In the voice-over profession, advertising has a large share. Whether working in the media production sector, advertising agencies, production companies or working as a freelance designer, basically everyone working in the sector sooner or later comes to a voice-over agency. They often request commercial voice-over services. We handle commercial voice services in three parts. Radio commercial, TV commercial and social media commercial voice-overs. Commercials from these categories are delivered to the client by the preferred voice talent in the studio with the correct format.


Radio commercial voice over services are the prepared radio advertisements to be broadcasted on radio in Turkey. This service of BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency provides the creation of the commercials to be broadcast only on radio. Advertisement script-writing, voice-over, and sound design services are offered to our customers within this service. We provide a solution and continue to offer radio commercial production service to many radio stations broadcasting in Turkey within the time we serve as commercial voice over agency. For our other voice-over services, you can check the details by selecting the appropriate service under the voice-over services title.

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The total price calculated in the Commercial Voice-over Price Calculator represents the average prices. Please contact our customer service representative on 0212 288 63 01 to get exact price information about the cost of your project.

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Our television commercial voice-over services include dubbing and voicing commercials broadcasting on television. Our talents in our voice bank have a different price for reputation price, and the prices vary according to the length of your commercial script or commercial film.You can visit our voice bank page to make a choice of our talents for your commercial films, your promotion film or other content. Scripts are very important in commercial voice-overs.

Because the script should be coherent and understandable and writing the scripts correctly will provide an easier voice-over for our talent. Commercial voice-overs are written by the script-writers within the voice-over agency and must be approved before the voice-over. This team performing the writing of the scripts also supports the voice-over talent throughout the voicing process. Since writing the script is a long and hard process, some agencies prefer to use ready made scripts. In our opinion, this is extremely wrong. We support the original ideas because this ready made scripts are inspired by already written scripts and this hinders the improvement in this sector.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial voice over services fall into three categories. Radio, television and social media voice-overs. In the media production sector, the most needed service is social media voice-overs. The television and radio commercial voice-over service is one of the other services that follow the commercial film voice-over service on social media. Whether it is commercial voice-over services on television or radio commercial voice-over services or social media commercial voice-over services, we listen to the customer well, offer a brief, prepare scripts and provide sound recording and production services. We produce and deliver the commercial voice-over service with music and effects.

Voice-over agencies are where all services of commercial voice-over are provided. In the voice-over agencies, there are voices of the talents in their voice cast and voice bank. It can be seen as an interactive platform which can be downloaded and selected as an iOS and Android application. Commercial voice-over requires a great skill and talent for everyone. The voice-over director plays a very important part in the agencies where commercial voice-over services are provided. Voice director, who decides where the accent should be, is the leading actor in impressive commercial voice-overs. As BiberSA Production voice-over and dubbing agency, we are preparing and delivering commercial voice-over with two different dubbing directors and equipped state-of-the-art recording technology.

Voice-over agencies operating in the sector in Turkey are set to almost the same price policy. Commercial voice-over prices are calculated by the formula ‘reputation price + text length (word count) + media medium to be aired = commercial voice-over price’. We have prepared a commercial voice-over price calculator for you above. The commercial voice-over price calculator estimates approximately how much the budget for the script is. For full budgeting, please contact us via your email address with your script and selected talents. The cost per word is also calculated for the voice-over talents who do not have reputation price when calculating the price. As BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing agency, we aim to provide accurate and high quality sound to your brand while delivering this service to our customers with the lowest cost.

The number of the voice-over talent in voice-over work is about 5,000 people in Turkey and 600,000 people in the world. How do you become a voice-over talent? You can find numerous articles on the internet on this matter. We can say that the best way to become a talents is through a path from apprenticeship to mastery. And this requires determination and a long time. As BiberSA Production which contains the most talented voices of Turkey besides the most famous ones in its voice banks, we offer the perfect sound for your commercial voice-over project. We choose the talent according to the concept of your commercial and we deliver your project on the same day. If you’d wish you can be a part of the project whilst our voice-over talents are recording in the studio. BiberSA Production prepares your commercials with high recording technology and delivers your projects on time.