The Most Famous Voices From Commercials

Reklamlardaki En Meşhur Sesler

The Most Famous Voices From Commercials

Many of the commercials you see on television and social media has famous voices. You are familiar with them. Each voice came down to your subconscious. And how did these voices succeed this? The quality of the tones? Because they speak Turkish properly? Because you’ve been overreaching for the duration of the ad? Yes, the answer is all. Throughout the day, we watch and hear dozens or maybe hundreds of advertisements in the media. The voice talents who perform these commercials are connected to advertisements because of the sound of their voices, their proper Turkish speaking, and the fact that you are exposed to over-advertising during the broadcasting periods. Some people see this and say: “Hey I can do voice-overs too!” Some people just like the situation and continue their life. We call those famous voices, voice talents. These hidden heroes are the voices that these giant brands address people’s feelings with.


The words used frequently in the media production sector are ‘sound bank’ and ‘sound cast’. It is only possible with a sound bank to select the appropriate sound for your project. Professional voice talents are included in the voice bank within the voiceover and dubbing agency. Voice talents in the sound bank are preferred by production companies, directors or customers according to their tone, accents and intonation. The voice bank attracts the attention of agencies or clients who choose from many alternatives. It is easy to find the voice you want from different styles.

Some talents work with the reputation price. But some don’t and they work with the agencies with a special agreement price. Talents with no reputation price let the pricing to the agency. In voicebank, besides the voice talents, there are special voices, different dialects and speakers or even children’s voices. The voice is selected from the appropriate audio category according to the status of the advertisement scenario and script. The voice bank also has professional voices created in different languages ​​from various countries of the world by the voice-over agency. Voice-overs from different languages ​​of the world, such as English voice-over, Arabic voice-over, German voice-over, Russian-voice over are available in the voice bank. All voices are composed of professional talents in the media production sector.

We have received information that a Turkish company exports to Sudan. The customer wanted to launch an advertising campaign to be broadcast on Sudan television and radio channels. The client asked the agency representatives to voice the local language. I remember he found it after a week of research. Sometimes these requests came and it’s not easy to find. In the world of voice-over, sometimes we are asked questions we don’t know the answer for. We understood that voice bank has such an important place in the media production sector and that it needs to be a bank that responds to every need and demand. We hope voice banks would be full of more professional people who work with their hearts.

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