What Is Audible Recording?

Sesli Çekim Nedir?

What Is Audible Recording?

Audible recording is the process of recording the audio simultaneously during the video production in the media production sector. It is the process of making sound of characters and recording of environmental sound (atmospheric sound) in productions such as commercials, promotional film, motion picture films, series, movies, sitcoms, documentaries and television programs. During the sound design of the video, it is an important voice service that includes audible recording, voice-over, dubbing, effects within the auxiliary services such as dubbing, audible recording foley and effects. In documentary productions, it is a service that records environment and nature sound, backstage sound in cinema films, pilot sound, character dialogues in series films and sound of environment. Audible recording is indispensable to understand a visual content.

When it comes to voice recording, we think of the heroes of audible recording service such as boom operators, voice recording technicians. These heroes are the audible recording team. Heroes who sweat to catch the perfect sound for hours by shouldering the boom pole. The sound recording technicians also recognize the sound recorder in a very detailed way and the microphone pattern and they also are one of those heroes. The audible recording team usually saves projects in wav format and sync. Although there are different types of formats, wav and 24-bit formats are usually preferred in Turkey. The RAW format is visually a WAV format and is a quality sound recording.


Firstly, the equipment we use must be OF quality equipment in the market. We can mention many brand names here but I am only aiming to contribute to your quality perception so that I won’t promote anything. A German businessman has a good saying. ‘I’m not rich enough to buy cheap goods’ I think this is a promise that should be considered only in all equipment supplies, not only the voice-over equipment. If you want to passivate the voices outside the directed area, you should use a ribbon or cardioid type microphone and adjust the pattern. Using a woolly microphone head called pop filter will make a great contribution to noise in order to minimize environmental noise and wind.


Particularly in the audible recording, preferences are in favor of equipment that will not have problems. Audible recording equipment consists of three but basic parts: audio recorder, shotgun microphone and boom pole. The quality of these three main parts is extremely important.  Especially the (coder) audio recorder is the most important part of the sound quality.The other one is the microphone. You can find these equipments on the market in various quality and prices. You can supply quality audible recording equipment from companies engaged in the trade of audio technologies with the condition of not being manufactured in China.

BiberSA with its experienced and state-of-the-art audio recording technicians and boom operators with current and state-of-the-art equipment provides Location Sound Recording, Voice Team and Rental Service and any kind of production services for local and foreign cinema films, commercials, series, sitcom, documentary, promotion and TV programs.

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