How to Write Dubbing Texts: We Explain with Dubbing Text Examples!

how to write dubbing texts

How to Write Dubbing Texts: We Explain with Dubbing Text Examples!

We will focus on important points such as how to write dubbing texts and why it is so important to write dubbing texts. In the shortest and clearest termsDubbing texts are very important for the dubbing industry because the text of the material to be dubbing, that is, the text of the movie, series or documentary, forms the basis of the dubbing process.

Dubbing texts are a factor that affects the performance of dubbing artists and determines the audience's interest in the movie or series. A well-written dubbing script supports the dubbing artists' performance, resulting in a more natural and realistic result.

In addition, dubbing texts also play an important role in the planning and management process of dubbing studios. Dubbing scripts are used to determine the timing and budget of voice-over projects. If the dubbing texts are not correct and complete, the dubbing process may be delayed and over budget.

How to Write Dubbing Texts?

While writing dubbing texts is a delicate task, everything that comes out of the actor's mouth is written in the finest detail and a new scenario is created. dubbing artist analyzes the texts thoroughly and adjusts the places where emphasis and intonation will be made. The dubbing process takes place by following the dubbing texts synchronously with the image.

While dubbing texts are being written, first of all, the script and lines are written in their mother tongues, and then the translation process is carried out with a team of successful translators. This translation requires a little more care than normal translations. This is because it reflects the mood of the dubbing artist as well as lip syncing. This can be called kinetic synchronous. While the mimics of the actor indicate that he is sad at that moment, the video to be translated in the dubbing texts is thoroughly decipher The moods, gestures and mimics of the player should be written down to the finest detail.

When we look at the dubbing in old movies, one of the other main reasons for the failure is, of course, the synchronous mismatch due to the fact that the speeches of the actors and the text to be dubbed are not the same.. All these have caused people to be prejudiced against dubbing, but nowadays, very successful dubbing studies are carried out by paying attention to all these elements and using all the possibilities of technology.

One of the most important stages of writing dubbing texts is translation. This process, which is also known as dubbing translation, voice-over text, should actually be an adaptation. So whose job is the translation?

Do Dubbing Agencies Translate?

dubbing agencies; They are businesses established to carry out all the processes necessary for dubbing production. If the dubbing work will be for a video in a foreign language, it means that there will be a need for translation into Turkish during the production process. For this reason, there is a translation team agreed with by each agency.

Dubbing and translation is a business line that produces solutions for the advertising and promotion needs of companies while they expand to the global market. While getting this service, you should work with an expert dubbing agency. Because an expert agency adds a great brand value to your institution as well as the solution it provides to your business.

We would like to remind you for your dubbing projects; While some agencies do both dubbing and dubbing, some agencies focus on a single one. For this reason, when you have a project that needs to be dubbed in the media sector, we recommend that you find out what areas of the market the agencies you will be interviewing focus on.

The vast majority of dubbing agencies are located in Istanbul, due to the large volume of business in our country. The remaining slice is distributed to big cities such as Izmir and Ankara. However, the number of agencies that only focus on dubbing has decreased a lot lately. Agencies now generally prefer to do dubbing and voice-over works together.

BiberSA Production, which provides dubbing, translation and voice-over services for your media projects, provides services to world-renowned brands. professional voice over It provides dubbing services with its cast. No matter what business line you are in, it is an important task to translate your promotional films, commercials and other video projects from different languages to Turkish with technical English translators and voice them with a dubbing cast, and we, as BiberSA Production, support you with the awareness of this responsibility. .

How to write dubbing texts

Dubbing Cast with Voice Actors

What we call a dubbing cast; It is the bringing together of the selected sounds for a project that needs dubbing. In this process promotion filmAfter technically analyzing and translating what your video project, such as a commercial film, is trying to convey, a dubbing cast is created with professional dubbing artists in the sound bank and the dubbing process is performed. It is very important that the translation work done before the dubbing phase is done well. Because an inaccuracy in the translation will cause both ambiguity and synchronization problems in dubbing. For this reason, finding the right agency that specializes in translation and dubbing will be an important detail for your project.

