The Voice-Over Program

Seslendirme Programı

The Voice-Over Program

Our voice-over agency applies a program to clients who want voice-over services and those who want to work as a talent. The Voice-over Program helps contacting the client and the talent. Some people want to be famous talents, sand some people want a voice for their brand, product or services.


Voice-over Program Process

The program that we apply to the voice-over agency applicants to buy the voice-over service consists of the following stages; Briefing process: During this process, the clients inform the agency about the brand, product or service and explain their goals. After necessary parts are highlighted are determined, the media channels are put on the table and the channels are decided. Script writing process: the script of the brand, product or service is written according to the received brief. The language of expression, which will be used in this writing stage, is extremely important. The script is written with the characters or external voice in the scenario. Voice-over process: the voice-over process starts right after the script is ready. In voice-over stage, the talents read the script with voice director directives and get ready for publication. It is important to know in which format the advertisement or publicity will be, such as television, radio or internet. The sound technician must deliver the audio in the desired format.

There are people who believe that they have an amazing voice, who apply to our agency to perform voice-overs. Our voice-over program looks like this on their end: The technical analysis of the voice: they are subjected to a short conversations with the voice-over director, primarily for the applicants who apply to our agency to become a voice talent. The voice director wants to perform a technical analysis for the talent candidate if necessary. This means, you are prompted to do voice-overs. If the voice director doesn’t need technical analysis, we’re sorry. Demo voice-over: Candidates who are prompted should perform commercial, promotional or IVR voice-overs. Records are then performed to see the results. As a result of the records, they are included in the voice bank if deemed necessary. This choice is entirely on the agency.

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