Having Turkey’s largest foreign language voice cast when it comes to foreign language voice-over, our agency serves with the world’s best voices, voice-overs, and voice-over talents. Our most popular foreign language voice over languages are; English voice-over, German voice-over, French voice-over, Spanish voice-over, Russian voice-over, and Arabic voice-over. We provide our customers who demand foreign language voice over services by delivering the services they bought on the same day. You can find the voice-over service in every language suitable for your project in our voice-over agency.

Thanks to the quality of the recording technologies our partner studios in abroad use in foreign language voice over, we get to work with international voice-over talents. Providing that foreign voice-over talents in Turkey and voice-over talents who are Turkish but can also voice foreign language work in our voice-over dubbing studio, we provide high-quality foreign language voice overs. The voice-over scripts translated from Turkish to English are delivered on time with high-quality recording technology with voice-overs talents selected from our voice cast. In our voice-over agency, changes and mistakes made in the voice-over text after foreign language voice over are evaluated under ‘revision’ and no extra fee is requested.

We provide foreign language voice over and dubbing services in our voice-over and dubbing studio on Şişli Ortaklar Street. We offer our experienced foreign language voice bank in American English and British English accents to our customers.

While some foreign language voice over talents residing Turkey visit their voice-over and dubbing studios for recording, voice-over agencies are demanding direct voice-overs from some voices from abroad. There are undoubtedly some criteria in the works received by the voice-over agencies. For example, whether it is recorded in a good studio with good quality or the revisions are fast enough. They are putting up standards such as coordination of these.


As in Turkish voice-overs, the reputation price of the voice-over and the broadcasting media of the job are the factors that affect the foreign voice-over price. It is a fact that foreign language voice overs are more expensive in our country than Turkish voice-overs. You can get an offer from voice-over agencies operating in Istanbul by calling or by choosing voice-over from foreign language voice cast.