BiberSA Production not only translates a video prepared in a foreign language into Turkish, but also translates a video project prepared in Turkish into the desired language, dubbing it with foreign language voice actors and makes it ready for its customers.

How to Apply for Voice Dubbing Casting?

BiberSA Prodüksiyon insan kaynaklarına gelen seslendirme cast başvurularındaki profillere yönelik yapılan istatistiklere göre, %78’lik kısım hiçbir eğitim almayan ve yeteneği olduğuna inanan kişiler tarafından, %10’luk kısım gerçekten yetenekli ancak hiçbir eğitim almamış kişiler tarafından ve sadece %12’lik kısım gerçek yetenek ve eğitim kriterlerini birleştirmiş kişiler tarafından yapılmaktadır. Bu demek oluyor ki, dublaj ajansına yapılan başvurular piyasa şartlarında faal olarak çalışabilecek dublaj sanatçılarının oranının % 12 düzeyinde olduğudur.

For aspiring artists who are interested in dubbing, we can say that in addition to having the skill to register with agencies, you also need to have some experience in this field. So what should candidates with no experience but really talented do? if you say. Our suggestion for you is, in addition to participating in MEB-approved certificate programs, going to a dubbing studio and saying "I just want to watch what's going on." You may have an offer. If you are accepted, you can watch the dubbing production processes as long as the dubbing agencies allow.

Is it possible to become a dubbing artist by watching? Yeah! The first step to becoming a dubbing artist is to be in the kitchen first. Watching will allow you to see the cooking process in the kitchen in all its steps. The rest is up to your personal effort.

Examples of Dubbing Texts

Phone female voice: I'm Margarite Mccallister. I'm the principal of the Wilwood Spencer School in New Jersey. Was Mr or Mrs Lando at home?

Mathilda: Yes, it's me.

Phone female voice: Miss Lando said that your husband had some “problems” enrolling Mathilda at our school. We pride ourselves on turning troubled girls into healthy women. But if they're not here, we can't do much. Mathilda dropped out of school almost 2 weeks ago without taking leave. I know your spouse has paid one year's tuition in advance, but if you have looked at the regulation booklet we sent you, your payment will be deemed to have been burnt if there is a long-term absence without an excuse.

Mathilda: (20.45) He's dead!

Mathilda:(21.33) Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?

Leon: It's always like that… keep it.

Mathilda: I'm going to the market. Would you like some milk?… Two as usual, right?

Norman Standfield: I love those quiet moments before the storm… It reminds me of Beethoven… Can you hear it? It's like you put your ear to the grass and they… As if you can hear them grow. You can hear the insects. Do you like Beethoven?

Malky: Not much to say.

Norman Standfield: Let me play you some.

Mathilda's sister: Dad!

Malky: Benny, stop here.

Mathilda's sister: Dad! Father!

Norman Standfield: We said it was noon… It's been a minute on my watch. You don't like Beethoven... You have no idea what you're missing... Their overture makes my blood boil... They're so powerful. But after the introduction, to be honest, it starts to get a little boring. That's why I stopped listening. Destroy its contents. You are a Mozart fan. I love him too. I love Mozart. He is an Austrian. But it's a little too light for this kind of work. That's why I hang out with the heavier brothers.

Stanfield's first man: Great!

Benny: Dude, what the hell are you doing?

Stanfield's first man: Man, keep that mouth shut.

Norman Standfield: Give Brahms a try. He is also good.

Stanfield's first man: What do you know about music?

Benny: Let go of those things!

Stanfield's second man: Did you check the bed?

Stanfield's first man: No!

Norman standfield: Damn!

Malky: Stan.

Norman Standfield: God! Look what you've done… look what you've done!

Malky: Stan! Stan, what are you doing? He's dead.

Norman Standfield: But he ruined my team.

Malky: Yes, but he's dead. Just a pile of meat. Forget it. Drop it. Calm down.

Norman Standfield: I'm a resident.

Cobb: This way. This is our district. Here is what we brought from the past… this was our first apartment… then we moved to that one… After Mal got pregnant, our house became this.

Ariadne: Did you create all of this from your memories?

