Creating a Voice Dubbing Cast

Voice Over In the dubbing industry, it is not possible to read a text as if it were prose. You need to convey the spirit of each word to the listener. When you think about it, it will never be convincing for the listener to read a sad expression in the text with a cheerful or harsh tone.

In voice-over, readings can be made in a more original way and recordings can be made in different versions. However, the difference in dubbing is that the artists have to imitate the play of the characters on the screen, and of course it is impossible to get away from the spirit of the words in the text while doing this. When viewed in detail in this way, the importance of professional difficulty and the required experience is probably even clearer. Therefore, it is important for agencies to choose the talents that will meet these necessary conditions when creating a voice cast.

Voice and dubbing studios; While selecting the voice to create a dubbing cast for film or video projects, the dubbing cast is created with the voice selection of the voice-over director suitable for the character to be spoken. In the voice dubbing cast, which is determined by the number of characters, each character can be voiced by different people, and sometimes the same person can voice several characters by changing their voice.

The creation of the voice dubbing cast starts with the appropriate rehearsals for each voice by choosing from the voice bank of the voice-over agency. At the end of the rehearsals, the voice director checks whether the voice is suitable for the characters. After the approvals for the appropriate sounds, the recording process can be started.

We started our words by talking about acting as the main feature sought in dubbing. For this reason, the voice actors who will take part in the dubbing cast team will consist of people with theatrical talent. Afterwards, the artists give life to the character by reading the lines that are suitable for the voices of the characters in the best way.

Voice Dubbing Cast

The voice dubbing cast is selected from the voice bank or the voice-over staff of the voice-over agency, and rehearsals are made for each voice. At the end of the rehearsals, the voice director checks whether the voice is suitable for the characters. As the decision is not always with the voice director, the voice actor chosen for the voice dubbing cast also sometimes has this saving.

The voice actors and talents in the dubbing cast team are people with theatrical talent. They bring the character back to life by making the best lines suitable for the voices of the characters.

BiberSA Production, which provides services with its professional team for creating dubbing casts for movies, TV series, promotional films or commercials, is located in Istanbul Ortaklar cad. He continues to work in the dubbing studio.

Voice Dubbing Cast Applications

BiberSA Prodüksiyon insan kaynaklarına gelen seslendirme cast başvurularındaki profillere yönelik yapılan istatistiklere göre, %78’lik kısım hiçbir eğitim almayan ve yeteneği olduğuna inanan kişiler tarafından, %10’luk kısım gerçekten yetenekli ancak hiçbir eğitim almamış kişiler tarafından ve sadece %12’lik kısım gerçek yetenek ve eğitim kriterlerini birleştirmiş kişiler tarafından yapılmaktadır. Bu demek oluyor ki, dublaj ajansına yapılan başvurular piyasa şartlarında faal olarak çalışabilecek dublaj sanatçılarının oranının % 12 düzeyinde olduğudur.

For aspiring artists who are interested in dubbing, we can say that in addition to having the skill to register with agencies, you also need to have some experience in this field. So what should candidates with no experience but really talented do? if you say. Our suggestion for you is, in addition to participating in MEB-approved certificate programs, going to a dubbing studio and saying "I just want to watch what's going on." You may have an offer. If you are accepted, you can watch the dubbing production processes as long as the dubbing agencies allow.

Is it possible to become a dubbing artist by watching? Yeah ! The first step to becoming a dubbing artist is to be in the kitchen first. Watching will allow you to see the cooking process in the kitchen in all its steps. The rest is up to your personal effort.

BiberSA Production voice-over and dubbing agency, which provides dubbing studio recording services in Istanbul, not only prepares your dubbing projects in a short time, but also creates a good cast and includes you among satisfied customers.

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