How to Write a Commercial Script?

Reklam Metinleri Nasıl Yazılır?

How to Write a Commercial Script?

Commercial scripts in the media production sector are prepared for advertising agency for product, service and brand, dubbing agency, to express the appropriate words in accordance with the brief given to digital agencies. Various languages ​​are used in commercial scripts. The commercials may include jargon, slang, could be institutional or fairy-tale-ish. The important thing is that the product, brand or service is written in the shortest form possible and should be emphasized in the commercial film or radio spot.


What Should Be Considered When Writing Commercial Scripts

The script should be short and descriptional. It’s the most appropriate way to write one. The short script will affect the delivery budget of the ad, and will allow the commercial to be played or watched more effectively. We use the term ‘commercial scripts’ mostly in radio commercials.In television ads, scripts are written as short commercials such as campaigns and announcements and are still covered by commercial scripts, and we use the term ‘commercial scenario’ for commercial films that require scripts. We call the scripts which is written for radio commercials, radio commercial scripts.


Radio Commercial Script Types

Radio commercial scripts are written in a theatral way. Thetral commercial scripts are mostly the scripts where multiple voice talents are included in the scenario. Commercial scripts can sometimes be written for only one person to perform. In the content of radio commercials, it could be a dialogue between two people and sometimes more than two people can be included. In the radio commercials, it is necessary to remember the ‘external sound’ which is always indispensable. The external voice always says the last word. The external voice says the name and slogan of the brand, product and service finally and ends the film.


Ready-to-use Radio Commercial Scripts

Ready-to-use radio commercial scripts are usually used when the script writer cannot think of anything else. Scripts prepared for different brands are the last savior of the writers. People who looks for these ready-to-use scripts, change a few words and then uses these scripts for their own commercials. We call this adaptation.


Commercial Script Examples

In the media production sector, we offer ready-to-use commercial scripts to be an example in national television channels.

If you review the scripts, you can determine where the emphasis is placed, which products, services stand out. It is important to remember that the script should be written by a specialist and redacted by a script writer.

There are some commercials that contain long sentences that need to be read in a single breath. For example, the scripts that are written for the Japanese cosmetics giant Platinum Vuvu.

[actionbox title=”8th Continent Soymilk” sub_text=”You have broken up with carbs, banked points, done shakes for lunch, steaks for breakfast and can’t remember ever saying I’ll have the dressing on the salad. You deserve a lower carb lip smacking soymilk. 8th Continent soymilk. Come to a better place.”]
[actionbox title=”A1 Steak Sauce” sub_text=”With steak, you want to make every bite count. That’s why we use A-1 Steak Sauce. A-1 brings out every single bite of steak, or even hamburger. Mmmmm, delicious. For me, there’s only one steak sauce, A-1. Because A-1 has all the taste that makes every bite count.”]
[actionbox title=”Alanta Bread Company” sub_text=”When you think of Atlanta Bread Company, don’t just think “bread.” Think of an entire breakfast menu – fresh-baked pastries, hot breakfast sandwiches and specialty coffees. Think of our Café with savory sandwiches, daily soups and crisp salads. And don’t forget…we can cater your next special event or meeting! Atlanta Bread Company – more than just bread.”]
[actionbox title=”Amp Energy Drink” sub_text=”WHY stop? I think we all know what roses smell like. AMP energy drink from MOUNTAIN DEW.”]
[actionbox title=”Army’s Ultimate Angus Philly” sub_text=”Arby’s Ultimate Angus Philly Introducing Arby’s new ultimate angus philly. Thinly sliced, premium angus beef, oven roasted and piled high. With hot melted swiss, it could be the best philly outside Philly. Arbys. It’s good mood food.”]
[actionbox title=”Clem the Prospector – Nebraska Lottery” sub_text=”Howdy folks, Clem the old prospector here to tell you how you can strike it rich, and you don’t even need a pick and shovel, all you need is a new Quick Pick from the Nebraska Lottery. With 6 chances to win, odds are you’ll do better than me diggin’ in this old mountain here. The new Quick Pick, from the Nebraska Lottery.”]

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