What Do Dubbing Agencies Do?

dubbing agencies

What Do Dubbing Agencies Do?

What do dubbing agencies do, how are voice casts created in dubbing agencies? Can a dubbing artist do voiceovers? Where to find the best dubbing agencies? In this content, we will talk about dubbing, which is the field where our country is most successful in the world, and the dubbing agencies that provide this success.

Öncelikle dublaj ajansları ve dublaj stüdyoları ülkemizde çoğunluk olarak İstanbul’da bulunan ajanslardır. Bu demek oluyor ki Türkiye’de Dublaj ajanslarının %96 lık kısmı İstanbul’da bulunmaktadır. Geri kalan dilimi ise İzmir ve Ankara’da bulunmaktadır.Türkiye genelindeki dağılıma baktığımızda dublaj ajanslarının sayısı çok azdır. Somutlaştırmak gerekirse Model Cast Ajansları bile dublaj ajanslarına oranla dört kat daha fazla sayıdadır.

We estimate that the number of dubbing agencies in Istanbul is between 30-70. The first 10 of these dubbing agencies are the largest and most comprehensive, while the remaining dubbing agencies are medium-sized and small dubbing studios. Lately NetflixDigital platforms like Disney set up their own dubbing agency in-house.

Dubbing Artists An Interesting Research About Sound Cast

Dublaj Ajanslarının ses castı için kayıt olanların %78 lik kısmı hiçbir eğitim almadım ama yeteneğim olduğuna inanıyorum derken, %12 lik kısmı gerçekten yetenekli eğitimli, %10 luk kısmı ise yetenekli ancak hiçbir eğitim almamış kişilerden oluşmaktadır. Bu demek oluyor ki, Dublaj ajansına kayıtlar piyasa şartlarında faal olan aktif dublaj dubbing The rate of artists is at the level of % 12. This research was carried out by BiberSA Production Human Resources, dubbing application statistics.

In addition to having the skill to sign up for dubbing agencies, you need some experience in the field. Talented candidates with no experience are like, 'What will we be?' We hear you say. You can also make an offer to go to a dubbing studio and just watch what's going on. You can watch the dubbing process as long as the dubbing agencies allow.

İzlemekle dublaj sanatçısı olunur mu? Evet dublaj sanatçısı olmanın ilk adımı önce mevzuyu izlemektir. İzlemek size, burada neler oluyor? Sorusunun cevabını verirken, berber çırağı misali dublaj olayını izleyerek %50 öğreneksiniz. Gerisi ise uygulamanıza kalmış.

What do dubbing agencies do?

What Do Dubbing Agencies Do?

Dubbing agencies are companies that provide dubbing services for various media and entertainment industries. These agencies are in charge of dubbing in Turkish, especially for foreign language films, TV series, documentaries, animations, games, commercials and other video content. When it comes to dubbing agency, the following comes to mind:

  1. Providing dubbing artists: Dubbing agencies take part in a cadre of voice actors. The agency hires professional dubbing artists to provide voiceover services to its clients in different styles and characters. This sound cast is called.
  2. Selection of content to be dubbed: Dubbing agencies assist their clients in selecting content to be dubbed. Agencies conduct research to select content that fits their clients' needs. This research includes examining foreign language content in different media and entertainment industries and identifying appropriate content.
  3. Providing a dubbing recording: Dubbing agencies direct dubbing artists to studios and make recordings. During the recording process, the artists use a special technique to synchronize the dialogues with the recordings in the original language.
  4. Post dubbing processes: Dubbing agencies handle the post-production of recordings. In this process, they check the quality of the dialogues and re-record the dubbing if necessary.
  5. Customer relations management: Dubbing agencies play an important role in client relationship management. They take a proactive approach to their customers and take a flexible approach to understanding their demands and meeting them.

A dubbing agency may not be just an agency. Generally, dubbing agencies also have dubbing studios. Dubbing studios are productions that have strong technical infrastructures and work with a technical team besides dubbing artists. In this respect, dubbing does not only mean choosing dubbing artists; means having the technical infrastructure and manpower to deliver a project from start to finish.

What is Audio Cast in the Dubbing Industry?

