Voice Response System What is IVR?

IVR Voice Over Sounds

What is IVR Voice Over?

IVR Voice Over, whose original description is 'Interactive Voice Response', is expressed as "Voice Response System" in Turkish. The IVR Voice Over Technique, which is specified as “Announcement Voiceovers” among the voice-over categories, enables users who call by phone to reach their needs more quickly and get answers. IVR Voice Over, also known as "Central Voice Over" among the people, is actually separated from the central voiceover with the features it offers. IVR Voice Over, which enables callers to reach their needs in the fastest way possible with its wide menu option, keystroke guidance features, differs from the central voice-over technique with its more comprehensive solutions.

Precisely, IVR is an automatic interactive voice response system that communicates with the caller. The caller listens to the IVR system menu, responds by pressing a key on his phone according to the direction containing the requested service, and then the system reacts accordingly. Depending on the caller's answers, the system either provides the caller with the necessary information or directs the call to the right representative.

How is IVR Voice Used?

With technological developments and the rapidly growing service sector, IVR Voice Over has become an integral part of our lives. To better understand IVR Voice Over, we can look at the usage areas in daily life.

In the past years, when you called the bank you received service from, you were encountering a voice-over system with the ability to direct customer services to certain departments. You were waiting to be directed to the department you want to contact with the keying technique. When there were customers searching for similar services, your waiting time was longer depending on the density. Developed to save time and increase customer satisfaction, IVR Voice Over raises service quality standards. Thanks to this technique, which improves the customer experience today, with the menus developed for the requested services, password change, balance inquiry, campaign information, etc. You can carry out transactions without the need to connect to a customer representative and without waiting in line.

As in the example we shared above, the IVR Voiceover technique for companies is a great way to present a professional corporate image while streamlining customer service over the phone. The voice response system offers a series of options such as getting answers to customers' questions, placing orders, and inquiring about orders. If you want to offer as many options as a company, you need to develop your IVR Voice Over menu accordingly and record audio warnings/directions.

Professional IVR Voice Over

The importance of the voices that will guide the system in order to get positive feedback and increase customer satisfaction in IVR Voice Over technique is undeniable. There are two options in the IVR system; The first of these is robot voiceover, the second alternative is real voiceover. According to some researches, referrals made with real voice are found warmer and more sincere by customers. One of the main elements that determine the quality of IVR Voice Over is the use of voices that have effective and effective speaking techniques, have high persuasiveness, and know intonation techniques. At this point, voice-over agencies are of great importance.

IVR recordings made with expert voice actors add value to companies in relations with customers. The texts prepared during the recording process are read by the preferred voice actors and recorded for the IVR robot.

As BiberSA Production, while our IVR recordings are made in our state-of-the-art studios, you can create IVR recordings that will reflect your brand in the most accurate and best way with professional voice actors who are experts in their fields. By visiting the sound bank on our website, you can listen to the experienced voices that have been operating in the field of IVR for many years and examine their abilities in more detail. If you want to manage your customer support service more efficiently and want to create a professional customer experience;

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