How to Prepare a Professional Promotional Film?

While media channels continue to grow and diversify in today's world, brands and companies need to be more impressive in order to promote themselves and reach their customers and potential customers. Research in recent years has also shown that videos make up a large portion of online traffic. In the light of these data, promotional films prepared for the purpose are of great importance for brands and companies to provide more traffic and sales.

What is the Promotional Film?

Video production works, which are prepared to increase awareness in the promotion of a company, institution, person or product, to show works in domestic and global areas, and to ensure that a new project reaches large audiences in detail, are called promotional film video or promotional film. Promotional films have an effective power for brands to reach their customers and company employees. The promotional film can be used for different channels such as television broadcasting, social media or for internal information purposes. “How is a promotional film made?” You can find the answer to the question in detail below.

Brief Preparation

The key to creating effective video content is to provide a clear and effective video summary. The brief to be shared with the agency to cooperate ensures that the client and the agency work towards the same goal. The video brief to be given to the agency should include specific information. The reason for the promotional video request, the purpose of the video content, the target audience, what is wanted to be told in the video, in which media channels the video will be shown, budget and project delivery date information should be shared.

How to Make a Promotional Film?

In line with the brief sharing, the scenario of the promotional film video containing the message and story of the product, service or brand is written. After the completion of the script, the location and plans that will be included in the video – if necessary, the cast team – are determined. Depending on the project length and budget, a promotional video video is shot between 1-7 working days. After the completion of the shooting, the production team makes the necessary arrangements during the assembly and completes the works such as after effect designs, logo designs, subtitles and animation. After the assembly, when the promotional film is ready, it is shared with the customer, if necessary, revisions are made and presented to the customer again.

At this point, as BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we bring our experience and experience together with creative ideas and turn our ideas into remarkable and high quality promotional video videos. With our professional production team, we prepare content that makes a difference by combining our imagination and insight in line with your brief and budget. We produce engaging promotional video videos for your business and brand that engage your audience.

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