What Is Viral Advertising?

Viral Reklam Nedir?

What Is Viral Advertising?

This kind of ads are considered a new generation ad which is a trend. Fun scenarios, laughing scenes, viral advertisements prepared with delightful jingles, although long, we can say that it is quite popular among recent advertisements on the internet.


The Viral Advertising Trend Submerged From Amateur Shooting

When we look at the rate of click on amateur videos on the Internet and social media, we see that it is quite high.

Videos created by users on social media and have received great hits. Viral advertisements have been prepared entirely amateur and have become the focus of big companies. Companies buy these ads to increase their popularity. Usually viral advertisements are prepared as amateur and based on a wild idea. Nowadays, viral ads have been replaced by professionally crafted short films, perhaps as clips. You have seen a lot of examples on social media.

The viral advertising demands of large brands have increased in recent years. Besides viral advertisements are as much popular as advertising movies, promotional films, we can say that they are also effective, funny and interesting. Viral advertising prices are higher than other types of advertising.

Viral advertising is a kind of advertising spread fast like a virus, clicked and watched which is very similar to the mouth to mouth advertising type. Ninety-nine percent of the broadcast media is the social media and Internet.

A viral ad can take a million to five million clicks per day. This means millions of people see these ads.

As an example, we chose BatesMotelpro as a professional viral advertisement.

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