What is Sound Capture?

What is Sound Capture?

Sound capture is the process of simultaneous recording of the sound recording during the shooting of video content in the media production industry. Sound recordings are the process of recording the voice of the characters and recording the environmental sound (atmospheric sound) in productions such as commercials, promotional films, feature films, TV series, sitcoms, documentaries, and television programs. During the sound design of the video, it is an important audio service that includes voice recording, foley, dubbing and effects, among the auxiliary services such as dubbing, sound recording, foley, and effects. It is a service where recordings such as environment and nature sound in documentary productions, back stage sound-pilot sound in movies, character dialogues and ambient sound in serials. Audio capture is everything to understand a visual content.

When sound recording service is mentioned, boom operators and sound recording technicians come to mind, the unforgettable heroes of sound recording service. These heroes are the voiceover crew. Heroes slathering on the boom pole to capture the perfect sound for hours. Sound recording technicians are also heroes who know the sound recorder down to the last detail and can conquer the microphone pattern shooting direction at a glance. The sound crew usually records projects in wav format and synchronously. Although there are different types of formats in the sound recorder, wav and 24 sound quality are often preferred in Turkey. Visually, the equivalent of RAW format is WAV format as audio and it is a quality sound recording.


So how can we record sound without clear bottom sound and noise in sound shots?

First of all, the equipment we use must be accepted as quality equipment in the market. We can mention many brand names here, but I only aim to contribute to the formation of your perception of quality so that it does not appear in advertisements. A German businessman has a nice saying. I think this saying 'I am not rich enough to buy cheap goods' is a word that should be considered in all equipment supplies, not just voice-over equipment. If it is desired to pacify the sounds outside the directed area in sound recordings, a ribbon or cardioid type microphone should be used and pattern adjustment should be made. In order to keep the environmental sounds and wind at a minimum level, using a wool microphone head called a pop filter will make a great contribution to the noise event.


How to choose equipment for sound recordings?

Especially in sound shots, the preferences are in favor of equipment that will not cause problems. Audio recording equipment consists of three basic parts as audio recorder, shotgun microphone and boom pole. The quality of these three main components is extremely important. In particular, the audio recorder, which we call the coder, is the most important part of the quality of the sound. Another important part is the microphone. You can find these equipments in the market in various quality and prices. Provided that they are not made in China, you can procure quality sound recording equipment from companies that trade in audio technologies.

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