What Is Jingle? How Are Jingles Made?

Jingle Nedir? Nasıl Yapılır?

What Is Jingle? How Are Jingles Made?

Jingle is searched on the Internet just like it sounds in Turkey. The number of those who search Jingle is quite high. Jingle is literally the name given to two bells. The sound of two bells is defined as jingle. Jingle has literally come from English to Turkish. In the media production industry, Jingle is the name given to short commercials with song ads and melodies. In this article we will talk about the technical meaning of jingle in our industry.



We call brand, service or product-related high-rate ads, jingle. In accordance with a brief, jingle lyrics are written by a professional script writer for the service or the product. Then with music, arrangers reveal the main melody. In this stage, instruments to be used in music are also selected. Our final stage in making jingle is vocal selection and voicing. Jingle is voiced by a voice talent and the production stages are over.

Making jingles are explained in the BiberSA Production video below. We tried to explain the jingle making for a brand step by step with this short video.

Jingle media production is one of the most effective types of advertising in the industry. It is among the projects which have high retention and memorization rate. Jingle is prepared by arrangers, vocals and songwriters. We can inform you that it takes a working day to finish up the Jingle. But sometimes it can take day or even weeks.

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