How to Prepare a Professional Promotional Film?

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How to Prepare a Professional Promotional Film?

While media channels continue to grow and diversify in today's world, brands and companies need to be more impressive in order to promote themselves and reach their customers and potential customers. Research in recent years has also shown that videos make up a large portion of online traffic. In the light of these data, promotional films prepared for the purpose are of great importance for brands and companies to provide more traffic and sales. The promotional film serves this purpose in the shortest and most economical way. So, how is the promotional film prepared? How long does it take to prepare a promotional film? What are the sources we will apply to prepare a promotional film?

What is the Promotional Film?

Video production works, which are prepared to increase awareness in the promotion of a company, institution, person or product, to show works in domestic and global areas, and to ensure that a new project reaches large audiences in detail, are called promotional film video or promotional film.

Promotional film is a kind of brand identity as it is a short film prepared to inform and promote a product, service, organization, event or any subject. Promotional films are generally used for advertising or marketing activities and encourage viewers to know more about the product or service and to purchase.

Promotional films present the features, benefits, operation, usage, pricing and other important information of the product to the audience. These films are made creatively and effectively to help market the product or service properly and to engage target audiences.

It can be used in promotional films, television advertisements, internet advertisements, social media campaigns, fairs, events, meetings and many other platforms. These films provide a visual experience to the audience and are an effective tool for promoting brands, products or services.

Thanks to all these functions, we can say that the promotional film is the best way to express oneself for a brand, company or project. So how to make a professional promotional film? With which steps can a successful promotional film be made?

How to Prepare a Professional Promotional Film: Stages

The key to creating effective video content is to provide a clear and effective video summary. The brief to be shared with the agency to cooperate ensures that the client and the agency work towards the same goal. The video brief to be given to the agency should include specific information. The reason for the promotional video request, the purpose of the video content, the target audience, what is wanted to be told in the video, in which media channels the video will be shown, budget and project delivery date information should be shared.

In order to prepare a professional promotional film, the following general steps are followed by professional agencies or productions:

  1. Know and Define the Audience You Want to Reach: First, you need to define your target audience. Determine what age range, which region, and which interests you want to appeal to.
  2. Determine Your Message or Emotion You Want to Give: Identify the message you want to convey in your promotional film. Highlight the features, advantages, or differences of the product or service.
  3. Scenario Stage Most Important Stage: One of the most important stages of filmmaking is scriptwriting. The script lets you decide what will happen in your movie, what footage will be used, and how the story will be told.
  4. Find a Professional Team or Work with a Professional Agency: Find a professional team to produce your movie. You may need to work with people from many different specialties, such as screenwriters, directors, cameramen, lighting technicians, sound engineers and actors.
  5. Location Selection Reflects Your Brand: Choose a suitable location for the promotional film. You can have different options such as indoor, outdoor or studio environment.
  6. Camera Shots: When taking camera shots, pay attention to lighting and camera angles. Use a professional camera to get a better view.
  7. The Most Important Step for Preparing a Sound and Music Promotional Film: Sound and music choices to be used in the movie are very important. Use appropriate music and sound effects for the purpose of the movie.
  8. Post-Production: After the shooting is completed, the post-production phase begins. Work is done at this stage to add editing, color editing, sound editing, and other effects.
  9. Distribution, Publishing: When the movie is ready, make a distribution plan. You can publish your promotional film on different platforms such as the Internet, television, cinema or fairs.

As a result, a correct scenario, suitable location, quality shooting equipment and a professional team are required to prepare a professional promotional film. When your movie is presented appropriately to your target audience, it will be an effective tool to promote your brand or product.

Preparing a promotional film in a nutshell: In line with the brief sharing, the scenario of the promotional film video containing the message and story of the product, service or brand is written. After the completion of the script, the location and plans that will be included in the video – if necessary, the cast team – are determined. Depending on the project length and budget, a promotional video video is shot between 1-7 working days. After the completion of the shooting, the production team makes the necessary arrangements during the assembly and completes the works such as after effect designs, logo designs, subtitles and animation. After the assembly, when the promotional film is ready, it is shared with the customer, if necessary, revisions are made and presented to the customer again.

At this point, BiberSA Production Voiceover and Dubbing Agency We bring our experience and experience together with creative ideas and turn our ideas into remarkable and high quality promotional video videos. With our professional production team, we prepare content that makes a difference by combining our imagination and insight in line with your brief and budget. We produce engaging promotional video videos for your business and brand that engage your audience. Your voiceover director We carefully follow all the promotional film vocalization stages.

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