What is Sound Bank?

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What is Sound Bank?

The selection process of the voice actors is one of the most important stages in line with the purpose of the project. To find the right sound in the project, the place to go is the sound bank portfolio of a professional dubbing and dubbing agency. The platform that includes experienced, professional voice-over and dubbing artists with different skills and vocals is called sound bank. The sound bank brings together the voice actors and the projects that need voice acting; With its sound capabilities, it creates a professional floor that responds to the needs of the project owners. It has a different voice color and tone; The sound bank, which brings together Turkish and foreign language voice-over abilities with different experiences, enables the selection of the right sound that the project needs.

Why Sound Bank?

In the media production sector, the voice bank provides prestige for voice actors and creates a showcase where they can showcase their talents. For the brand, agency and director who will carry out the project, the use of a sound bank also gains prestige.

The formation of the voice cast in the projects first starts with the selection of the voiceover directors. Agencies, directors, producers operating in Turkey's media production sector and voice actors suitable for the projects are selected. After the sound alternatives that will be compatible with the project are shared with the customer, the vocalization phase begins with the customer selection. BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency sound bank offers a professional collaboration environment for both voice actors and brands.

Voice Bank and Foreign Language Voice Over Options

Voicebank is a platform that includes Turkish voice-overs as well as foreign language options from international voice-over artists. There are voice-over artists in the most preferred foreign languages such as English (British-American), German, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian in the sound bank of BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency. BiberSA sound bank brings you together with professional talents for the voice-over of your project in a foreign language. For foreign language voice-over services, there are voice-over artists in different areas of the media production sector such as narration, dubbing, television, radio and audio books in our sound bank.

Most of the foreign language voice actors in the sound bank portfolio are recorded in our Istanbul studio. With the voice actors residing outside of Istanbul, the recording is made over the location they are in, with an option for one day.

In line with your request and needs, as BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, we provide voice-over services by making narration, dialogue translation and control with the support of professional translators. It is delivered at the end of two working days after the recording in a foreign language.

Engaging in the Voice Bank

In order to take part in the sound bank and apply, you need to have a certain knowledge and experience in the voice-over industry. Being professionally vocalized and creating a portfolio from previous works are taken into account in sound bank applications. Voiceover samples together with the CV are shared with the agency via e-mail. After the agency makes an evaluation, it returns to the voice actor and shares the information whether it is suitable for the sound bank.

How to Determine the Stamp Cost of the Voice Cast?

The stamp price of the voice cast varies according to the project content and the agreements of the voice actors. Voice talents, whose pricing is determined by the agency, are also included in the cast, as are the voice actors who have a stamp price. The voice actors who have a stamp price are the names who have certain knowledge, knowledge and experience in the voice-over industry and have made a career in the market. New talents in the industry often work with agency pricing. In these cases, agencies pay voice talents based on the project budget.

Save Time with Voice Bank Mobile and Desktop Applications!

The sound bank, which is a sound platform that includes domestic and foreign voice actors, vocal and dubbing sounds, offers a rich catalog for your projects with hundreds of different options. With the sound bank application, which you can access from both mobile and desktop, you can listen to the sounds in the portfolio and create a favorite list for the sounds you find suitable for the project. You can share the sound samples in the favorite list with other people via e-mail. When you visit the sound bank site again, you can view the sounds you listened to recently, and if you wish, you can delete your past listening list. You can send an e-mail to BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency for a price quote for the sounds you like in the sound bank. You can get a price for your project by sharing the number of text words to be voiced and the channel information to be broadcast.

As BiberSA Production Voice Over and Dubbing Agency, which offers alternatives according to different projects and expectations with its rich sound cast, we cooperate with brands operating in the media production sector in dubbing projects. With the responsibility of being among the most respected voice-over agencies in Turkey, we continue to be a solution partner in domestic and international projects. We support your dubbing and dubbing projects with our sound bank consisting of Turkey's most popular and experienced names.

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