Who is Nüvit Candaner

Who is Nüvit Candaner

Nüvit Candaner, whose foreign language is English, appeared with her voice in the voice cast of many foreign films that marked a period. Candaner, who has been in the art of voice acting for many years; He took part in the Turkish dubbing staff of adventurous series such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers. Nüvit Candaner, one of the sought-after names in the art of voice acting, is also the invisible face of television programs and commercials. Candaner has been in the director's chair in many projects broadcast on TRT screens. Well, the famous voice actor Who is Nüvit Candaner?

Nüvit Candaner, who took her place in the memories with her identity as a Turkish actress and voice actor, is one of the leading artists of our country. Candaner, who is in the cinema industry with his acting and voice-over art, is also a voice-over director. Following in the footsteps of his father, Nejat Candaner, Nüvit Candaner also directed dubbing. Enjoying dealing with the art of voice acting, Candaner is a name that has managed to combine his acting talent with dubbing. Famous actress and voice actor Candaner has been in the Turkish voice cast of many foreign films. 

Nüvit Candaner Life

Famous director and voice actor Nüvit Candaner was born on May 10, 1954. Candaner, who is now 68 years old, was born in Istanbul and completed his high school education at Nişantaşı Işık High School. After her high school education, Nüvit Candaner continued her studies at the Journalism Department at the Istanbul Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences. After her education, Nüvit Candaner moved to the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory, where she received a short education and got a master's degree in political science. Nüvit Candaner, who is the son of the famous voice-over director Nejat Candaner, decided to shape his career after his education. 

For many years in front of and behind the stage Nüvit Candaner My Sweetheart He is married to Candaner. Candaner's wife, Birtanem Candaner, has shaped her career with the art of voice acting just like her. Nüvit Candaner Birtanem Candaner The couple has been the voice of many famous names in the field of dubbing. Nüvit Candaner, who appears in movies, TV series and movies, is also one of the sought-after voices in television programs. Candaner, who took part in TRT screens and in the director's chair, took part in the voice cast of many documentaries throughout his life. Famous voice actor and director Nüvit Candaner also met with the audience as an actor at the Gazanfer Özcan Theater. 

When the famous voice actor Nüvit Candaner is mentioned, everyone's mind comes to mind is the Wind of Lie series. Artist Candaner is known for her voice acting in this soap opera that began airing in 1973. Nüvit Candaner voiced the character of Victor in this long-running American TV series. The famous dubbing artist Candaner still continues to work on dubbing in commercials and television projects. 

Who is nüvit candaner

Nüvit Candaner Art Life

Voice actor and director Nüvit Candaner has been continuing her career for many years. Famous actress and voice actor Candaner has appeared in the Turkish dubbing of countless films so far. Nüvit Candaner, one of the most sought-after mature voices in voice-over projects, manages to be the voice of many famous names. Candaner, who has built her career on voice acting, also continues to be in front of the stage as a good actress.   

Nüvit Candaner has appeared in many TV series and documentaries. The most important production in which the famous artist announced his name is the series called Deli Yürek. Nüvit Candaner Crazy Heart He showed his talents in the field of acting to large audiences with the series. Candaner, who is in the cast of Deli Yürek with his actor identity, gave life to the character of Gürkan Uluhan here. 

Nüvit Candaner, whom we see mostly with documentary dubbing and dubbing works on television screens, has taken different roles in many TRT's projects. Candaner's most important documentaries include Celebrities of the Twentieth Century and Diary of Big Cats. Throughout his artistic life, Candaner has accomplished successful works by undertaking the Turkish voice-overs of many foreign actors. It is possible to see Candaner frequently in the Turkish voice cast of movies full of action and adventure that lock the audience on the screen. 

Nüvit Candaner Voice Over

Nüvit Candaner, who is in the art of voice acting; For many years, he has been one of the most frequently encountered dubbing artists in documentary, TV series and film projects. Nüvit Candaner, the sought-after voice of commercials and movies, has undertaken Turkish voice-over works for various names, from Victor to Anthony Hopkins in Lie Wind. Candaner, who has given voice to countless projects, has taken important roles in different movies since her youth. Nüvit Candaner, who also participated in the voice-over works in the field of animation; He gave life to animated films such as Cars, Happy Feet and Hellboy with his voice. 

Nüvit Candaner is a name who not only took over the microphone in her voice-over career, but also took on the role of director. Famous voice actor and director Candaner's most important productions in the director's chair are Indiana Jones Crystal Head Kingdom and Hell Ring. 

Here are the most important film and TV series projects that Nüvit Candaner gave voice to; 

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest – Stellan Skarsgård
  • Westworld – Anthony Hopkings
  • Frankenstein – Dany Huston 
  • Showdown 2 – Anthony Hopkings
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Max von Sydow 
  • Bates Motel – Jare Burns 
  • Ocean's 11- Elliout Gould 
  • Cars – John Ratzenberger
  • V For Vendetta – Stephen Rea
  • The Hunger Games – Donald Sutherland
  • Gary Oldman – The Dark Knight Rises – Gary Oldman
  • Dark Angel – John Savage

Who Sang Nüvit Candaner?

Famous voice actor and director Nüvit Candaner has been a partner in many works by combining her acting skills with her art. Candaner, who has been the sought-after voice of TV series, movies and animated films, is a famous voice actor who has managed to integrate with foreign names. Here are the most important names voiced by the famous dubbing artist Nüvit Candaner; 

Anthony Hopkings: Voice actor Nüvit Candaner is known for being the Turkish voice of the famous actor Anthony Hopkings. Artist Candaner voices Hopkings in the TV series Westworld and the movie Reckoning. 

Dany Houston: In this story of Frankenstein, which is different from the previous films, the audience watches a Frankenstein, which was created with a 3D printer and then thrown away because it died. Candaner performs the Turkish voice-over of Dany Huston, who came to the fore with the movie Frankenstein.

Max von Sydow: Lor San Tekka is the role of Max von Sydow in the Star Wars series. Nüvit Candaner, who is in the Turkish voice cast of this movie, is the voice of Max von Sydow. 

Jare Burns: Jare Burns stars in the mysterious Bates Motel series. Jare Burns plays the character of Jake in this series, which focuses on the youth of Hitchcocks' Pyshco hero Norman and his mother Norma. Nüvit Candaner undertakes the Turkish dubbing of the actor Burns. 

Elliout Gould: Elliott Gould also takes part in Ocean's 11, where theft and action are not missing. The Turkish voice of the American actress Elliott Gould is done by Nüvit Candaner. 

Donald Sutherland: Famous actor Donald Sutherland plays the character of President Snow in the Hunger Games series that marked an era. Nüvit Candaner, who is in the dubbing cast of this movie, which is also voiced in Turkish, is the voice of Donald Sutherland. 

Nüvit Candaner Contact

Voice actor Nüvit Candaner is among the artists who master the subtleties in front of and behind the microphone. Famous voice actor Candaner is one of the rare names that continues to perform the art of voice acting despite his advancing age. Standing out with her film and documentary works, Candaner continues to participate in new projects within BiberSA Production. 

Continuing to be the voice of many brands under the roof of BiberSA Production, Candaner participates in advertising activities here. Master dubbing artist and director Nuvit Candaner contact to install it and see its demo work BiberSA Production website or BiberSA Youtube You can visit the channel.

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