Cobb: Like I said, we had plenty of time.

Ariadne: What is this?

Cobb: The house where Mal grew up.

Ariadne: Is it there?

Cobb: No… come on… we both wanted to live in a detached house, but… we also liked this kind of architecture. In the real world, we had to choose, but here it wasn't necessary.

Ariadne: How are you going to bring Fischer back?

Cobb: I have to find some kind of nudge.

Ariadne: What?

Cobb: Don't improvise… Listen, there's something you should know about me. About planting ideas. The idea is like a virus. Resistant… highly contagious. The tiny seed of ideas can reach very large sizes. To dimensions large enough to guide you and destroy you… “your world is not real.” such a tiny idea.

Mal: A simple little thought that changes everything. You are so sure of your own world. Of what is real. Do you think he's sure too? Why do you think she's as lost as I am?

Cobb: I know what's real, Mal. So you don't have an iota of doubt?

Mal: Aren't you panting, Dom? All over the world, as reflections do not give comfort to those who dream… Aren't you wanted by various companies and the police? Accepted. You no longer believe in reality. Choose now. Choose to stay here. Choose me.

Cobb: You know what I have to do, I have to get back to our kids. Because you left them. Because you left us.

Mal: You're wrong.

Cobb: No, I'm not wrong.

Mal: You're confused.

Mal: Our children are here. You want to see their faces again, right?

Cobb: Yes, but I want to see them upstairs, Mal.

Merchandise: Upstairs? Listen to yourself. These are our children. Watch. James? Phillipa?

Cobb: Don't do that, Mal, please. They are not my children.

Mal: You keep telling yourself, but you don't believe it.

Cobb: No, I know.

Mal: What if you're wrong? What if I'm the real one? You keep telling yourself that you know. But what do you believe? what are you feeling?

Cobb: Guilt. I feel guilty, Mal. No matter what I do, no matter how hopeless I am… No matter how confused my head is, the guilt is always with me. It reminds me of the truth.

Mal: What truth?

Cobb: The idea that made you question reality came from me.

Mal: Did you put the idea in my mind?

Andrian: What is he talking about?

Cobb: The reason I knew it was possible to plant ideas was because I applied it to it in the first place. I applied it to my own wife.

Andrew: Why?

Cobb: We were lost here. I knew we should run away, but she wouldn't agree. He was hiding something. And very deep. The truth he once knew but chose to forget. He couldn't get rid of it. So I decided to research it. I dug deep into your mind and found the secret place. I went in and planted an idea. A simple idea that will change everything. The world he created was not real.

Mal: Death was the only way out.

Cobb: You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where he hopes this train will take you. But you can't be sure. It doesn't matter though. Now tell me why!

Mal: Because we will be together.

Cobb: Even after the idea awoke in his mind… I couldn't have known that it would grow like a cancer… Even after he returned to reality… He would continue to believe that our world was not real, that death was the only salvation. Goods, no! my god!

Mal: Did you infect my mind?

Cobb: I was trying to save you.

Mal: You betrayed me, but you can make amends. You can still keep your word. We can still be here together. In the world we created.

Andrian: Cobb, we need to find Fischer.

Mal: You can't have it.

Cobb: If I stay here, will you let it go?

Andrian: What are you talking about?

Property: Fischer is on the balcony.

Cooper: Get in the car! Come on, let's go!

Tom: What about a flat tire?

Cooper: This is the probe of the Indian Air Force. Solar energy batteries are enough to mow the entire field… get behind the wheel… come on, come on! Point the antenna towards him. Tom, don't lose it. Hold it right towards it… stay still. We're getting started. Well done Tom! I'm about to catch you, don't stop. Don't stop.

Tom: Dad!

Cooper: Stop!

Tom: But you told me to keep driving.

Cooper: If I said drive down a cliff, then you were right.

Tom: We lost him.

Cooper: No, we didn't. Do you want to try? Let's get him down to the flat of that dam. You downloaded it very well.

Tom: How long has he been flying?

Cooper: The Delhi machines program was shut down at the same time as us. Ten years ago.

Tom: So he's been flying for ten years? Why was it flying so low?

