Radio Ad Prices

Radyo Jingle ve Dj Jingle Nasıl Yapılır?

Radio Ad Prices

How Radio Advertising Prices Are Determined?

While determining radio advertising prices, radios refer to two important elements. Listening rates of radios and free market economy. That is, if the listening rate of the radio is high (on a one-month average), we can conclude that the second unit price of that radio is expensive. In addition, radios (which apply to national radios) ODT (Off Drive Time) and DT (Drive Time) are the hours they called. Which is the prime time in television industry. The most watched time zone. Yes, they have DT and ODT hours on radios. DT time zone is more expensive than ODT.The time period and the non-traffic time periods are taken as reference, especially in Istanbul. To obtain information about the monthly rate of listenings of the radio, special research companies can obtain various statistical information on this subject. Let’s just say the radio came with an ad spot. Want to learn how it is priced?


How to Calculate Radio Advertising Prices?

For example, we want to broadcast a 30-second spot for company A on B radio 10 times a day. The formula in this case is as follows. Cost / Daily = A (30 seconds spot) * B (unit price per second) * C (number of repetitions per day) can be found with the formula.


Radio Advertising Voice Prices

Of course not to mention, radio advertising has a cost of broadcasting, as well as the cost of production. Advertising, product, service is written before the ad script. Then the vocalization is made by the voice of the ad and then ad is ready for publication. Radio advertising packages are available for local and regional radios. BiberSA Production, which provides radio advertising spot services for commercials to be broadcasted on national radios, provides Jingle and commercial voice-over services.

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