Voice Response System What is IVR? What is IVR Advertising?

What is IVR What is IVR advertising

Voice Response System What is IVR? What is IVR Advertising?

IVR Voice Over, whose original description was 'Interactive Voice Response', is expressed as "Voice Response System" in Turkish. IVR Voiceover Technique, which is specified as "Announcement Voiceovers" among the voiceover categories, enables users calling on the phone to reach their needs more quickly and receive answers. in public “Central Voiceover” IVR Voice Over, also known as IVR, is actually without central voiceover leaving. IVR Voice Over, which allows callers to reach their needs in the fastest way with its wide menu options and keystroke routing features, differs from the central voice over technique with its more comprehensive solutions.

So what is IVR? What is IVR advertising? Exactly, IVR is an automatic interactive voice response system that communicates with the caller. The caller listens to the IVR system menu, responds by pressing a button on their phone based on the prompt containing the service they are requesting, and the system then reacts accordingly. Depending on the caller's answers, the system either provides the caller with the necessary information or directs the call to the correct representative.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is a technology used to manage phone calls and provide automated responses to users. The main function of IVR is to route calls to the right departments, which not only makes call center operations efficient but also improves user experience.

First, it is important to understand what IVR is. IVR is an automated system where a user interacts through phone keys or voice responses. The user's responses trigger certain actions by the system, which ensures that calls are routed to the correct departments or certain information is provided automatically.

Some examples of how businesses can use IVR systems are to enable the user to select a department or service, provide automatic information (for example, information about business hours or services), or use voice recognition technology to analyze the user's voice responses.

The benefits of IVR technology to businesses include automating and accelerating customer service operations, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing call center costs. With an IVR system, businesses can deliver a faster and more effective customer service experience, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

IVR is a powerful tool that allows businesses to manage phone calls more efficiently and effectively. While improving user experience, it also speeds up call center operations and reduces costs.

What is IVR Advertising?

Everyone who calls customer representatives of a corporate brand has definitely heard of Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) advertisements. This is the automatic response system you encounter during the customer service process. So, what does this system actually do and what advantages does it offer you?

First, IVR ads are often used to optimize a business' customer service experience. Answers customers' phone calls and presents them with automated menu options. Through these menus, businesses inform customers about special offers, new products or services. This creates the potential to increase sales and revenue for the business while providing a more personalized service experience to the customer.

Considering an example, a telecommunications company can use IVR ads to inform customers about new tariffs or services. This is an opportunity for waiting customers and provides the potential to offer them new and interesting options.

IVR advertising can be an effective marketing tool in many areas such as retail, telecommunications, banking and service industries where voice response systems are widely used. This provides customer service while also strengthening the business's corporate image and increasing brand awareness.

As a result, IVR ads are an important marketing tool for businesses. It provides the opportunity to provide customers with special offers and information while improving customer service. This increases customer satisfaction and increases the sales and revenues of the business.

How Does IVR Work?

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is a technological marvel that streamlines call center operations and provides users with faster access to services. But how exactly does this impressive system work? We have already explained what IVR is, now let's explain how the IVR system works.

In the IVR system, a voice recording is sent to the answered call in outbound mode, and dialing is requested according to the setup.  For example; “Welcome to the world of……. Now is the time to fly to Cuba. It's on us, including 60 thousand miles and taxes. Please press 1 to get detailed information, or 2 for the customer representative to call you on this number. This is an Outbound IVR setup. In this setup, customers who dial 1 are directed directly to the call center. In the 2nd time, it is determined as "waiting for a call from you" and a call is made later to decide on the appointment time. This setup can be changed completely upon request. Maybe those who dial 1 may be asked to be recorded, those who dial 2 will be directed to the call center. Or both keystrokes are recorded.

Let's examine a tanker in the inbound setup; “…What type and size would you like your tube?” As in the example, the difference between Inbound and Outbound is that it does not make external calls, but receives incoming calls. Since the number of the customer who will order the cylinder is already registered in the system, as soon as the customer calls, the system recognizes the number and offers a setup accordingly. When a new customer calls, he receives a voice recording like this: “… We couldn't find your record in the system. Please press 1 to make a new registration.” In this setup, the customer connects directly to the call center and registers. In the order example, the biggest benefit provided by IVR is eliminating the need for a personnel to direct the order for each order request.