Cooper: I don't know. The sun burned out his circuits or he's looking for something.

Tom: Like what?

Cooper: Give me the flathead screwdriver. Maybe he's looking for a signal, I don't know.

Murphy: What are you going to do with it?

Cooper: I'll give him a social responsibility. It's like driving a combine.

Murphy: Can't we just let it go? It didn't harm anyone.

Cooper: These things have to learn how to fit in, Murphy. Just like all of us… how will it be now, will you come with me?

Tom: I have class, but this guy has to wait.

Cooper: What did you do?

Murphy: They'll tell you at the interview.

Cooper: Something I'd be angry about?

Murphy: Maybe.

Cooper: Sma please try not to get angry.

Murphy: All right. Be comfortable.

Romilly: You're a little late, Coop.

Cooper: We had a flat tire.

Romilly: I think you stopped by the Asian airplane market on your way.

Cooper: Actually, that thing is a drone reconnaissance plane, sir. There are also outstanding Indian made solar panels. Indian made.

Romilly: Sit down. We've got Tom's points. He will be an amazing farmer.

Cooper: He's into farming, but what about college?

Romilly: Universities take a handful of kids, enough-

Cooper: I still pay my taxes. Where is that money going? There is no army anymore. He obviously doesn't go to college either.

Romilly: Coop, you have to realize that-

Cooper: Are you taking away my son's chance at college? He's only 15 years old.

Romilly: Tom's points are not enough.

Cooper: What's your waist measurement, 82 inches? Your inside leg measurement is 83 inches or something?

Romilly: I couldn't understand where you were trying to get.

Cooper: Two figures are enough to measure your ass… One number is enough for my son's future.

Romilly: Come on. You're an educated man, Coop, and a good pilot.

Cooper: And I'm an engineer.

Romilly: Okay, but we don't need any more engineers right now. We didn't run out of television or planes. We're out of food. The world needs farmers. Good farmers like you. And Tom. He will be an educated farmer. We're thinking about future generations, Coop. Things are getting better. Maybe the education the grandchildren want-

Cooper: Are we done, sir?

Romilly: No.

Romilly: Miss Henley will be talking about Murphy.

Henley: Murphy is a great kid. He's really smart. But he's been having trouble lately. He brought the book about the moon landing to the class and showed it to his friends.

Cooper: This is one of my old books. She loves looking at her pictures.

Henley: This is an old federal book. We have replaced this with the corrected version.

Cooper: Corrected?

Henley: Explains how the Apollo mission was set up to cover… the Soviet bankruptcy.

Cooper: Don't you believe we landed on the moon?

Henley: I think that was clever propaganda. The Soviets drove themselves into bankruptcy because of their investments in those useless machines and rockets.

Cooper: Useless machines?

Henley: Because we don't want a repeat of the unnecessary and wasteful spending of the 20th century… We need to teach our children about our current world. It's not the tales that will drag you into those situations. One of the things you refer to as those useless machines was the MRI machine.

Cooper: If it had remained of those machines, before my wife died… the doctors would have predicted the cyst in her brain. And he could sit here instead of me right now… He could have listened to what you were saying. Which would be great because my wife has always been… the calmest person among us.

Henley: I'm sorry about your wife, Mr. Cooper. But Murphy, because of this Apollo crap… He got into a fistfight with some of his classmates. We thought it would be right to call you and get your opinions about this behavior.

Cooper: Sure. Well, look what shall I say? There is a game tomorrow night. His interest in the game of baseball also increased. He plays his favorite team. We also buy candies and sodas. I think I'll take him to the game.

Murphy: How did it go?

Cooper: You got suspended because of me… what?

Donald: Cooper?

Cooper: Cooper speaking, sir?

Donald: There's something wrong with the combines in the field.

Cooper: Turn the controls off and on again.

Donald: I already did, but you should come and have a look. One by one, they came from the fields to this place. Something is messing with their compasses. Something like magnetic attraction.

Murphy: Dropped books don't have any features. I'm working on it like you said. I count the gaps in the shelf.

Cooper: Why?

Murphy: In case the ghost was trying to communicate. I'm trying Morse code.

