Brand Voice: Let Your Brand Have a Voice!

brand voice

Brand Voice: Let Your Brand Have a Voice!

The most important role in advertisements belongs to “Brand Voice”. So what is brand voice? Why is brand voice important? For which sector or project is brand voice essential?Despite the dominance of digital channels, the human voice still has an overwhelming power over us. We need a guiding and promotional voice wherever we go, from voice mail systems where technology has entered our lives, to elevators, to traffic lights, and in all other media production sectors. Because 'Branding' and 'Brand Positioning' are undoubtedly the most important issues in the sector, and the most preferred method in this process is visual and audio advertisements prepared for different broadcasting channels. I mean, the voiceovers for the commercials.

Every business needs to have a strong brand voice that they use in their marketing activities. Because the brand voice helps to create a concrete vision by moving the brand forward and ensures that all marketing communication is continued with as much consistent work as possible. When I say “voiceover”, it is actually a real person who is describing the scenario in the video. voice actor we're talking about. These voices can of course vary considerably based on many factors such as tone, personality, gender, accent and age. That's why it takes effort to find the perfect voice that goes side by side with your brand and target audience. So the important tip to keep in mind as you start your search professional voiceover agency and working with a professional voice actor.

Professional voices will turn your video into a real success, while agencies will ensure quality service in process management. Only a professional voice talent can make you feel happiness, compassion or excitement in the video because professional voice actors know very well how to add the right voices, pauses and story flow so they always channel the emotions in the right way. When you look at it, dull and monotonous voices in narrations cannot represent any brand correctly, because they cannot give people the confidence and identity they should give to the brand, and again, only a professional voice talent adds a strong personality to the brand and makes your video stand out every time. In addition, if the experienced artists you will choose have worked on marketing and advertising projects before, their experience will be a great advantage for your project.

What is Brand Voice?

Brand voice is a distinctive voice used to define and highlight a brand's identity. Brand voice is a piece of audio designed to reflect the brand's personality, message, values and target audience. This voice is essential to strengthen the brand image, increase brand promotion and create brand awareness among consumers.

Brand voice is often used in advertisements, telephone voice response systems, social media videos, and other marketing materials. Brand owners use professional services such as music production companies or sound design firms to create the brand voice.

Brand voice ensures that the brand is remembered better, increases consumer loyalty and strengthens brand perception. Successful brand voices identify with the brand's unique identity in the minds of consumers and increase the effectiveness of the brand's marketing efforts.

brand voice

Why Is Brand Voice Important? What Contributions Does Brand Voice Provide to the Company?

Brand voice is important for the recognition and retention of a brand. Image voice helps consumers remember the brand's identity and values more easily and establish an emotional connection with the brand. In addition, this study emphasizes the difference of the brand, enabling consumers to differentiate from other competing brands.

Image voices also enable the brand to reach its target audience more effectively when used in the brand's advertisements. For example, an impressive brand voice used in a television advertisement can increase product sales by enabling consumers to establish an emotional connection with the brand.

In addition, these sounds help the brand to be remembered more easily on digital platforms. A brand enables the brand to reach more people by using the brand voice it uses in digital channels in podcasts, videos, and social media posts.

Where Can We Find Brand Voices?

We stated that the voice we define as the brand voice is the voice of the voice actors themselves. To these artists Voice Bank or BiberSA Voice Over Artists You can access via Each agency has its own sound bank and only the voices that it has contracted are brought together. While creating sound banks, the preference of the agencies will be to bring together different sound colors. Because every type of sound can be needed in this market. When choosing the brand tone in your advertising projects, companies generally check whether the artist's voice color matches the brand image.

For example, the sound sought for a toy brand is generally a higher-pitched and affectionate tone, while the sound sought for an insurance brand is a more solid and reassuring tone. Since there are much more options and master voices in the voice-over agencies, which have a large market share in Istanbul, it is possible to communicate and get offers.

How Are Stamp Fees Determined for Voice Actors?

The so-called stamp price is the working price of the artists, and the voice actors voicing their brand voices have the savings to set their own prices. However, they do this job of determining the price of the stamp in agreement with the voiceover agencies because they affect the media production sector. voice over agencies he knows well, so the savings on this issue are largely in the voice-over agencies.

Brand voice stamp prices are determined depending on different factors. These factors are:

  1. Experience and Quality: The experience and quality of the voice actor affects the stamp prices. An experienced and quality voice actor may charge higher prices.
  2. Nature of Work: The voice actor's knowledge of the nature of the work, that is, his experience, is effective in determining the stamp prices. It may be different for a brand voice presenter to set the stamp for a commercial, while it may be less for a phone system to set the stamp.
  3. Usage Area: Stamp prices may vary according to the usage area. For example, the stamp price of the brand sound used in a television advertisement may be higher than the stamp price of the brand sound used in an internet advertisement.
  4. Duration: Stamp prices may vary according to the period of use. A higher stamp price may be requested for a long-term use.
  5. Sector: Stamp prices may vary according to the sector. For example, the stamp price may be different for an advertising agency, while the stamp price may be lower for an educational institution.

Agency commission fee is included in the stamp price. No extra payment is made to the customer. While determining the stamp price of the Voiceover Artist, the balance of experience, supply and demand is taken into account. Sounds with extensive experience and more preferred are always more valuable and require payment at that rate.

To sum up, when preparing media content for your brand, product or service, you should definitely consider choosing a voice actor who will increase your brand value. Because brand voices will create a perception of quality on the target audience and your brand will gain value in the long run.

Some Brand Voice Examples from BiberSA Production

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