Dubbing Studio Recording Services

Dubbing Studio Recording Services

Dubbing studios are places where dubbing is performed by the voice actors.

Dubbing studios consist of two parts.

The part where the dubbing artist meets the microphone is the first part of the dubbing studio: ‘recording hall’, the control panel and the part where the control is located is the second part of the ‘control hall’. Dubbing is created with the professional studios. The other section is the section where the audio recorders and the computer are located. Dubbing studios are places where sound insulation and acoustic insulation are well done.

There are dozens of companies who record in dubbing studios and a quality studio where you can get dubbing service suitable for your project will not exceed the fingers of a hand.

If the cast created for the dubbing project is above 10 people, it means that there is at least sixty square meters of space in the dubbing studio. Dubbing cast studio will be called as a single or complete team and will record their parts. At the beginning of the most important issues to be considered in dubbing studios, it comes to reading by looking at the line on the screen. Because sync is an important detail.

BiberSA Production voice-over and dubbing agency, which provides dubbing studio recording services in Istanbul, prepares your dubbing projects both in a short time and creates a good cast and includes you among the satisfied customers.

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