What is Sound Capture?

What is Sound Capture?

What is Sound Capture?

Sound recording is the process of simultaneous recording of audio during the shooting of video content in the media production industry. Voice recording is the process of capturing the voices of characters and recording environmental sound (atmospheric sound) in productions such as commercials, promotional films, feature films, TV series, sitcoms, documentaries and television programs.

of the video sound design voice-over, dubbing, sound capture, foleyIt is an important audio service that includes foley, dubbing and effects among auxiliary services such as effects. It is a service where environmental and nature sounds are recorded in documentary productions, back stage sound - pilot sound in feature films, character dialogues and ambient sounds in TV series. sound capture Visuals are everything for understanding content.

When it comes to sound recording service, boom operators and sound recording technicians, the unforgettable heroes of the sound recording service, come to mind. These heroes are the shooting crew. Heroes who shoulder the boom pole and sweat for hours to capture the perfect sound. Likewise, sound recording technicians are among the heroes who know the sound recordist down to the smallest detail and can understand the microphone pattern and shooting direction at a glance. The sound recording team usually records projects in wav format and synchronously. Although there are different format types in the sound recorder, wav and 24 sound quality are often preferred in Turkey. The visual counterpart of the RAW format is the WAV format, and it is a quality sound recording.

What is Sound Capture?

Sound recording is a technique used in film and television productions. This technique is used to establish the atmosphere and emotional tone of a scene. Sound shooting involves a number of sound effects and techniques used to increase the realism of a scene.

Most of the sounds in a movie are not actually recorded while filming on set. Instead, these sounds are usually a foley artist It is created in a special studio by. Foley artists use a variety of objects and materials to create all kinds of sound effects. For example, to create the sound of a character walking, a foley artist may use shoes walking on various surfaces.

sound capture, also includes dubbing and effects processes. Dubbing is used to replace a character's voice with voice recorded by another actor or actress. This is often used to translate a movie shot in the original language into another language. FX involves various sound effects used to set the atmosphere and emotional tone of a scene.

Sound footage can greatly impact the overall quality and viewer experience of a movie or television show. Sound effects and dubbing can be powerful tools to make a story more effective and compelling. Therefore, sound shooting is an essential part of any film or television production.

How Can We Record Sound Without Clean Bottom Desk and Noise in Voice Shots?

One of the biggest problems when recording audio is unwanted background sounds and noise. However, with a few simple techniques and the right equipment, you can record clear bottom sound and noise-free audio. A few recommendations:

  • First, make sure the environment where you will record is quiet. To minimize background noise, choose a location away from outside sound sources such as traffic, construction noise, or people talking. You may also consider using a protective case to prevent your recorder's microphone from being affected by factors such as wind and air currents.
  • When recording your voice, it is important to set the settings of your recording device correctly. Adjust your recorder's input level (gain) so that the sounds are neither too high (so the sounds are distorted) nor too low (so the background noise becomes apparent).
  • In some cases, you can use additional equipment to improve your audio recording. For example, you can use a digital voice recorder. These devices often have high-quality microphones and advanced audio processing features. You may also consider using an audio mixing device or a sound isolation booth to further improve your audio recording.
  • Finally, when editing your audio recording, you can use a noise reduction software to reduce background noise. Such software can remove unwanted sounds from your audio recording and improve the overall sound quality.

If it is desired to passivate sounds outside the directed area in voice recordings, a ribbon or cardioid type microphone should be used and the pattern setting should be made. Using a woolen microphone head called a pop filter to keep environmental sounds and wind at a minimum level will make a great contribution to noise.

How to Choose Equipment for Sound Shooting?

Especially when shooting with sound, preference is given to equipment that will not cause any problems. Audio recording equipment consists of three basic parts: audio recorder, shotgun microphone and boom pole.. The quality of these three main basic parts is extremely important. Especially the audio recorder, which we call the encoder, is the most important part of the sound quality. The other important part is the microphone. You can find these equipment in the market in various qualities and prices. You can supply quality sound recording equipment from companies that trade in sound technologies, provided that they are not made in China.

  • First, you need to determine what type of audio you will record. Conducting an interview or creating sound effects for a movie or video? This will help you determine what type of microphone and other equipment will be best suited.
  • Microphone selection is one of the most important decisions in sound recording. Different microphone types may be better suited for different sound sources and shooting environments. For example, a shotgun microphone is often used in film and video shooting because it picks up sound from a certain direction and is highly resistant to other directions.
  • When choosing a voice recorder, you should consider factors such as sound quality and ease of use. Digital voice recorders generally have the advantage of being able to record high-quality audio and have a wide dynamic range.
  • With sound footage, you can also use a variety of software and equipment to edit and enhance the audio. For example, an audio mixing device allows you to combine different audio sources and adjust their audio levels.

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