In the dubbing industry, the term “voice cast” refers to selecting the appropriate voice actor for a content such as a movie, series, documentary, game or commercial. This process includes matching the characters, roles and dialogues in the content with the appropriate sounds. Audio cast evaluates several factors to select the appropriate voice actor, such as:

  • Voice tone: A voice actor is selected according to the tone of voice of the characters and roles. For example, a younger tone is preferred for a younger character, while an older tone is preferred for an older character.
  • Experience: Audio cast prefers experienced and professional dubbing artists. Experienced artists can express dialogue in a natural and realistic way.
  • Emotion expression: It is important for the voice actor to be able to accurately express the emotions of the characters. A good voice cast chooses an artist who accurately captures the tone and emotional intonation of the dialogues.
  • Technical skills: The technical skills of the dubbing artists are also important. Audio cast favors artists who can record in the studio environment and synchronize dialogues with recordings in the original language.

Audio casts are created by dubbing agencies or dubbing producers. The casting director can also come into play here. In short, dubbing sound means matching the roles and characters in the project with the appropriate voices, expressing the emotional moments in the content correctly.

Our Country's Achievements in Dubbing

Turkey is a country that has accomplished successful works in the field of dubbing. Here are some of Turkey's achievements in dubbing:

  • Dubbing of domestic TV series and movies to foreign countries: TV series and movies produced in Turkey have been exported to many countries and dubbed in their native languages. Especially in the Middle East, the Balkans and Latin America, Turkish TV series are very popular and have a large fan base.
  • Turkish dubbing of foreign films: Turkey has also accomplished successful works in the Turkish dubbing of foreign films. Especially the Turkish dubbing of productions for children such as Disney and Pixar movies is very successful.
  • Voice actors: There are many successful and experienced dubbing artists in Turkey. Voice actors can accurately express the emotions and personalities of the characters in the content and improve the quality of dubbing in Turkey.
  • Technical infrastructure: Dubbing producers in Turkey are also very successful in technical infrastructure. Thanks to modern studio equipment, professional mixers and other technical experts, high quality dubbing can be produced in Turkey.

All these are just a few of Turkey's achievements in dubbing. Turkey is one of the countries that has a respected place in the world of dubbing.

dubbing agencies

What is Dubbing and Studio Recording Services?

Dubbing is the vocalization of the text translated into a different language over the dialogues in the original language in motion pictures such as videos and movies that have been shot and prepared before. The dubbing technique is used in movies, video games or other types of media that have different sounds from the original language. Dubbing studios where dubbing is done are professional recording studios. These are the areas that offer the best possible sound and image with their technical equipment and design and take sound recordings.

Dubbing agencies are institutions that have the necessary technical and professional infrastructure for dubbing production and manage the recording processes. Among the agencies in the media production sector, there are agencies that provide voice-over and dubbing services, as well as agencies that focus on only one service. For dubbing projects, choosing an agency that specializes in this field is important. However, agency studios must have the technical equipment to provide professional recording services.

How Should a Successful Dubbing Recording Be?

It is possible to bring stories to life with dubbing services in foreign languages that you need for content such as TV, movies, animations, advertisements, and video games. Professional dubbing services allow the audience to interact with original content. It is important for successful dubbing recording services to make the content feel original with a well-prepared dubbing and that it feels natural to the audience. Translation of the video text is not enough for a perfect dubbing recording. It is necessary to adapt the content to cultural norms, to establish an emotional bond with the characters, and to record in a professional recording studio accompanied by a sound director.

How to Create a Dubbing Cast?

Voice and dubbing agencies create a list of voice actors for the dubbing cast to be evaluated for film and video projects. For a project to be realized, the dubbing cast is determined by the voice selection director making the appropriate voice choices for the character to be voiced. Cast is completed according to the number of characters in the project. A different voice dubbing for each character. In some cases, a voice actor can voice more than one character by changing his voice.

Creating the right dubbing cast is the golden rule of a successful dubbing project. After the selection is made from the sound bank, which includes professional sound artists who are experts in dubbing, rehearsal readings begin. After the rehearsals are completed, the voice director checks the harmony between the voice and the character. After approval for the appropriate voices, the dubbing recording process begins.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency located in Istanbul, we provide dubbing studio recording services for your projects with our sound bank and professional studios, and deliver your project as soon as possible. We provide high quality sound recording services with our professional artists and state-of-the-art equipment in our BiberSA Production, Voice Over and Dubbing Agency dubbing cast. We ensure that you receive all your requests for dubbing and studio recording services under one roof.

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