Best Netflix Documentaries: 5 Must-See Documentaries 

best netflix documentaries

Best Netflix Documentaries: 5 Must-See Documentaries 

Netflix is a platform that has managed to appeal to audiences of all tastes with its twenty different movie and series genres. Sharing content that attracts the attention of the audience, Netflix also brings together the documentary option in many areas. In the Netflix documentary genre; You can find content options in many areas such as nature, people, food, culture and biography.

The best Netflix documentaries Ourplanet documentary is one of the most interesting productions.. Nowadays, when nature documentaries are on the rise again, it is possible to find this documentary and many of the content you are looking for on Netflix. 

Netflix documentary that offers excellent alternatives in the field of series and movies It also manages to get full marks from the audience in its genre. Netflix documentaries, which provide pleasant moments and open the horizons of the viewers, offer a different perspective to the viewer. The point where the platform is lacking is that the documentary content in Turkish is very limited. Although there are few Turkish voice-over options, viewers can watch the documentaries with subtitles.  

Netflix, which has a large audience; is a platform that offers content that touches on real and lived events that interest people. There are different types of documentaries available on Netflix for those who want to take a break from TV series and movies and get involved in life. It is possible to find a documentary that everyone can benefit from on Netflix, which has rich content in the documentary genre. You can find the best Netflix documentaries that can be watched in one breath, in the form of mini-series, as well as long-running options on this platform. You can watch the stories that touch real lives in the documentary series category with the difference of Netflix. 

Here's what you must watch on Netflixbest Netflix documentaries nature, music and crime-themed documentaries; 

Best Netflix Documentaries: Nature Documentaries

For nature lovers, Netflix has a great selection of documentaries and documentaries. Here are nature documentaries among the best Netfix documentaries that you can watch in one sitting; 

Netflix Documentary Recommendation: Our Planet 

The best netflix documentaries our planet

Our Planet documentaryCreated by the production team of Planet Earth. This production, which you can find on Netflix, consists of 8 episodes in total. It has been prepared as a result of four years of work in 7 continents and 50 countries. our planet documentary reveals breathtaking images. From the North Pole to the jungles of South America, you can see many beauties in this documentary.

Netflix nature documentary Our Planet, in the category, offers an enjoyable adventure to its audience.

Netflix Documentary Our Planet Who Voices?

Who voices Our Planet For those who say, the first name that comes to mind when talking about a documentary voice actor, voiced this documentary: Mazlum Kiper. Appearing in many voiceover projects Mazlum Kiper documentary dubbing is also on Netflix. Mazlum Kiper voices the documentary Our Planet.

best netflix documentaries our planet oppressed kiper

Our Planet documentary made quite a splash in Turkey as well as all over the world. The documentary Our Planet, which is on Netflix, is presented to the audience with Turkish subtitles and Turkish voiceover options. One of the most curious about the Turkish version of the documentary is the subject of voice acting.

Our Planet, which is among the most watched nature documentaries worldwide, has been voiced in many different languages. David Attenborough, the first name that comes to mind when nature documentary is mentioned, is also one of the names in Our Planet. famous documentary narrator David Attenborough (English) He carried the documentary to a different dimension by doing a voiceover for Our Planet. The documentary Our Planet is also voiced by Salma Hayek (Latin America) and Penélope Cruz (Spanish). 

To learn more about Mazlum Kiper, who voiced the documentary Our Planet Who is Mazlum Kiper Check out our content.

What Does Our Planet Say? 

Netflix's hit documentary Our Planet is a unique production that brings the mysterious regions of our planet to the screen. This new documentary series of the platform sheds light on different parts of the world. It is possible to watch what you have not seen before in this documentary, voiced by Sir David Attenborough, the sought-after name of nature documentaries, and Mazlum Kiper. 

The documentary Our Planet, which took its place on Netflix screens in 2019, focuses on the most valuable living species in the world. Our Planet brings different areas of the world to screens with never before seen resolutions with 4K camera technology. Our Planet documentary covers many areas, from the nature of the Arctic to the mysterious deep seas. It showcases the world's diversity of habitats, from the vast landscapes of Africa to the jungles of South America. 

Best Netflix Documentaries: Music Documentaries

Netflix regularly brings together many documentaries in the field of music with its audience. Music documentaries that you must watch on the Netflix platform, which has a wide content list;  

Jeen-Yuh: A Kanye Trilogy 

best netflix documentaries musicJeen-Yuh: A Kanye Trilogy is a music documentary about Kanye West's life. In this documentary, Kanye West's private life and remarkable events that took place in the world of magazines are included. Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah are sitting in the director's chair of the documentary about Kanye West's rise in his career and his relationships. 

Click on the image, which is among the best Netfix documentaries. You can access the Jeen-Yuh: A Kanye Trilogy documentary directly.


Best Netflix His documentaries : Gastronomy His documentaries

Netflix brings together the world cuisine with its audience by presenting many documentary options in the dining area. Food documentaries that you must watch on the Netflix platform, which has a wide content list;  


The best netflix documentaries from italy to the worldFrom Italy to the World 

The documentary, From Italy to the World, goes back to the roots of Italian cuisine, allowing the viewer to master every detail. This documentary, featuring taste lovers and experts, examines the evolution of Italian cuisine. 

You can access the documentary by clicking on the image.



The best netflix documentaries cookedCooked

Cooked is one of Netflix's most watched food documentaries. In this serial production, Michael Pollan brings a different perspective to food, inspired by his book of the same name. Arguing that cooking is also a transformation, this documentary also touches on the relationship between people and food.

You can access the documentary by clicking on the image.



The best Netflix documentaries salt, oil, acid, heat Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat 

Award-winning best-selling cookbook author Samin Nosrat takes part in this documentary series, which is a guest of different parts of the world and special cuisines. In this production, which is among the most colorful food documentaries of Netflix, Nosrat travels the world and touches on the four main elements of food: salt, fat, acid and heat. You can see the different cuisines that emerged with the introduction of these elements in this documentary.  You can access the documentary by clicking on the image.

Netflix Crime Documentaries

Netflix, which stands out with its productions in different subjects and genres, is frequently mentioned with its crime-themed movies and TV series. Netflix also offers crime documentary and TV series documentaries. Here are Netflix's best crime documentaries; 


Gadbek hostage crisis best netflix documentariesGadbek Hostage Crisis 

The documentary Gadbek Hostage Crisis is based on a true crime story. This crime documentary, which shocked the audience, is about the murder of hostages by two armed robbers who committed a bank robbery in 1988. At the end of this hostage crisis, which lasted a total of 54, three deaths and a protracted conflict take place. 

You can access the documentary by clicking on the image.



best netflix documentaries rigged artMade You Look: A True Story About Fake Art

Directed by Barry Avrich, Fraudulent Art: A True Story of Forgery sheds light on a forgery. In this documentary, you can witness the forgery story that took place in the Knoedler Gallery, one of the largest art centers in America. The 90-minute-long documentary "Hidden Art" brings the events behind the scenes of fake artistry together with the audience.  You can access the documentary by clicking on the image.

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