Announcer and Presenter is Now a Profession

Announcer and Presenter is Now a Profession

Speaker and presenter; It is one of the professions that are frequently mentioned in the media sector, and that many people dream of, especially with the start of television broadcasting. For those who are determined to follow this dream, education conditions are variable. Although there are no 4-year faculties in this field in Turkey, radio and television announcers and presenters typically, along with other experience gained through internships or working in their college's radio or television; they need a bachelor's degree in journalism, broadcasting or communications. Apart from these, recently private speaker and presenter courses approved by the Ministry of National Education have been opened. After the training to be taken from these courses, it is possible to step into the profession. However, it should not be forgotten that any theoretical knowledge that is not done in front of the camera and microphone will not work. For this reason, people in the TV and radio world need to go through an apprenticeship and improve themselves.

We are talking about two different professions as announcer and presenter, but these professions can be used interchangeably among the public and are seen as the same profession. Yes, the work done is apparently the same, but when we examine it theoretically, they are separated from each other. Then, if we take a look at the definitions of professions;

Announcer; the text given to him during the presentation to the audience or listener; It is the person who reads without leaving the text, without adding any comments. However, during this reading, he uses a body language, emphasis and intonation suitable for the text, and turns his work out of the text reading into a natural expression. Thus, he gets out of the boringness and monotony of reading with a straight expression and makes an interesting and reassuring news presentation.

Announcers, radio announcers and television announcers divided into two groups.

General Duties of Speakers;

  • It examines the newsletters to be submitted in advance.
  • It determines where the correct emphasis and intonation will be made in the preliminary examination to be made in the news text.
  • Learns the correct pronunciation of foreign words written in news texts.


Server; presents by adding his own interpretation to his presentation and this difference is It is the most important feature that distinguishes the presenter from the announcer.

The working areas of the presenters are wider than the announcers. It offers music, talk shows, podcasts, news and sports, and guests can provide their own commentary on important topics and interview them. Some of them also host at weddings, parties or clubs, meetings, forums, special nights, awards ceremonies, festivals, and their important duties in this organization are; their upcoming actions, telling the program content and guiding the audience through the organization. In organizations such as forums, panels, open sessions, there can also be a program manager called a "moderator". Since the role of the moderator is similar to the presenter, a program can include only a presenter or a moderator, or both, depending on the preference of the organizing institutions. If we make the job description of the moderator; we can say that it is responsible for determining the program content, directing the discussion and conducting it in an interactive dialogue. In addition, the moderator analyzes the topics discussed throughout the program, presents information in a summary form and poses questions to the relevant people.


Let's examine the tasks of the server through examples;

For example; If there are narrators and spectators in the presenter's program and there will be questions and answers between the narrators and the audience, the presenter's task is to allow the narrator and the audience to express themselves as equally as possible.

We can give another example through TV panel discussions; The presenter should have a good command of the atmosphere in such debate programs, should be able to soften the comments when contradictory and increasingly harsh comments begin to be made, and should be able to bring the main topic to the center of the program if the course of the subject goes beyond the program.

When we look at the duties of the presenter, we realize that he plays a more active role in the program he offers. Therefore, it is very important for a presenter or presenter candidate to constantly renew, develop and improvise according to the content of the program.

With these explanations, we hope that the difference between being an announcer and a presenter will be understood more clearly. In line with the needs you have determined, you can benefit from the announcer and presenter service we provide for special nights and programs within BiberSA Production.

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