Who is Mazlum Kiper: Documentary Voiceover Artist, Actor, Voiceover Artist

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Who is Mazlum Kiper: Documentary Voiceover Artist, Actor, Voiceover Artist

The private life and art life of Mazlum Kiper, who is in the background of many documentaries and in front of the screen, is one of the most curious subjects. He has voiced the world's most watched movies such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Who is Mazlum Kiper??.

Born on August 28, 1946, the master player has taken part in different branches with his acting since a young age. Mazlum Kiper, a master theater, film actor and sound artist, left the institution where he had been acting for a long time in 1969 and drew a new path for himself. In order to improve himself in his art, Kiper received theater, acting and directing training in Sweden and made a name for himself with his acting.. Mazlum Kiper, who founded theater groups in Sweden; After these studies, he has become one of the sought-after faces of theatre, cinema, television and advertising. 

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The famous artist, who returned to our country from abroad in 1986, was promoted to the position of general art director of the theater in 2005, after playing for many years at the Istanbul City Theatre. In addition to acting and directing Mazlum Kiper voice He met with the audience by taking part in the dubbing of many projects. Mazlum Kiper is a documentary in the trailers of National Geographic Channel and National Geographic Channel Wild, which locked the audience on the screen for a period. He left a mark as a voice actor. even today documentary voice-over Mazlum Kiper is two concepts that are mentioned together.

Mazlum Kiper, who always aims to develop his successful art life, made his way to the world of TV series in 2004. Kiper took part in the cast of the TV series "Foreign Groom" and gave life to the character of Greek father Stavro Angelopoulos. 

As a Voiceover Artist Who is Mazlum Kiper?

Following in the footsteps of his actor father Müfit Kiper, Mazlum Kiper started his voice acting career by chance. Kiper, who started to experiment after family friend Sacide Hanım said, "Why don't you do a voiceover", has been continuing her work in this field since 1964. Expressing that he likes to voice over documentaries the most, Kiper is also frequently involved in dubbing, especially in the Turkish dubbing of foreign films. Mazlum Kiper, who has continued his artistic life as a whole including vocalization since the day he started, preserves his place in the memories by giving life to various works in many fields. Being a good voice actor, Kiper is one of the most popular movies and movies today. in the voice cast of documentaries Emerges. 

Mazlum Kiper, who voiced İzzet Günay in the Aşka Exile series, which left its mark on a period, manages to convey the character to the audience by experiencing it. Mazlum Kiper is among the best Turkish dubbing artists as well as being a voice actor. 

The famous artist, who is one of the sought-after names of Turkish voice-over works, manages to combine his outstanding acting skills with his voice-over work. Kiper's success is frequently seen in remarkable films such as Avatar, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. Mazlum Kiper's voice-over art is not limited to TV series and movies. Famous voice actor Mazlum Kiper has been voicing the character of Goofy for more than twenty years in the Goofy cartoon, which began airing in the 1980s. Here are the prominent movie voiceovers of the famous voice actor Mazlum Kiper;

  • Avatar – Legend of Korra Zaheer
  • Ghost Rider – Carter Slade
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Joshamee Gibbs
  • Star Wars – Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Harry Potter Series – Hagrid
  • The Lord of the Rings – Saruman
  • SpongeBob – Mr. Crab
  • Goofy- Goofy 
  • Gang of Wizards - Morgan Freeman 

Who is Mazlum Kiper as a Documentary Voiceover Artist?

Mazlum Kiper documentaries National Geographic channel and documentaries are the first thing that comes to mind when we think about it.. Kiper, who takes part in the dubbing and promotion of many documentaries on this channel, makes you feel like you are in nature with his voiceovers. Mazlum Kiper, who took his place in the memories with his Nat Geo voiceover, gives life to the information focusing on animals and natural life with his voice in this documentary.

