8 Things Only Voice and Dubbing People Will Know

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8 Things Only Voice and Dubbing People Will Know

In the media production industry Voice Over Dubbing There are thousands of people who do. Whether they are local or foreign, people who have inhaled the atmosphere of the voice-over studio and seen the food particles that come out of their mouths mixed with saliva and stick to the pop filter and dry! We are calling you. If you have 10 years of industry experience your voiceoverIf you are or dubbing, you will encounter many interesting events in the studio.

Dubbing has become a lifestyle. You're walking down the street, but it's a shame that people don't know that you give voice to those great Hollywood characters and that you have the flamboyant voice of famous commercials. But those who know follow you with admiration and begin to sympathize with the profession. Let's take a look at 8 things that only voice and dubbing people will know.

The Microphone is the Best Friend of Voice and Dubbing

The microphone has now become a part of your body for voice and dubbing performers. Since your colleague you spend time with every day is a microphone, you joke with him, get upset with him and have fun with him. The excitement that a newly released microphone creates in you is more than the excitement when you meet a celebrity that other people admire.

Reading Contrary to the Known Is a Need for Voice Over and Dubbing

You learn things you didn't even know existed before. When it's your job to read, of course you read a lot every day that many people don't know. From the technical components of the spark plug, to the package leaflet of the drug that is good for a psychological disorder you hear for the first time, with plenty of Latin, to the calories of the popular dish eaten by the locals living in Uganda.

Talking to Yourself Is Normal for You

Talking to yourself for hours sometimes in an empty room is a sign of insanity to other people, but it is part of your daily routine for you. Talking to yourself, talking in front of a mirror or recording yourself and listening to it later and even taking notes becomes a routine for you.

Voice Over and Dubbing Artists Are Seen as Easy Winners

Everyone around you looks at you as making money by talking about how easy it is. But they ignore the years of experience, the talent you have, and the challenges only you know. You can take revenge on them by asking them to read aloud just one page of a medical text you've already read.

Your customers may ask you strange things

Sometimes you can be a serious businessman, sometimes an Aegean villager, and sometimes a seat. Yes seat! Even a bug, a cute toothbrush and a sad screwdriver. Advertising scenarios, animation texts; In short, it is expected that you can be a human-animal or an object depending on the job.

You meet an average of 358 people who want to voice cartoons all your life.

Many people who learn about your profession start the conversation by saying that they are interested and talented in voice acting cartoons. You will have to listen patiently to this interest, especially from women.

If you have a cold or flu, you become completely useless.

Here is that unique voice of yours who takes a vacation for a while after you have a cold or flu, and that's why you lose a lot of jobs during your illness because nobody wants to have a cold voice voice an advertisement, promotion or movie.

You have friends who only call you when they hear your voice on TV or on the radio

Some people who do not normally call and ask and introduce themselves as sincere friends, as soon as they hear your voice on the radio or on TV, immediately pick up the phone and ask how they are. However, these forty-year-old calls made with the friendliness have no other reason than to show off to the people next to them.

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