Image Voice-Over

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Image Voice-Over

Image voice-over is the voice of your brand, the advertisement film, the kind of advertising such as the characteristic voices at the end of the commercials. The external voice is the voice of the brand name and slogan which is in the last part of the ads. This is the most effective part of the audience that affects the audience in radio ads. Image voice-over is often the type of vocalization that we often encounter in movie trailers. The voice talent who will make the image voice must be determined by the voice-over agency and selected by the customer’s approval. Although the content of the campaign sounds different in the ad script, we can see that a good external voice makes a good impression. Image voice-over adds professionalism to ad voice as well as makes mindfulness strong.

Most of the time we come across radio IDs and television generics. Image voices voice the name of the radio station, all the publicity and fragments on TV shows. Radio and television channels often make trailers and ID voices often called long-term external voices.


Image Voice-Over Character

The voice actors in the voice cast of voice-over and dubbing agencies are chosen from among the characteristic and often male tokens. For men, the image of male branded sounds is among the more preferred voices. Deep voices are the most preferred voice types for image voice-overs. From time to time we can see that children voices are used as image voice-overs. Children’s voices can make image and sound according to the format and style of the ad script or ad scenario.

With more than 10 years of vocal experience working with professional voice talents and dubbing artists in this field, BiberSA Production is giving voice to commercials, promotional films, viral advertisements, television commercials, radio advertisements, internet commercials.You can listen to our professional image voice talents below.

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