Advertising Voice Over Techniques

Advertising Voice Over Techniques

Advertising Voice Over Techniques

Advertising voice over techniques, ad voice success; Therefore, it is the most important factor affecting the success of the advertisement. Professionally produced advertising is a production job. From the visual and graphic works of the advertisement; everything should be in harmony so that the advertisement is impressive.

In this production, the visual design of the advertisement is a separate issue, the vocalization of the advertisement is a separate issue. Advertising voiceover techniques are one of the most important elements that provide the auditory power of the advertisement. So what are the advertising voice-over techniques? Do we need to apply all advertising voiceover techniques? But first, what is commercial voiceover and where exactly does the commercial end up in production?

Advertising voice-over; It is an important service needed by film companies, production companies, advertising agencies and institutions that actively produce video advertisements for promotional and commercial purposes. For the promotional and commercial videos we mentioned, we can give many more examples such as promotional films, commercials, television advertisements, viral advertisements, radio advertisements, switchboard announcements. For such projects, media producers receive the necessary voice-over service through the voice-over agency after preparing the visual content of the video.

There are certain criteria that these service agencies pay attention to, such as sound selection, emphasis and intonation, sound design and commercial music suitable for the advertising scenario and intonation. In addition, agencies are voice-over in order to do professional work. voice director They prefer to work with Because the director records with the artist in the dubbing studio, and thus, by intervening immediately in the necessary places, he completes the work in the shortest time possible.

What are Advertising Voice Over Techniques?

In general, advertising voice-over techniques consist of the rules that every voice actor should pay attention to when performing voice-overs. After all, advertising texts carry an emotion, and in order to convey this emotion, first of all, a clean voice must be used so that the message is conveyed correctly. In this case, the advertising voice-over techniques in general are as follows:

  1. Toning: Advertising vocalization can be appropriately reflected in the emotional tone of the advertisement when done with the right tone. Higher tones convey excitement or anger, while lower tones convey a feeling of comfort or peace.
  2. Speed: The faster the ad text is read, the faster it will be understood by the target audience. However, increasing the speed of text can reduce legibility and highlighting. Therefore, reading at an accurate pace increases the effectiveness of the ad.
  3. Emphasis: Highlighting certain words helps to more clearly understand the message of the ad. The right emphasis emphasizes the key message of the ad and engages the target audience.
  4. Smoothness: During ad dubbing, fluent and smooth reading of the text helps listeners better understand the message of the ad. A continuous reading increases the credibility of the ad and leaves a more professional impression to the target audience.
  5. Rapport: The tone of the ad should be in line with the expectations of the target audience. For example, a children's product ad should be read in a cute tone, but a health product ad might be read in a more serious tone.
  6. Length of ad text: The length of the ad text should be adjusted appropriately given the attention span of the target audience. Long texts can cause the audience to lose their attention, so short and concise ad texts are more effective.

These techniques are important to the success of advertising voiceover and a professional voice actor must be applied correctly.

Why are Advertising Voiceover Techniques Important?

Advertising voiceover techniques are important in terms of the success of the advertisement and the identity of the brand. A successful voiceover for the advertisement directly affects the success of the advertisement. If we make this subject concrete, many catchy advertisements either remain in our memory or have an icon.

In addition, to list why advertising voice-over techniques are important:

  • Take attention: Advertising voiceover is one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of the target audience. A professional voice actor can engage the audience by emphasizing the message of the ad with the right intonation and speed.
  • Contact: A good commercial voiceover helps to better understand the advertising message. The right emphasis, tone, and pace emphasizes the main message of the ad and communicates it more clearly to the target audience.
  • Brand Image: Advertising voiceover techniques are also important in creating the image of a brand. A professional voice actor increases the credibility of the brand by reading it accurately in line with the tone of the ad and the expectations of the target audience.
  • Rivalry: Advertising voiceover techniques help a brand survive in a competitive market. A good advertising voice can arouse more interest in the target audience by distinguishing the brand's advertisement from the others.
  • Effective Marketing: Advertising voiceover techniques are also important in marketing a product or service. A professional voice actor can capture the attention of the target audience by accurately emphasizing the features of the product or service.

As a result, advertising voiceover techniques are extremely important for the success of an advertisement. A good advertising voiceover, It attracts the attention of the target audience, provides a better understanding of the advertising message and strengthens the brand image.

The Effect of Voice Over Artist and Voice Director in Advertising Voice Over Techniques

voice actors, He is actually the most important character in a video. Thanks to the voice-over, we can get a sense of security from a bank advertisement or we remember our longing for our mother's cookies with a biscuit advertisement. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze the scenario to be read very well, to understand the emotion and to analyze the message that one wants to leave in their minds.

According to the scenario, it is decided whether to read with a strong - authoritative tone, cheerful - dynamic tone, funny - witty tone, warm - calm tone or romantic - emotional tone. emphasis and intonation are determined. The effect of the tone of voice is also important when giving emotions. Because the emotions that can be given with very deep voice, deep voice, medium voice, fine voice and mature voice tones generally differ.

In order for all these dynamics to come together in the most correct way, the voice-over directors we mentioned before are needed. For this reason, a voice actor should be able to work in harmony with the voiceover director while performing commercials and should read on the feedback he receives. Because the voice-over director will be able to dominate the scenario and concept of the commercial, he will be able to determine the most appropriate emotion and tone of voice, and most importantly, he will be able to make simultaneous corrections during the reading as an outside ear. This will allow the work to be completed in a shorter time. In general, the advertising dubbing process is carried out in this way in a voice-over agency or a voice-over studio.

Advertising Voiceover Techniques Affect Advertising Success!

Advertising voiceover serviceis one of the most important stages of video marketing studies. Advertising voices are just as important as the faces of the brand, and working with known and loved faces is a signature step for the brand. It is obvious that the expected effect on customer behavior will not be achieved when the desired emotion and message cannot be accurately reflected in advertising videos where high budgets are spent. That's why advertising voice-over It is important to make an agreement with a professional agency and experienced artists while getting the service.

s working in the field of advertising voiceovervoiceover artists, They are people who have developed themselves in using different vocalization techniques. As we mentioned above, there are many emotions sought in the concept of the commercial film, and the right emphasis and intonation to be used while giving these emotions is very important when performing the voiceover. For example, let's assume that the concept will be performed in a cheerful - dynamic form, the voice actor should read the text with a very energetic attitude, and the expected credibility and sincerity should be reflected in his voice. With our many years of experience, we have seen that advertisement voices that are not convincing and sincere are sent back by their customers with a revision request.

Here, the voice directors have an important task to avoid or minimize these revision needs. The director should be the decision maker at this point during the sound recording and montage stage, and necessary revisions should be made before the voiceover of the advertisement goes to the customer. There is no reason why the projects prepared by paying attention to these steps should not be among the hundreds of commercials that are in the minds of today.

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