How Can I Be a Dubbing Artist?

Seslendirme Dublaj Kaşe Bedelleri ve Fiyatları

How Can I Be a Dubbing Artist?

What Is Dubbing?

First of all, let’s start by giving you the answer to this question. Dubbing; It is the process of revoicing the video or film projects that have been performed. We revoice the projects for various reasons. Both the sound can not be taken during the shooting, and the sound of the character is disliked.


How Can I Be a Dubbing Artist?

The answer to this question is really long, but if it is mentioned briefly, it takes years to become a dubbing artist, to have a good understanding of sound, and to be recognized by a generation. You need to know that they do not have academic careers, lots of certificates, and lots of education.

Dubbing artists may be from vocal academies or can learn the job from the studios. It will make you a good dubbing artist, to have a heart for dubbing work, to have a good talent, and to make sure that the dubbing studios get to know you.


Is There a School for Dubbing Artists?

To be a dubbing artist, you don’t have to graduate from a school, you have to have a good ability, you have a characteristic voice and you need to have a compatible personality. There are a lot of dubbing courses in Istanbul. Students who graduate from these courses are applying for dubbing agencies in the hope of becoming a dubbing artist. As we mentioned at the beginning, to perform the dubbing work, you must be capable, you must have a characteristic voice, you need to be able to perform theatrical vocals.


What Is the Difference Between Dubbing Artist and a Voice Talent?

The dubbing artist is more in the forefront of his theatrical talent and the voice talents are the masters of reading rules such as diction.

BiberSA Production Voice-over and Dubbing Agency contains the best voice talents and Dubbing Artists.


Who Are the Most Famous Dubbing Artists?

In Turkish cinema and TV sector some of the most famous voices from ads, movies and TV series are: Nüvit Candaner, Ayhan Kahya, Mazlum Kiper, Sungun Babacan, Aydoğan Temel, Özkan Uğur, Nur Subaşı, Kadir Özübek, Cahit Şaher, Umut Tabak, Itri Koşar, Zeki Atlı, Uğur Taşdemir , Selçuk Yöntem, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Günyol Bakoğlu, Ali Poyrazoğlu, Okan Bayülgen, Can Balkap, Özlem Altınok, Devrim Parscan,
Bahtiyar Engin, Yekta Kopan, Tarkan Koç, Zeynep Özden Ayyıldız, Müge Oruçkaptan, Tülay Bursa, Berna Başer, Toprak Sergen, Murat Şen, Levent Dönmez, Ali Gül, Ercan Demirel, Fulya Ergüneş, Rıza Karaağaçlı, Engin Alkan, Zeyno Eracar and many more…

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