  • Song of the Euphrates
  • Aegean Documentary on the 75th Anniversary of the Republic
  • Beyoglu In Time 
  • Çanakkale A After-War Epic
  • Transformation 
  • On the Edge of Discovery 
  • Recent Witnesses 
  • The Song of the Rural Poor 


Voice and Dubbing Artist, aka “Voice Out”: Aydoğan Temel 

Best documentary voice actors: aydogan Temel

Aydoğan Temel has been dubbing for TV series, cartoons, movies, documentaries and commercials since 1983. The artist who voices the bad characters; He gave voice to names such as William Macy, John Malkovich, Gary Oldman, Kevin Spacey. The famous name, which you are familiar with from foreign TV series and commercials, has undertaken the dubbing of countless works so far. We can list the most important films that the famous voice actor gave his voice as follows;

  • Polar Bear ( Documentary) 
  • Sherlock Holmes: Shadow Games 
  • Puss in Boots
  • Our Mission is Danger 4 
  • Ice Age 4 
  • Snow White and the Hunter 
  • Hunger Games 
  • Jobs 
  • John Wick 
  • kingsman 
  • Resurrection
  • Spider-Man: In The Spider-Verse 

Artist, Trainer and Writer : Ahmet Şahin Aksoy 

Best documentary voice actors ahmet şahin aksoy

Ahmet Şahin Aksoy, known for his artist, trainer and writer identity, is one of the important voice actors on TRT. You can remember his voice from the documentary titled “Masterpiece on Canvas” broadcast on TRT 2. Ahmet Şahin Aksoy sheds light on the artists of the future by giving training on dubbing today. The programs performed by Ahmet Şahin Aksoy, who stands out with his writing and voiceover artistry, are as follows;

  • The Cuckoo - The Enemy In My Nest
  • Masterpiece on Canvas 
  • Namibian Documentary
  • Memorialized Canakkale (Program) 
  • Inside the Genocide (Program) 

An Artist Dedicated to Art with His Impressive Voice: Cihan Ünal 

The best documentary voice actors cihan unal

Cihan Ünal is in front of the audience with his theater directing and acting in TV series and films. Cihan Ünal, who started cinema in 1972 with the Fiddler on the Roof, continued with Hormuz with Seven Husbands in the following periods. Following these, she appeared in front of the audience with her roles in serials such as Bağdat Hatun and If the Woman Wants. Cihan Ünal, a voice actor, is among the famous names who bring documentaries to life with his voice. We can list the documentaries that the famous voice actor Cihan Ünal brought to life with his voice as follows;

  • Legendary Lions 
  • Loves of the Century 
  • Seferihisar Documentary
  • IV. Murat Manifesto 

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An Energetic, Joyful Voice: Tarkan Koç 

Tarkan coach best documentary voice actors

Tarkan Koç is the voice-over of Yemek Sepeti, one of the most watched television programs in recent years. After graduating from Mimar Sinan GSU State Conservatory Opera-Singing Department, Koç took part in theaters and musicals. Koç, who is closely interested in the art of voice acting, has appeared in foreign films and cartoons. voice actor serves as. The works brought to life by this famous voice are as follows; 

  • Bakugan - Drago 
  • Caillou – Grandpa 
  • Transformers Prime – Optimus Prime 
  • We Bare Bears- Yuri 
  • Code Name: London- Allan Trumbull
  • Operation Valkyrie - Eddie Izzard 

Dubbing and Voice Artist Known as Local Nicolas Gage: Uğur Taşdemir

Best documentary voice actors | ugur tasdemir 2

Uğur Taşdemir, who has voiced actor Nicolas Cage in more than 50 films, has been in this field since 1979. You may have seen Uğut Taşdemir as an actor in TV series that marked a period such as Valley of the Wolves, Doctors and Çiçek Taksi. The works of the famous name in the field of documentary voiceover are as follows;

  • Industrial Wars 
  • Water Wars
  • Faces of Sound (Program) 
  • Here That Sound (Program) 

Actress, Theater Actor and Voice-Over: Köksal Engür

The best documentary voice actors Köksal Engür

The famous name, who took his place in minds as the white-bearded grandfather of the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun, is Köksal Engür. Köksal Engür started his career journey by doing voiceovers in TRT programs. He acted in Ankara Community Center, Ankara Trial Stage, Çağdaş Sahne, Hodri Meydan Theatre, Dormen Theater and Küçük Sahne. Famous actor Engür was also the person who voiced the character of Squitward in the SpongeBob Square Shorts cartoon series. The most important works and roles of Köksal Engür, who stands out with his acting;

  • Redkit - Redkit 
  • Spongebob- Squitward
  • Sesame Street - Buddy
  • I Miss You Too - Köksal 
  • Five Brothers- Osman 
  • The Family of the Sun - Fikri Semsigil 
  • From Lip to Heart - Saib Pasha 

Artist Who Brings Documentary Life to Life with His Voice and Acting: Levent Dönmez

Levent Dönmez, the best documentary voice actors

Levent Dönmez, who participated in various amateur theater companies during his university years, took on the roles of acting and director there. He performed various plays at Istanbul Municipality City Theatres, Gülriz Sururi Engin Cezzar and Gönül Ülkü Gazanfer Özcan Theatres. Levent Dönmez also started the art of voice acting at the same time. The famous name, who has been doing film voiceovers for many years, has also made a name for himself with his documentary film works. The documentaries that Levent Dönmez brought to life with his voice and acting are as follows; 

  • Piri Reis and the Map of America 
  • Planet Earth- Earth Documentary 
  • Müzeyyen Screenplay Documentary 
  • The Balkans and Beyond 1968 

Called Name of History TV Series and Documentaries: Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu

Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu, the best documentary voice actors

Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu appears before you as an actor, lawyer and writer. Yenişehirlioğlu, his novels and Payitaht Abdulhamid He is known for his role in the series. You can often see Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu, who is better known for his written works, on TRT screens. We can list the works of Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu as follows;

  • Barbaroslar (TV series) 
  • Payitaht Abdulhamid (TV series) 
  • Specially: The Seal of the Century (Movie) 
  • Hürkuş: Hero in the Sky (Movie) 
  • Resistance Karatay (Movie) 
  • Love Is On The Bird's Wing (TV series) 
  • Seven Beautiful Men (TV series) 

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