Cooper: Morse code?

Murphy: Yeah, you know that dotted hyphen alphabet.

Cooper: Yes, I know what Mors is. But I don't think your library is trying to talk to you… I recalibrated the compass and gps according to the anomaly.

Donald: So what was abnormal?

Cooper: I don't know. If the house was built on a magnetic field… We would have understood this when we first installed the tractors.

Donald: I heard your school reunion didn't go well.

Cooper: So you heard. We're starting to forget who we are now, Donald. We were explorers, pioneers. We weren't caregivers. When I was a kid, it felt like something new was being done every day. For example, there was a tool or an idea.

Dorota: Mr. Szpilman?

Szpilman: Hello. I came here specifically to see you. I adore your music.

Szpilman: Who are you?

Dorota: My name is Dorota. I'm Jurek's brother. Your forehead is bleeding.

Szpilman: No, I have nothing.

Jurek: Come on, Dorota. You'll reveal your admiration later. Now is not the time. Lets!

Szpilman: Jurek! Where were you hiding it?

Mom: What should I take with me?

Halina: You always take too much!

Dad: How many suitcases will you buy? What do you think? Do you think I should get Szymon's portrait?

Mom: Take it, take it! Get what you want.

Dad: Can't you see how worried I am?

Mother: He will come home. It will be fine.

Halina: We need another suitcase. Mom, Wadek is here.

Mother: Thank God! wadek. Did you get hurt?

Szpilman: No, no. Just a minor scratch.

Mother: I was very worried.

Henryk: I told him not to be alarmed. If you had been shot over the documents, they would have known where to bring you.

Mother: Henryk! It's not funny, don't say things like that! I can't find anything. God bless! God bless!

Halina: Dad, Wadek is back.

Dad: What did I say?

Mom: What are you doing?

Halina: Has anyone seen my white lace hat?


00:03:11.488 –> 00:03:15,362

Szpilman: I don't know. We cut the broadcast.

Henryk: Warsaw isn't the only radio station here.

Mom: Come on, go pack up honey. Gather your things.

Szpilman: Where are we going?

Mother: Far from Warsaw.

Szpilman: Far from Warsaw? To where?

Halina: Didn't you hear?

Szpilman: Didn't I hear what?

Halina: Didn't you read the papers?

Szpilman: No.

Halina: Where is the newspaper?

Regina: I used it instead of the package.

Halina: She used it instead of a package!

Father: the government is moving to Lublin. All the healthy men should leave the city… cross the river to form a new line of defense. That's why only women remained in this building. Because all the men are gone.

Szpilman: What do you think you're going to do as the new line of defense is being built? That you can wander around pulling your suitcases?

Mother: Pack it up Wadek. This is not the time.

Szpilman: I'm not going anywhere.

Regina: Good! I'm not going anywhere either.

Mom: Don't be silly. We must not be separated from each other.

Szpilman: Listen, if I'm going to die, I'd rather die in my own home. The result is the same.

Mother: God forbid!

Henryk: Would you shut up? Listen, I found something.

Radio: According to the information we received from the BBC in London, the British Government, who did not receive any response to the ultimatum they gave to the German Government, declared war on Nazi Germany.

Dad: That's great! This is great!

Radio: He will make a similar statement in France in the next few hours.

Dad: Thank God! Poland is no longer alone. Fantastic! Wonderful!

Henryk: Mom, that was a great meal.

Halina: Yes, it certainly was.

Mom: If you have something to celebrate, you have to make an effort.

Dad: Well, I'm drinking to Great Britain and France. I told you. Didn't I say? Everything is gonna be okay!

Mom: Is that all?

Father: Yes, we only have 5003 zlotys left.

Regina: More than 3003 zloty. Listen. Recent decisions regarding cash. Jews can keep a maximum of 2000 zlotys in cash at home. So what do we do with the remaining money?

Halina: We're going to put it in a bank. To a frozen account.

Henryk: The bank? Who is stupid enough to put money in a German bank? We can keep the money. How is that?

Halina: We hide the money in the bottom of the pots.

Father: No. I will tell you what we have to do. I know a safer way. What did we do in the last war? We drilled a hole in the leg of the table and hid the money there.