Mazlum Kiper documentary He is a name that has managed to carry his reputation outside of Turkey with his voice-over works. Performing various voiceovers for Germany and Turkey, Kiper gave voice to many documentaries for the National Geographic Channel. The only voice actor who speaks the most documentaries in Turkey, Kiper is also famous for his documentary voice-overs in different languages. At the same time, we see that Morgan Freeman voices Freeman in his documentary titled “Secrets of the Universe Beyond the Beginning”. 

Expressing that he learned a lot while performing documentary voice-overs, Kiper is mostly known for his work in TRT Belgesel. In recent years Mazlum Kiper TRT Documentary “Perfect Balance” broadcast on the “Civilization ExplorersIt appears in the voiceover of the program called ”.  In the documentary Perfect Balance, which explores the essential part of life, oxygen, we witness how Mazlum Kiper brings the natural life issues to life. We can list the most famous documentaries that we heard the voice of documentary voice actor Mazlum Kiper as follows; 

  • Nat Geo Wild 
  • Last Collectors
  • Perfect Balance 
  • Secrets of the Universe 

Mazlum Kiper as Actor Who is Mazlum Kiper?

TV series starring Mazlum Kiper and one of the rare names that draws the attention of the audience with the characters he voices in TV series. He first appeared on the screen as a TV actor in the TV series "Foreign Groom", which was broadcast between 2004 and 2007. We can list the most important productions and roles of Mazlum Kiper, who has been in the cast of many TV series, as follows; 

  • Foreign groom: Kiper plays the leading roles in this series, which is about the love of Nazlı, the daughter of Gaziantep baklava master Kahraman, and the Greek Niko. Mazlum Kiper plays the role of the father of the Greek character Niko in this series.
  • Sahara: The Sahra series, which locked the audience on the screen for a while, was a revenge series involving love, intrigue, betrayal and jealousy. Mazlum Kiper played the character of legal counsel İlhan in the Sahra series.
  • Love Requires Labor: This series is about the unexpected events that happen to the young and spoiled son of a famous businessman. In the TV series Love Wants, in which Mazlum Kiper is also in the cast, the spoiled Demir character starts to work as a worker, not a boss, at his father's workplace. Mazlum Kiper gives life to the character of Hikmet, Demir's rich father.
  • Gemini Memocan: In this series, the events of the brothers Memo and Can, who were separated when they were babies, are presented to the audience with an entertaining narrative. Mazlum Kiper appears as Mümtaz, the grandfather of the character Can, who grew up in a wealthy family, in the Gemini series Memocan.
  • Henna Snow: Kınalı Snow series, which left its mark on a period, brings the struggle-filled love adventure of Nazar, who lives in the village, and the rich Ali Yılmaz character to the screens. Ali Yılmaz is a character who works in his father Müfit's company and ends up in Nazar's village by chance. Mazlum Kiper is the name that gives life to the character of Ali Yılmaz's father, Müfit. 

Mazlum Kiper Contact

Mazlum Kiper, who managed to voice an event and phenomenon in the best way, has been one of the sought-after names of documentary dubbing works for many years. Performing the voice-over process in a plain, simple and fluent way, Kiper appears in many projects as well as documentaries. Mazlum Kiper also gives life to commercials with his full and fluent voice. Mazlum Kiper voice He is accepted by the authorities as the best bass baritone documentary voice in Turkey.

Famous voice actor Kiper has been participating in documentary dubbing, commercial dubbing and dubbing for a long time at Bibersa Production, where Turkey's most famous documentary voice actors are present. Mazlum Kiper, one of the artists who best reflects the spirit of documentary, gives life to many projects besides documentaries with his voice at BiberSA Production. Kiper, who took the microphone at BiberSA Production, also speaks English at a very good level and gives English voiceovers.

Mazlum Kiper continues its English and Turkish Voice Over works within BiberSA Production, which works integrated with the world with its documentary voice-over service. famous voice actor Mazlum Kiper contact and to access demo works BiberSA Production website or BiberSA Youtube You can visit the channel.

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