Sign Language Presentation and Greenbox

Sign Language Presentation

Sign Language Presentation and Greenbox

The quality of voice-over services affects the success of the products and the experience of the audience. However, when we consider that not everyone has the same ability to hear, it turns out that the hearing impaired cannot benefit from the voice-over and dubbing services sufficiently.

Therefore, sign language presentation or presentations are very important in this sector. Sign language presentation is a visual presentation method that can be understood by hearing impaired people.. In this way, it is possible for the hearing impaired to take full advantage of movies, TV series, animations, games, commercials and documentaries. Sign language presentations enable the services in the sector to appeal to a wider audience and enrich the media experiences of the hearing impaired.

Let Your Video Productions Reach Everyone with Sign Language Presentation!

In the media production sector, many production companies, agencies, freelancers produce video content. These video contents prepared for the brand, service and product are watched and understood by the media audience. The audience, who does not follow the television channel, follows these video contents from social media and other channels. There is a substantial audience that does not follow the media at all. A group that follows the media but has difficulty in understanding is the hearing impaired.

Hearing impaired people can communicate with each other and

We can define the question of what is sign language as a visual language that enables hearing impaired people to communicate. However, we must not forget that the hearing impaired must not only communicate, but also take full advantage of video productions. Sign language presentations for the hearing impaired, when incorporated into video productions, allow the hearing impaired to take full advantage of these products. More precisely, in the digital world, in the 21st century where everything is managed by mobile phones, we should not forget that there are deaf individuals, and we need to think about them in video productions.

Sign language means understanding and collaborating with the hardships of the deaf, it's a kind of social responsibility and a good way to increase the impact of video productions. Also, enabling the deaf to understand video productions provides access to a wider audience. It is necessary to open up this wide audience a little.

As of 2023, there is no official statistics on how many hearing-impaired people are in Turkey. However, by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) In a study conducted in 2019, it was stated that the hearing impaired population in Turkey is %2,3. According to this ratio, it is estimated that the deaf population in Turkey in 2023 is approximately 1.9 million. sign language voiceover  yIts service will be sufficient to appeal to a population of approximately 2 million, because communication is freedom and everyone's right.

Communication is Freedom: Keep Your Videos Free with Sign Language Presentation!

Access to information is freedom for all individuals. sign language voiceover Reminding that the primary purpose of its services is that the hearing impaired are a part of the consumption culture like all other individuals; to make advertisements and promotions, which are the communication tools of this culture, accessible. Thus, we will provide a new target audience to the consumption culture. 

It is a known fact that hearing impaired individuals have difficulty in communicating because they have little or no hearing; however, this does not mean that communication will not be established. For this reason, sign language is used for hearing impaired individuals to communicate. However, adding sign language presentation to video productions ensures the right of deaf individuals not only to communicate, but also to live in an inclusive society. Why should we include sign language presentation in our videos for deaf individuals who are also a consumer group?

  1. freedom of communicationü: Sign language presentation allows hearing impaired individuals to watch videos and take full advantage of the content. In this way, the freedom of communication of hearing-impaired individuals is respected.
  2. Inclusivity: Sign language presentation is beneficial not only for hearing impaired individuals, but also for everyone. For example, in a noisy environment or for an audience in another language, a sign language presentation can help the video to be understood.
  3. Social responsibility: Sign language presentation helps hearing-impaired individuals to take part in society in a more inclusive way. Therefore, adding a sign language presentation to your videos helps you fulfill your social responsibility.
  4. Competitive advantage: Adding a sign language presentation to your videos can give you a competitive advantage, as the number of hearing-impaired individuals is huge. In this way, you can increase the awareness of your brand by appealing to more audiences.
  5. Legal requirement: In some countries, it is a legal requirement to include a sign language presentation in videos to protect the rights of people with hearing impairments. That's why it's important to add sign language presentation to make your videos comply with legal requirements. In foreign language voice-over services, as BiberSA Production, we provide you with detailed information on this subject.

As a result, adding sign language presentation to your videos is extremely important to ensure freedom of communication, increase inclusion, fulfill your social responsibility, provide competitive advantage and meet legal requirements.

Raise Awareness for Your Videos with Sign Language Presentation!

With this project, which increased the visibility of Turkish Sign Language with advertisements and promotional films, raise awareness through the language used by the hearing impaired regarding their existence in society.

In Turkey TUIK According to the data, there are 3 million hearing-impaired people living in the environment. If you are one of those who think that your video content should be followed by these 3 million hearing-impaired people and included in the target audience, we have great news for you. Within the body of BiberSA Production, voice-over and dubbing agency. Turkish sign language artists It translates your videos into sign language. Then it records simultaneously with the video in front of the greenbox and delivers it so you can add it to the lower right or left corner of the video.

There are 6 different artists within the agency. You have the right to choose the one you want from these 6 different artists. It is worth remembering that we are very few agencies offering this service in Turkey. Sign language voice-over service is the most  production companies, directors, agencies prefer to use it in content such as promotional films, commercials, video clips, e-learning videos.

Sign language translation means the adaptation process of the text of a video prepared in Turkish, which corresponds to the movement in sign language. Translation is done as a body language rather than a textual translation. We call this process sign language translation. It has become almost mandatory for the video contents to be understood by these 3 million hearing-impaired audiences living in Turkey. BiberSA Production is one of the leading institutions that provide serious service in this regard. For an average of 60 minutes of video content, the total time, including sign language translation and greenbox shots, is one working day in the process of placing the sign language voice actor in the lower left or lower right part of your videos as you see fit.

Undoubtedly, it is very important that the video content, which is prepared with a lot of effort and high costs, reaches the entire target audience without loss. We are talking about a population of three million who are not small at all, and this number is increasing. This important detail about the sign language voice-over service may be instrumental in reaching many lost audiences that we could not foresee.

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