Henryk: What if they take the table?

Mom: What do you mean if they take the table?

Henryk: The Germans break into Jewish homes and take what they want. Valuables, furniture, everything.

Dad: Really? Are you stupid? What should they do with the table? And such a table.

Mom what are you doing? Look, listen.


Halina: This is the best place. No one would think to look at the bottom of the pot.

Henryk: No, listen. I was thinking too…

Szpilman: Really? Big change.

Henryk: We're going to use psychology.

Szpilman: What are we going to use?

Henryk: We're going to leave the money and the watch on the table and … we're going to cover it up like this. It will stand before your eyes.

Szpilman: Are you stupid?

Henryk: The Germans search all the breaches. They don't care. Really.

Szpilman: That was the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Of course they notice! Look.

Szpilman: Look here. Fool.

Henryk: And you're calling me stupid!

Mom: No, that's a good idea. Never do this…

Henryk: This will take hours!

Mother: No, we are not in such a hurry.

Szpilman: No, it won't.

Henryk: So how do you get it back? Can you tell me please? I wonder how will you pull it out?

Szpilman: Tweezers! What is your problem?

Henryk: You're going to take them out one by one?

Halina: Nobody is listening to me!

Regina: Be quiet please! Be quiet! Some order! Some order please!

Halina: She's a lawyer. He likes order.

Regina: Would you please listen? We put the clock in the bottom of the flower pot and the money in the violin.

Dad: Will I still be able to play?

Szpilman: You'll see this… Jurek, I'm Wadek Szpilman.

Jurek: Wadek? How are you?

Szpilman: We're fine, we're fine. Thanks and you?

Jurek: We're fine considering the circumstances. I can guess why you're calling but… There's nothing we can do. They don't turn the radio back on. They don't want to open.

Szpilman: I know. There will be no music.

Jurek: There will be no radio for the Poles.

Szpilman: I know. Jurek…

Jurek: I'm sure you'll find a job. A pianist like you cannot be unemployed.

Szpilman: Maybe, maybe not, but… Listen, don't get me wrong, but I didn't call to talk about my career.

Dorota: I begged Jurek for weeks, eventually he gave up and said “okay come tomorrow.” said. So I came and they bombed the station.

Szpilman: It was absolutely wonderful meeting you like that.

Dorota: Really?

Szpilman: Yes. It was an unforgettable moment for me.

Dorota: I really like your music, Mr. Szpilman.

Szpilman: Call me Wadek, please.

Dorota: Nobody can play Chopin like you.

Szpilman: I hope that's a compliment.

Dorota: No, I say it with conviction.

Szpilman: I'm a little nervous. I'm trying to be funny.

Szpilman: Shall we go to Paradiso? We drink coffee.

Dorota: I like it very much.

Szpilman: And what do you do?

Dorota: I graduated from the conservatory.

Szpilman: So you're a musician.

Dorota: Yes, but I'm an amateur.

Szpilman: What instrument do you use?

Dorota: Cello.

Szpilman: I like to watch women play the cello. Here we come.

(Jews cannot enter.)

Dorota: That's embarrassing! How dare they?

Szpilman: They want to be better nazis than Hitler.

Dorota: I'm going to go inside and complain.

Szpilman: Don't. You're better off not doing it. believe me.

Dorota: It's very humiliating for a man like you.

Szpilman: We'll find another place.

Dorota: We can walk in the park.

Szpilman: No, we can't walk. New official order. “Jews cannot enter the park.”

Dorota: God, are you kidding?

Szpilman: No, I would have offered to sit on a bench but…another official order prevents that. “Jews cannot sit on public benches.”

Dorota: That's ridiculous.

Szpilman: There is something we can do. We can stop here and talk. We're allowed to do that, right? So you play the cello. This is very nice. Who is your favorite composer? Is it Chopin? my god. You need to learn the cello sonata, right? "how about you wadek?" Maybe I can accompany you. I play the piano, you play the cello.

Dorota: Mr. Szpilman, you are truly a wonderful person.

Szpilman: Call me Wadek, please.

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