How is Voiceover Done in IVR Systems?

External audio recordings in any format can be added to IVR systems. You can have your voice-over done with voice-overs that you choose from voice-over agencies or voice banks. Of course, choosing a voice actor is very important for the institution. Because choosing the appropriate profile sound for your brand or business is extremely important. Apart from the popularity of the voice that greets your customers, having a voice that has proper diction and can speak effectively is also an important criterion. The voice recording must be recorded in the voice-over studio.

Although the audio recording format for IVR varies, it is only recorded properly in dubbing studios. CallCenter, Autodialer, IVR, Voip, Voice Recording are wild. BiberSA Production is among the most competent voice-over agencies in Turkey. For example, you have a voiceover text prepared for IVR. You send your text to the agency via e-mail or Whatsapp. For the IVR voiceover text you send, voice actors suitable for your company's profile are sent to you to choose from the voice bank. By paying the stamp fee of your chosen voice actor IVR voiceover You can get the service the same day.

How is IVR Voice Used?

With technological developments and the rapidly growing service sector, IVR Voice Over has become an integral part of our lives. To better understand IVR Voice Over, we can look at the usage areas in daily life.

In the past years, when you called the bank you received service from, you were greeted with a voice switch that had the ability to direct customer services to certain departments. You were expecting to be directed to the department you wanted to contact via the dialing technique. When there were customers searching for similar services, your waiting time was longer depending on the density. Developed to eliminate these negative situations, save time and increase customer satisfaction, IVR Voice Over raises service quality standards. Today, thanks to this technique that improves customer experience, menus are developed for the requested services, such as changing passwords, balance inquiries, campaign information, etc. You can carry out transactions without having to contact a customer representative or waiting in line.

For companies, like the example we shared above, the IVR Voiceover technique is a great way to present a professional corporate image while streamlining customer service over the phone. The voice response system offers a number of options such as getting answers to customers' questions, placing orders, and order inquiries. If you want to offer as many options as a company, you need to develop your IVR Voice Menu accordingly and record voice warnings/directions.

The importance of the voices that will guide the system in order to receive positive feedback and increase customer satisfaction in the IVR Voice Over technique cannot be denied. There are two options in the IVR system; The first of these is robot voice-over, and the second alternative is real voice-over. According to some research, customers find directions made with real voice warmer and more sincere. One of the main factors that determine the quality of IVR Voiceover is the use of voices that have effective and effective speaking techniques, have high persuasive ability, and know intonation techniques. At this point, voice-over agencies are of great importance.

How Are IVR Voice Over Prices Determined?

IVR voiceover service routing, credit card collection and service conditions, etc. offered in modules such as For the service requested from the voice-over agency, the sound demos of the voices suitable for your business (the works they have given voices before) are sent to you as an offer. Only the stamp price of the voice actor is included in the offer content. Studio recording fee and other expenses are included in the stamp fee. The voice-over agency provides you with a consent letter containing the duration of use of the sound and the delivery of the necessary copyrights. For some customers, the popularity of IVR audio is not so important. For this, voice-over agencies offer the appropriate sounds from the sound bank, which includes the sounds that are not popular and do not work over the stamp price, to the customer's taste with a base price application. It should not be forgotten that there will be additional costs for additional announcements after the purchased voiceover service.

IVR recordings made with expert voice actors add value to companies in relations with customers. The texts prepared during the recording process are read by the preferred voice actors and recorded for the IVR robot.

As BiberSA Production, our IVR recordings are made in our state-of-the-art studios, and you can create your IVR recordings that will reflect your brand in the most accurate and best way with professional voice actors who are experts in their fields. BiberSA Production sound bank By visiting us, you can listen to experienced voices that have been operating in the field of IVR voice-over for many years and examine their skills in more detail. If you want to manage your customer support service more efficiently and create a professional customer experience, contact us immediately.

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