Corporate Voiceover Artists

Corporate Voiceover Artists

We see and hear the advertisements of many brands, products and services in advertising belts on television, social media and radio. A lot of commercials and announcements revealing the difference of brand products and services with different scenarios and recipes. Each institution writes different advertising scenarios for their brand, product and service. One of the most difficult processes for advertising scenarios is who should be the voice of this scenario? Choosing a voice actor is as difficult as producing the ad script and idea. Which of the hundreds of voices will give a proper voice to the written advertisement scenario. This brand will represent the product or service in television, social media and radio advertisements. In this regard, it seems very difficult to listen to the voice actors in the voice bank of the voice-over agencies and choose the voice that will give a voice to your advertisement scenario among hundreds of voices. This is where the concept of corporate voice comes into play. Corporate voice; means the voice identified with the brand, product and service. For example, Ali Poyrazoğlu sang Turkcell commercials for a certain period of time. Ali Poyrazoğlu was the corporate voice of Turkcell. Of course, while this situation provided the brand awareness in the long term, it caused the voice actor to appreciate the stamp price. There are hundreds of examples like this that we have heard in the media. Even if we don't know the names of most voice actors, we have ear familiarity.


What should be considered when choosing corporate voice?

Your brand, product or service establishes contact with the target audience through various channels. for example promotion film or if you have a commercial, you will contact your target audience on television and social media. You contact with switchboard announcements at your telephone exchange, and with radio advertisements on the radio medium. Who should be the voice you contact, aka your corporate voice? Why is this so important? Because the stability of corporate content such as voice over, logo, jingle is very important in brand awareness. Announcing your brand, product and service consistently with the same logo, same sound, same jingle has achieved lasting successful results in human memory in the past. Therefore, you only benefit from a tried and tested experience. Professionals should undoubtedly be consulted in the selection of corporate voice and voice over agencies ile bu konu istişare edilmeli. Örneğin senaryo biraz espri içeriyor ise o espriyi dinleyiciye aktaracak bir seslendirme sanatçısı tercih edilmeli. Şüphesiz bu noktada bütçe hiç önemli değildir. Ses bankasından senaryonuza en uygun ses tonu tercih edilmeli. Türkiye’de şirketlerin %54 lük bir kısmı ses rengi olarak bas ve bariton sesleri tercih ediyor. Bazı ajanslarda bu sesin karşılığı tok sesler olarak karşılık buluyor. Geri kalan %27’lik kısım tenor sesleri tercih ederken, %19’luk kısım ise soprano, mezzo soprano ve alto sesleri kurumsal ses olarak tercih ediyor*.


How are corporate sound stamps determined?

professionally in Turkey. dubbing and it is thought that there are about three thousand people engaged in the dubbing business**. Of course, not all of these sounds are famous and subject to stamps. We have covered this issue in our previous articles about the stamp price. A familiar sound has a stamp price. The stamp price is proportional to the popularity of the voice actor, in other words, to his fame. So, which brand, product and service did this voice actor give voice to in the media? It's not enough to give once. We've heard and become familiar with it many times, so this should be the preferred sound to suffice. While the agency they are affiliated with determines the stamp price of some voices, some voices can determine the stamp price themselves. While determining the stamp price, parameters such as the length of the text and how long the advertisement will be published in which channels play an important role.

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*This research was carried out at BiberSA Production Voice Over Dubbing Agency, taking into account the statistics between 2017-2019.

**This research was carried out by taking into account the statistics obtained from the voice-over agencies registered to the chambers of vocation and commerce and the voice-over artists registered to the dubbing studios.

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