Commercial Film Production

Commercial Film Production

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As BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency we offer you examples of commercial films we produced for our clients in different sectors. Promotional films, Introductory films, Desktop ads, Viral Video advertisement, 3D Modeling services are included under commercial film production. The fact that there are so many different names under the name of commercial films is related to the media usage and construction technique of the commercial film.

Budget of producing a film is much higher than just a post production service. Creating a cast, selection of the face of the advertisement and the location expands the budget. For our commercial service, you can contact us at bibersa.com and ask for a price for your ad.

Apart from commercial film production services we also offer rental services. You can rent our Canon Mark III, Arri Alexa, light and sound equipment, camera and equipment, drone and operator services. Advertisement scenario writing service is also provided by the experienced writing team of BiberSA production. Contact us for more information about the commercial film production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial film production services have recently started to be used under the title of visual output. As BiberSA Production, we produce advertisements and post-production services are included within this service. We manage the project all the way through to the end. We take care of the script-writing, storyboard, voice-over, post-production, art direction, cinematography, makeup and equipment supply. The most important cornerstone of the commercial film production service is the ‘idea’. It is always the idea that makes the money. One of the most important services of commercial film production is the voice-over. The choice of the voice determines the fate of the commercial.

Commercial film shootings are done on the field, in the studio or on plateaus. The location determination is made based on the scenario. Light is adjusted according to the concept of the commercial film in the rented field. After pilot shooting and light adjustments, the advertisement is completed in the direction of the scenario. The shooting process includes makeup, audio shots, lights, cameras, and other studio equipment. The shooting process must proceed by recording photos or videos. In the shooting process, the video that we call backstage video is done to make a story out of the shooting process, and it is included in this service. As BiberSA Production, we manage the projects in the best way by providing the best team and the best equipment logic in order to provide quality service to our clients by managing the advertisement shooting process in the best way possible.

The post-production phase is the next stage after the shooting process. Why “post”? Because this process is where revisions are abundant, and the scenes about the film are visible to the client. All post production processes are managed at studio. With the help of various video editing programs, the editing, color correction, color grading and assembly processes of the commercial film are managed. These processes are all called post-production. We have the most professional team when it comes to post production in Turkey. We deliver your projects at the promised time, and we provide unlimited revision support.

Since many additional services make up the commercial film production service, the prices of commercial films are not fixed. Budget work is carried out according to the thoughts in the mind of the advertiser or the screenwriter. After the scenario is determined and storyboard work is done in commercial film productions, the definite budget is worked out. The following survey is conducted with the clients while discussing the budget work.

1- In which media do you intend to publish your commercial film?
2- Do you want to use only photo images in your commercial film?
3- Do you want to use only the actual video images in your commercial film?
4- Do you want to use real people that requires a cast, such as actors, reporters in your commercial film?
5- Can you please give a detailed brief about your brand?
6- What do you want your brand, service or product to come to forefront?
7- Could you please list the first three commercials that you said you liked before? This survey is only a few of the questions long.

In line with these questions, we determine what kind of commercial film you need or want.