What Does Voice Over Services Cover?

What Does Voice Over Services Cover?

What Does Voice Over Services Cover?

Most television commercials, telephone menu options, radio announcements, and movies you see are actually a product of voiceover services. Before answering the question of what does voice-over services cover in the media production sector, it is useful to briefly describe the concepts of voice-over and dubbing.

Dubbing is an off-camera technique in which a recorded sound is placed over the production. It is the addition of sound that tells a story or explanation of events in audiovisual material. It can be summarized as giving a voice to the scenario prepared for the promotion of your brand and product. Professional voice-overs are used in different areas such as dialogue, animation, video productions.

Dubbing, on the other hand, is the vocalization of the speech of people appearing in the audio-visual material. It is expressed as giving voice to each character in television series and movies. While dubbing gives voice to a product, service and brand, dubbing gives voice to a character. While dubbing takes on the role of the narrator, this difference is noticed by the listener, but this difference is not understood in dubbing.

For both fields Voice Bank Voice actors or microphone players are selected over the The dubbing cast of the project is completed with the selected voice actors or dubbing artists. So when are these steps taken? What does voice-over services cover?

What Does the Voice Over Services Covered in Seven Main Titles?

In fact, we give the answer to the question of what does voice-over services cover as a general service scope. The projects where the voice-over service is indispensable are:

  • Advertising and promotional film
  • Welcome announcements, switchboard voices for IVR or cloud system
  • Audiobook used in education and literature
  • Documentaries broadcasted in various media
  • Announcements made in areas such as stores and subways
  • News prepared for TV and radio broadcasts
  • Projects that have to be prepared in a foreign language for global projects

According to all these, the details of the question of what the voice-over services cover are as follows:

Advertising voice-over

The voice-over used for advertisements is considered an industry in itself. The vocalization of the advertisement text in the studio environment for promotional films and radio advertisements is called "advertising voiceover". In these contents prepared to be broadcast on visual and auditory channels such as television, radio, cinema, social media channels, closed-circuit systems, advertising voiceover promotes the brand, product or service. In order for the advertisement scenarios, which consist of short texts that give the message clearly, to be convincing and impressive, it is important that the advertising voice actor appeals to the target audience with the right tone and pronunciation.

For more detailed information about advertising voiceover services Advertising Voice Over Service access by clicking the link.

Central Voice (IVR or Announcement Voice)

The voice-over services recorded for routing and answering calls work by uploading the voice recording to devices such as telephone exchanges, answering machines, IVR. Switchboard voice-over services, which are the sought-after service in commercial and social communication, are professional audio recordings that enable the right person or department to be reached in the fastest way. The texts read by the voice actors in the professional voice-over studio are then uploaded to the system where the recording will be used. In daily use, the correct equivalent of all services described as telephone welcome sound, switchboard announcement, ivr voiceover in the media production sector is switchboard voiceover.

For more detailed information about central voiceover services Central Voice Over Service access by clicking the link.

Book Audio (Audio Book)

The demand for audiobooks has increased rapidly in recent years, thanks to smartphones and developing applications. Audio recording of all works and works prepared for education, information, hobby purposes and published in a professional studio environment is called book vocalization. In the book voice-over service, the voice actor makes 50-100 pages of voice-overs every day. Unlike other voice-over services, book voice-over pricing is calculated by page, word count and artist stamp price. At the beginning of the items to be considered in the book voice recording are serial and error-free vocalization, correct emphasis, and correct transfer of emotion.

For more detailed information about book voiceover services Book Voiceover Service access by clicking the link.

Documentary Voice Over

Documentary work requires not only a great shot but also a great sound. The processing of documentary texts by a professional voice actor in the studio in accordance with the concept of the documentary is called 'documentary dubbing'. Documentary voice-over helps to communicate the script effectively. With the proliferation of domestic and foreign documentary channels, the demands for documentary voice-overs are increasing. Documentary voice-over services are provided by professional voice-over agencies and dubbing studios.

For more detailed information about documentary voice-over services. Documentary Voice Over Service access by clicking the link.

Announcement Voice Over

Texts voiced for information, promotion, campaign, warning and advertisement purposes are expressed as announcement voiceovers. Announcements heard every day in all closed-circuit broadcasting areas such as stores, airports, trains, subways, and elevators are voiced by voice actors in professional studios. Announcements are recorded with clear and precise expressions in a way that the audience can understand.

For more detailed information about announcement voiceover services. Announcement Voice Over Service access by clicking the link.

News Voice Over

News dubbing is the vocalization of the texts prepared to follow the agenda in the news channels broadcasting on television, radio and digital media. The texts communicated by the reporters and copywriters are voiced in the studio environment. The news texts prepared for informational purposes are called perforated texts, and the voiceover of the texts is called news vocalization or perforated vocalization. In the field of news voiceover, a news presenter or voice actor who has command of the language of the journalism industry is preferred.

News voiceover services For more detailed information, click on the News Voice Over Service link.

Foreign Language Voice Over

For many movies, web videos, corporate trailers, computer games, language is essential to bring together music, content and atmosphere. It is enough to compare the dubbed version of a movie with the original to understand how important the right sound is in foreign language dubbing. Foreign language voice-over stands out as an area that attracts attention and demand is increasing among voice-over services. It is also of great importance to reach artists who have a command of grammar and accent for the foreign language to be voiced.

Most needed in Turkey English voice over, German voiceover, Arabic voice over, Spanish voice over, French voiceover, Italian voice-over, Chinese voice-over, Russian voice-over alternatives, and as BiberSA Production Voice-Over and Dubbing Agency, we become a solution partner in your projects with a foreign-language voice-over category. Another important detail in foreign language voice-over services is the necessity of text translation and subtitle services. We provide free translation support for texts up to 1000 words, breaking new ground in this regard in Turkey.

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